Antec Truepower New 650W Modular Computer Power Supply Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

The Truepower New series of PSUs has been out for a while, but they have some features that are actually kind of unique compared to the rest of the Antec line up. First of all, unlike the PSUs above or below them, they have 120mm fans for cooling, whereas the rest use 80mm fans.


jonny c 2.0 says:

U married

Chrismax says:

Back in the old days of doing unboxings on a sofa 😀

Richard Ryan says:

still useing this psu today with my skylake setup

jonny c 2.0 says:


dan92l says:

will this power a 5970?

Martijn says:

@Slyraider100 Yeah I already build it, but 650 is enough for gtx 460 sli. My new system only uses +- 500Watts of power while playing crysis, so there is even room for overclocking.

Martijn says:

@Slyraider100 That’s 50 amps in total on the 12 volt rails

teeblack06 says:

i have a noob question. im getting ready to build my 1st pc and i just bought this psu and i plan on getting a gtx 460 which has the 2 pci-e slots. my question do i have to use the modular cables to the connect the video card or can i use the pci-e connectors on the cable that’s attached to the pcu?

Davem151 says:

I have a problem when i put in an extension cable in the availible ports
The power supply will give a greenlight on my mobo but nothing happens when i turn it on

AllvarTV says:

@Wambumbu You could actually run a 570 Sli setup on this PSU, so yup you’re safe 🙂

Samuel Vincent says:

would this be ok to run a nvidia gtx 570 and an intel i5-2500

DazProductionsOnPC says:

Yes. Max load (no oc) would be like 250watts

cannnonfoddder says:

@Restaurant25 For a quality power supply, I would consider the following modular PSUs:
– Antec TP-650
– Seasonic X-650 (The best)
– Corsair HX 650

Terry1212 says:

@jaggaaz Yes it will.

chezzer321 says:

wait would this work with a 2x six pin pci graphics card?

EijiShinjoh says:

This PSU have total ampage of 54.

Eric Hernandez says:

he looks gay in this video

KEEVVY says:

What’s the diferance netwen the trupower & signiture

Stormflurry1 says:

@ishy321 Yep. I am currently running that setup now.

Henry Edwards says:

How do you connect fans to a power supply? I plan on connecting 4-5 cougar vortex hdb fans to my corsair hx1050

AppleManiagaming says:

im not sure why you would want to run that old card, but yes.

Hugh Jass says:

This PSU is horseshit. Get the NeoEco series. The TP series had issues.

Synthesthesia says:

Yes. It can run 2 6870s in crossfire so it will handle a 570 just fine. If I remember correctly a 550 watt good brand PSU is all you need for a 570.

Olivier Renault says:

@LemonPieLoL Yeah, not really modular as such, with some pretty useless connectors hard wired (extra EPS, and floppy power :/). It’s still a good PSU.

Lomax675 says:

Ah sweet i thought a 650 for two 460’s would have been stressful but if you say it works awesome.

randomer1432 says:

could this psu run a gtx 570?

DontClickMexD says:

@Wambumbu Yes, more than enough.

Olivier Renault says:

@LemonPieLoL 650TX is Delta iirc, 650TXV2 is Seasonic, both great manufacturers. If you can get an amazing deal on the antec then it’s a decent bet. But there are better PSUs for the retail price.

tuberoako777 says:

Thanks Linus! Gonna get this.. hope i don’t receive a lemon!

Just a random rhythm gamer says:

how many wattage do you need? .-. 650w can run two 7850’s + quad core + 8gb of ram + hdd + ssd ….

i have a 6850 + fx4110 o.clocked + 8gb of ram + caviar green and i’m using like 100w less than what i have (i’m using a 600w psu) ….

KEEVVY says:

OCP, OVP, UVP, SCP, OPP, OTP, SIP, NLO lots of today psu don’t have this

OB1 says:

stop drinking coffee!

Chuck Norres says:

me too

1point0tennis says:

thanks for the review. not sure if you mentioned it, but the PSU doesn’t seem to be completely modular, hence the “hybrid” description.

error204 says:

would the Antec TruePower New TP-550 550W be ok with a i5 2500k and a hd 6770 on a asus p8p67 m-pro? thanks for your answer.

CrypticTank says:

I love 7:04 when he realises he made a mistake, he sounds really surprised <3

Christopher Davies says:

@dan92l yes

Lomax675 says:

dunno if you built it yet but i doubt a 650 would be good for sli/crossfire

Olivier Renault says:

@batkinson001 Efficient PSUs don’t need much airflow at idle. They reach over 85 at low load, so there isn’t that much heat dissipated. As long as the fan is turning and ramping up with usage.

Munk E. Punch says:

for the most part, case fans will run off of the headers on your motherboard

Ideeem says:

@chezzer321 yes the 8pins got 6+2 pins. the 2 last pins are removable so don’t worry. Antec is not dumb at all and that s why i love this brand.

Martijn says:

@Slyraider100 Well not all 650 Watt power supplies can handle two 460’s. You would need about 50 amps on the 12 volt rails and a power supply from a good brand. This antec is (on of) the best 650W power supply right now.

Ferdian Suryadinata says:

Lol, why i watch this in 2017?? Guess who need a psu..

Nathan Lawrie says:


the fan is intake. So in your antec 300, mount it so the fan faces up, unless your case has grills on the bottom and allows you to mount it upside down.

error204 says:

Thanks, I’ve got the CoolerMaster Silent Pro 600. for the price of the TP-550. I got it overseas, otherwise I would have paid almost twice as much. Cheers

crumbworks says:

I like how I searched TruePower New into your subscriber search and the 650W is the one you’ve reviewed… which is my exact PSU. It’s a great power supply in my opinion… I can barely feel any air coming out the back, but that’s because my case has insane exhaust fans at the top and top-rear, with my PSU being at the bottom. Great unboxing of a great PSU.

Martijn says:

Building a new PC will this PSU power it?

Intel i5 760

Msi P55-GD65

2 EVGA GTX 460 768mb in SLI

Cooler Master HAF 912

2 Samsung Spinpoint F3 500gb in RAID 0

Kingston HyperX 1600mhz 4GB

Thanks in advance

GunSotsOverMe says:

I was wondering the 120mm fan, is it intake fan or exhaust fan, right now I got it facing downwards into metal. Should I put it so that the fan faces upwards? antec 902 case.

OB1 says:

@taimooralibukhari yes i was lloking at getting same card and that plenty of power, i think it will run on a 550w also

chimpakawanzelu says:

thanks, Linus… looking at my True Power 750w right now… this helped. Cheers.

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