ADHD Review: Seasonic M12II Evo 750W Power Supply

Today on Kalashnikova762by39 we do a PSU review. Except without all the formalities that typically go with review videos. I like my own style and if I receive enough positive attention I might do more reviews like this one. Still trying to step up my audio, video, and editing game so I can make better content (time is a big constraint for me–working 2 jobs eats up my time).

Oh, and if you wanted an ACTUAL review on this unit, visit The following link because I have neither the equipment nor the willpower to measure transients and ripple:


Jarjar jaja says:

WTF… i dont know im laughing… GIVE HIM MORE SUBS

HitsuTwistedTalong says:

fuck that corsair!!

PsychoCaki says:

haha funny :D. SeaSonic and Enermax top ! I never buy corsair cooler master or smiliar ,only Enermax or SeaSonic :).

Annoying Killah says:

surprisingly funny review

Vendil _N says:

dam right u do, got an cxm series and run like a shit,always restart my computer..well,fuck u corsair..thanks anyway buddy,gonna buy a seasonic after watching this good fcking review

Kenneth Zacharias says:

you sir, i like you sir.

Suryashekhar Das says:

Man how is it doing? 😀 i am about to purchase one!

Tsitsi TV says:

You are the best !!! Screw Linus

Johnjohncar says:

So glad I bought a Seasonic powersupply for my PC build

see reen says:

poor corsair lol

pg574 says:

this seasonic psu is really weak when driving two 970 strix it produces jet like sound even when in start menu of bf4. i will replace this model with a 1000 gold plus.

Saptarshi Mozumdar says:

Nice review lel, I just got a DOA m12ii 520 evo , so really sad xd, replacement will be coming tomorrow.
I cant even use my new gpu , it feels so bad , to see it daily ,and knowing that i cant use it , coz i dont have a psu for it

Mario Lopez says:

Also hilarious that I bought this PSU after my Corsair (FUCK YOU CORSAIR) PSU died.

JustForFun RC says:

Fuck man! just shoot the corsair! xD

OCHξAЙ MДN says:

Black and hard ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Tech Ownage says:


Νίκος says:

one of the best review i’ve ever seen xD

lisa says:

AX860i is made by Seasonic goof ball all the highend Corsair’s made by Seasonic duhh hellooo Jul 8, 2014 – Targeted at enthusiasts, Seasonic-made units have been around since long time 3 units in the Series: HX750i, HX850i, and HX1000i hx650 gold allmost evey highend psu you see online are all made by seasonic only company around thats makes psu Many common branded PSUs are not made by the company that sells them. In fact, most companies that sell PSUs do not actually make them – rather, they are re-branded OEM products from specialised PSU-manufacturing companies mainly seasonic and seasonic should be in court for fuad becoz i notice when they sale there oem psu’s to other companys there failer rate high but if you buy seasonic from seasonic there filer rate only half of 1% hmm odd huh

Дмитрий Сергеев says:

nice bro=) very funny

Zosimo Pascua says:

oh for fuck sake i own this fucker.. on my fucking i7 6700k fucking oc’ed the son of a bitch to 4.5ghz. this seasonic is fucking awesome…

Everything Bagel says:

love it

Hellovid2 says:

make more man you would actually add some life to the pc building part of youtube


Hi can you tell if the fan spins up only after 50% load? Thanks

Louie Andrew Capulso says:

review company should hire you.

Martin Van Den Hoek says:


lisa says:

Latest PSU RMA rate

– Zalman 0.84% ​​(N / A)
– Antec 0.91% (against 1.33%)
– Cooler Master 1.42% (against 1.52%)
– Corsair 1.52% (against 1.96%)
– FSP Group 1.57% (against 0.49%)
– Cougar 1.81% (against 2.41%)
– Akasa 2.39% (against 1.92%)
– Thermaltake 2.48% (against 1.87%)
– Seasonic 0.01% (against 0.06%)

o jezz look at season lowest failer rate wonder why hmmm

A Solid lad says:

u should have more subs 😀

EstoyReDuro - Un Canal Espacial says:

I fucking love you my retarded friend! i hope you have a seizure.

sanjeever82 says:

i bought this same exact PSU to replace my third RMAed shitty refurb ax860i. and it works great.

MazeFrame says:

This is the most helpful video on this piece I was able to find. Good damn job YouTube!

mike quinn says:

seasonic make power supply`s for corsair??

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