A Word on Power Supply Choice

OR HERE: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&DEPA=0&Order=BESTMATCH&Description=bequiet+psu&N=-1&isNodeId=1

– I’ve learned my lesson! No more “cheaping out” on power supplies (especially when it comes to expensive PC builds). BeQuiet! came to the rescue with their Dark Power Pro 11 1000W semi-modular unit. It’s beautifully-designed, efficient, and – perhaps most importantly – QUIET! How much quieter than my old DQ1000? Let’s find out.

Power Supply Tiers: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/id-2547993/psu-tier-list.html
Analysis of the BeQuiet! DPP11: https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/beQuiet/DarkPowerPro11_1000W/

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‘Reflection’ by Tobu


Red Phoenix says:

@4:50 A platitude for free? 😀 Nah bro, otherwise it is a scam. 🙂

Flakman says:

I have a really shitty thermaltake TR2, help

Ignafiltro Sanchez says:

The first power supply I bought by myself was my EVGA 650 P2 Platinium. Pretty silent, not absolutely, but it does have semi fanless mode switch. All after using a re branded cheap PSU that came with my first case, which I didn’t choose by myself, that old one didn’t even have fan control it just ran at full speed.

Thomas Richmond says:

be quiet are always the brand i go to for either power supplies or fans, just wish the cases were a bit cheaper!

Marlon Orellana says:

CORSAIR AX Series AX760 or be quiet! DARK POWER PRO 11 750W? O_O plz help lol I am going to maybe SLI in the future

RayzeTheDragon says:

One thing I will never cheap out on is the PSU. Never. I don’t care if it means I have to spend more money, a house fire costs a lot more.

Sparkie says:

Would a 1000w be need for sli gtx 1080Ti (from leaked specs) with a i7 6700k?

Teemo4Life says:

Tier 4 seems good. Just good. Tier 5 I have never seen any seen or heard any of those psu

A well known psu the CX series is in tier 4. I heard its a very bad psu though.

Also the corsair VS series. I used to have that psu. Its pretty good, no faults I had.

Ketsuban says:

My PSU on my PC makes a lot of noise, I’m going to change it. Thanks for this video, I was going to buy accidentally a tier 4. Aiming for 2 now.

ubbgn says:

And people still buy overkill PSUs, thats amazing!

Silverry says:

Could you do a i7 haswell vs sky Lake? In terms of editing and gaming. Handling your multi GPU setup so if one is weaker than the other it will be easily seen.

Jonny says:

Excellent point, psu´s is overlooked but extremely impotent. I have the 850 version and it´s buy far the best psu i have purchase in my many years of pc building. Cost an arm and a leg but you can use it for long time.

Jeremy Lin says:

Wait, i just looked on the list and Corsair’s CX and CXM lineup was on tier 4. Ok, now I’m confused. Can someone please explain?

John Terpack says:

Just thought you’d like to know that this video is directly responsible for me choosing BeQuiet for my current workstation build. Thanks for the demonstration.

Arthur Volkov says:

I have a corsair CX550M what tier is this?

Andrew Voutsinas says:

Is it just me, or do all power supplies sound like jet engines? I’ve had the 750 G2, your current PSU (The DRP), and am currently on the 850 P2 from EVGA with ECO mode (no fans) on. It just sounds stupidly loud for no reason. I’ve done dB readings and they all line up with reviews. Guess I’m just sensitive to whine?

Wolf moon says:

And that is why i chose this exact series psu 650w version for my recent first gaming rig build which i spent over £1000 on 🙂 Countless hours of research does pay off kids 😉

Turtle Chips says:

This power supply was horrible. Didn’t work and now I have to send it back.

Jack Libal says:

really glad to see you treating walter white right, giving it the power supply it deserves. prepare for reliable, quiet computing with the fun fader max-jacked!

Windwalker 95 says:

Would a seasonic S12ii be ok with a fx 6300 and a gtx 750 (Wattage is plentiful)

pyromaniac097 says:

Kind of annoying to pay $140+ on a be quiet! PSU that’s ONLY semi modular…

Shammo Hamid says:

What happened to the dead Walter White builds?

Veselin Krastev says:

Well mine is Thermaltake London 550W. I was a bit concerned at the time of buying because Thermaltake are not as big as EVGA or Corsair but all the reviews were good. The price was very good and it came with a 5 year warranty so I got it. I looked it up now and it’s in tier three which I think is alright considering I was building a budget gaming rig. I haven’t had problems with noise. My graphics card is usually louder under full load.

thebeatpad says:

I have a Tier 3 PSU (Coolermaster G750M) In my 1500$ Build xD I bought it 2½ years ago….

Justin says:

I tend to only buy OEM. That being only companies who make their own PSU.

Seasonic is the one I chose, and damn does it look good on that tier list.

jacraest says:

I got a corsair cx550m

Wardjuh says:

i have a corsair cx750 and the coil whine is unbearable

Elias Montejano says:

I’ve had a tier 2 power supply, the Seasonic M12II 850W, for over two years and its currently powering its third build, a $2,600 gaming PC (not including the cost of the PSU). Its fine. It makes a light “whoosh” all the time, but it never ramps up or gets loud under even the most of extreme loads. My gpu and case fans are significantly louder under a typical gaming load. Theres more than just “tiers” from reputable and reliable sources to consider. Read reviews, go over warranties, research brand history, etc… Just do your own work in making a decision on a PSU rather than simply allowing another to tell you what your decision should be.

XUE _ says:

what power supply do you recommend for an I5 6400 and 1050ti?

Joshua says:

I find that the tier list lacks sufficient detail and is inconclusive. For one, the tier descriptions are assuming that every factor of a power supply scales with its general quality, but sometimes a PSU can perform really well and be built poorly, or vice versa. For instance, in tier 3 we find both the low end non-modular EVGA units and the EVGA G1s, with the grouping being “safe to use and stable, just lower quality components.” The G1 has all-japanese capacitors and high-quality build overall, whereas the 430/500/600 EVGA units are just mediocre in build – the descriptions don’t quite fit, and this can be misleading. In general, the tier list just does not adequately characterize each individual PSU. ( I also spot the Cooler Master V series in Tier 1, which I don’t think is quite right, either.)

Definitely look carefully into each *specific* unit’s ripple control, hold-up time, voltage regulation, build quality and the like, not just this vague and sometimes inaccurate tier list.

(also, keep in mind that for hold-up, you should be looking at the AC loss to PWR_OK_OFF time _and_ for a positive VOLT_OUT_SPEC to PWR_OK_OFF value)

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