Does a liquid cooled PSU actually make ANY SENSE? FSP thinks so…

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granskare says:

I just mentioned this 🙂

EmeraldAnthony says:

Jiggahertz. lol

philmatoph says:

i wouldn’t buy this and take a chance destroying my system.

Dark Mice says:

I’ve always wanted something like this until reading that the platinum PSU’s hardly put out any heat at all. So I bought one and never looked back. Then all of a sudden, someone makes one then I was like, “wtf”? WHY?!?

I C says:

Hey I have just seen a “water-cooled” keyboard, so… nothing will surprise me.

Brian Berthold says:

any company that makes you sign a NDA to prevet you from check what they say is true or not is just plan lieing and ripping people off on an overpriced power supply .. i remember when chevy scammed people buying the monte carlo SS with its 2nd fake dummy exhaust pipe and they were selling a dual exhaust vehicle

harrison herring says:

watercooled hard drive…

but linus already did that!

Andres Meza says:

rip tunnelbear

GenericAdolescent says:

did you say “jiggaherts?”
*wtf thot xD*

Melvin. says:

Now water cooled water

John Oliver says:


Strill X says:

That Kill-A-Watt power meter ruined your experiment. Kill-A-Watts only work if your power is coming in as a perfect sine wave, because they’re taking shortcuts in their calculations, and don’t actually measure real power. They get less accurate the further your signal is from a sine wave, such as what you get from interference, inductive loads, or half-wave rectifiers. For example, if you try to measure a refrigerator or a fluorescent lightbulb, or a lamp set to medium brightness, a Kill-a-watt is not gonna give you anything close to an accurate measurement. You can easily get measurements that are off by 40%.

So basically, your tests are invalid. You need a proper power meter.

seth alton says:

Lol.. $700 for a unit that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to… at which point does it go from not breaching an NDA to “They’re lying to you”

St0RM33 says:

Is this a REUPLOAD? I think i saw this video before..

NAchOLIbReee_ says:

3:43 I see what u did there :^)

Simon Wong says:

jiga hertz

Sushma Dubey says:

Water cool the water cooler ;v

Brandon Neil says:


Gabriel Griffon says:

I see tunnel bear I double tap to skip 10s

Stephen Krempasky says:

I miss the OG tunnelbear

TwenOalley says:

hey luk a gimmick

pxmonkee says:

Koolance had a water cooled power supply back in 2008. http://koolance.com/1300-1700w-liquid-cooled-power-supply

Marvin G. says:

If the company wants to sell this they should have Let Linus Dissect it and prove to everybody their technology works

Psi Q says:

i thought there were already passive/water cooled power supplies , like, in 2004 or 2007 ?
real working ones with no fans. waterblocks added where the heatsink where on the igbts/fets..
back then when aquacomputer.de kinda started with me on watercooling my athlon xp 1700+ …

drunkNpublic says:

what happened? they sent you a pile of overpriced shit maybe?

Sylpher says:

Im from the future…
RIP Tunnelbear

nick holmes says:


Wesleystewart78 says:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6NYZHZw5mI by that video it is done like you thought very shartly…

harrison herring says:

watercooled laptop power brick

The Destroyers says:

Up next : liquid cooled case fans

Etard cam says:

Water cool mouse lol

Trent Randel says:

This is fairly pointless. Water has a boiling point of 100C and at 1200w this will happen very quickly. Pentaerythritol tetra fatty acid has a boiling point of 300C which would see a significant difference in temp under load. Unfortunately the pumps used aren’t designed for this purpose. Moreover, we don’t talk about latent temp on shut down, which means we aren’t talking about the heat load after the device is turned off. Most air cooled systems will cool down quickly compared to water cooled, which usually in true comparisons finds these systems just as detrimental than running CPUs at higher heat load with aircooled systems.

RS200q 91 says:

Yawn. Water cooled electronics are decades old. The Navy uses water cooling for radar and sonar equipment cabinets. The “water blocks” are in the bottom of the cabinets. The point isnt to cool the individual boards and components.The point is to pull heat out of the entire cabinet. I suspect that were you to do a side by side real world comparision, ie: in a case, not an open test bench, the internal temp of the case would drop. Drops in internal temps mean the Motherboard and drives run cooler at a lower speed for the case fans. Thats where you’ll really see a decrease in noise. It may also allow the use of smaller/fewer fans further improving sound levels.

I really like your vids Linus but this is a “case” where your head is in a dark stinky place. Computer parts aren’t made for test benches, they’re made for installing in a case. If you’re going to test a cooling part test it in its INTENDED ENVIRONMENT.

BrainSeepsOut says:

Good idea, terrible execution. If the idea was to water-cool the power supply, why doesn’t the water block actually contact the components that get hot? Instead, those have their own heatsinks that are cooled by the fan??

PizzaProGaming says:

I wouldn’t trust this company for getting a power supply from. It’s a hybrid design, but didn’t benefit much at all with the water cooled design? And on top of that they wouldn’t let you go inside and see how it’s done? This company is obviously looking to sell their products for a gimmick that doesn’t even work, and I’m betting will be severely overpriced because of it. I in no way in hell will buy this pile of junk and will not trust a company like this unless they improve their cooling and actually make a quiet PSU. Very disappointing.

DarklingGolem50 says:

3:24 Jigahertz

brakatsuuu00 says:

I opened my psu and removed its fan to clean it. And im still alive? Should i repeat that?

That_Cactus says:

Water cool your phone, water cool your Air Conditioner unit, heck Water cool you water heater XD

BananaDoe says:

Water-cooled Condom

Praharsh Bhatt says:

You can’t say you have signed an NDA after signing an NDA

DranKof says:

LOL, just watched the RIP video for Tunnel Bear coop.

Keith D says:

Most users would be better off buying themselves a high wattage platinum rated PSU that is extremely effecient and it will put out very little heat compared to a gold or silver or bronze rated PSU. This liquid cooled PSU would only likely be beneficial in a very hot enviroment or one with a lot of ambient temperature variation.

LOLMAN 9538 says:

NDAs can be a B!TC# sometines

Brian Berthold says:

why the hell are you reviewing something you cant do a REAL review on anyways? first red flag for Linus Tech tips .. you get 2 more

Phos9 says:

Should have used an aquaero to calculate how much heat the water was actually absorbing.

There have been a few water cooled power supplies, probably the best implementation was Koolance, who sold one which was flooded with mineral oil and then had a water to oil heat exchanger. It had no provision to be air cooled. It was also not worth bothering with because it was actually a lower wattage unit that could be run up to koolance’s rating without breaking, but developed out of spec ripple, and at the same time flaunted the pointlessness of the concept. That’s a lot of heat to dump into a loop, semi passive PSUs were already coming out, and if you for some reason need to make a high spec PC completely silent you were probably better off moving the machine somewhere else and routing your IO to it than piping in PC cooling appropriate water from another room.

Daniel W. H. Rösgen says:

You’re amazon link is not working. there no products!

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