A Power Supply That Costs Almost $200…Is It Worth It? | OzTalksHW

Costs more than an i5 8400, some Ryzen 5 CPUs, and the GTX 1050 Ti at MSRP: Seasonic Prime AirTouch 850! https://bit.ly/2z08FNJ

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A Power Supply That Costs Almost $200…Is It Worth It? | OzTalksHW



mclaine33 says:

Damn the max fan speed for that sounds like a jet engine powering up.

Phillip 猫 G says:

I do believe Thermaltake makes power supplies with a smart fan mode.

Serj Star says:

What’s your GPU

Abiola o says:

It’s doesn’t even come with an 80 plus platinum rating and customer sleeved rgb cables, are you kidding me

Nikolai says:

The fan control is retarded, fan should adjust according to temperature. If the fan control is for people who want a quieter system than Seasonic should simply make a better fan/design that is quieter. Reaching behind a computer to click a button does not make sense.

Rene Pena says:

Great work Oz!

Mehmet says:

Here i am with my 800w frisby gamemax i dont know it wasnt cheap and it had a 80 plus bronze certificate sooo i chosed for my new system

jctai100 says:

You’d think the cables could be prettier if that’s what they’re going for

Fuzzy Boi says:

I think if your going to spend 1500 to 2000 a very high quality power supply is well worth the investment. I have had a psu explode on me and it is not a fun experience.

Trifler500 says:

I keep waiting for non-modular power supplies that don’t have molex connectors.

P90iq says:

great video

Suryashekhar Das says:

I got mine for 250 USD. A seasonic 1050w

StiKz says:

Why are you joking about RGB in Power Supplys…would be cool especially for a fucking 200$ one

TF Stormii says:

This is way too technical for PSU imo. I’ll stick with a CX450M or something of the sort.

Jerome Ley says:

Id consider this… If i were buying a threadripper or a Titan V. It’d be almost an insurance for those expensive components

King Christo Tech says:

Well crap, no RGB.

Shitpost Street says:

Oh boy I’m early. Time to be as unoriginal as humanely possible and beg you to pin me.

You Name It Gaming says:

seasonic make a damn good PSU, and I might end up using this over the current Antec HCG850m units I currently employ (the HCG850m is made by seasonic, but antec branded) in future builds due to the integrated fan controller and that incredible warranty!
it’s a shame that the cabling is so boring though, but I have a ton of surplus HCG850m sleeved cables that should theoretically be 100% compatible.

you’re right in saying that enthusiast grade power supplies are generally overkill, particularly today when nodes are shrinking, dies are getting smaller, and efficiency is just becoming so much better in general. however, the PSU is pretty much the life-blood of the entire system, so I just consider the price premium as an insurance payment

handel Bilal says:

mini itx man

PC-Broke says:


Kundalini12 says:

Those floppy power connectors can be used for other devices such as sound cards and USB 3 cards 🙂

Yashpashar says:

It would be nice if u put the mic further from the psu so we can get a realistic idea of how it sounds . Great vid as always 😀

San Ace says:

It’s worth if you do some benchmark and overclocking cpu and gpu, specially with sli or cf combination…

It’s crap for the money if you using them for ms office and browsing thing…

Brandon Steel says:

kinda want one now lol

ccr ccr says:

Nice psu
Looking forward to budget pc builds

Sola Visions says:

This is nice and all but imma need you to drop our skin care routine asap

jangelelcangry says:

This is a good PSU for those who wants to sleep peacefully at night without any concern about PSU blowing up.

Dem0nflare says:

i got the evga g2 850w for 179.99 on sale months ago overpriced, but….. sli. i let sit for 3 months with a rmv on my motherboard. Turned it on to have the fan sound terrible. great psu with a terrible fan. why? my several 50 dollar evga BQ 500w have lasted years, so i got the g3 750w and it cost only 100 bucks and a better fan.what… why sell the g2?

Droplet_Rain says:

Oz I need a gpu that only consumes 20 watts that can play games plz help

Roy marr says:

I don’t know why people make a big deal of fully modular psu’s they re stupid and a gimmick cause i il tel you why there is no difference from a full moduler psu to a semi moduler psu, both psu need 24pin to motherboard and 4 to 8 to cpu, and most times just one extra sata and molex cable, again those cables i listed full moduler or semi moduler u need those cables anyways so it defeats the purpose of people needed a fully moduler power supply in the first place, grab a semi moduler power supply for less money and its the exact same thing and call it today, the example is the same for company putting gaming on there products and raise the price does it mean its going to perform better no lmao, get the one that is bnot called gaming and is just as good, these company makes me sick, and its these young pc 12 years yr old’s that don’t know any better are causing these problem and buying these gimmick products and letting company’s getting away from it use your brain guys lol

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