80 PLUS Power Supply Ratings – All You Need to Know as Fast As Possible

80 PLUS. What does it mean?? Watch the video and you’ll know!

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David says:

I changed the video speed to 1.5 so it’s REALLY as fast as possible

Amiel Mercado says:

My Antec 850w 80+gold went out with a loud pop after 2 years of non stop use.

Quazzy 19 says:

The heck is with that outro

Joe Damalerio says:

I will go for
I5 6600k + r9 380 + 8 gb ram + atleast 5 led fans
Is my
620w 80+ bronze psu is enough?

Ménesi Gergely says:

Guys what do u offer 4 me 4 this setup? : I5 6600k / G1 gtx1070 / z170-A / 1 ssd 1 hdd / 2*8 gb 2133
EVGA SuperNOVA 650 GQ OR EVGA 700B 700W (dont wanna oc and later add another 1070 js) thx guyz ! 🙂

Clorox Bleach says:

i was thinking about getting 100+ Titanuim

toufiq hoque says:


Coover55 says:

If a power supply isn’t 80+ certified at all, I would assume it a bad idea to use it on a gaming rig, right?

minw32 derp says:

I’m not a good computer Guy i need help, i’m getting a MSI R7 370 2GD5T OC and my power supply that has 500watts, is that good or bad?

Anu Anand says:

tell honestly were those boxes empty????

Brian Arditya says:

I want to upgrade my GPU but i don’t think it can be enough for my psu, can you help me?

My build up.
Benq DL2215 Monitor
PSU CX500 Corsair Bronze
Asrock H87M
i5-4670 LGA1550 Haswel
PCI-e TP-Link 300mbps
2 Fan 12cm Coolermaster
2 Harddisk 2TB Seagate Barracuda Total 4TB
1 SSD Sandisk Ultra
Dual Ram 16GB Corsair DDR3
Zotac GTX 750 1GB to Shaphire RX 480 8GB

I want to change my gpu from Zotac Gtx 750 1GB to Saphire RX 480 8GB. It says my GTX750 took 55watt and RX480 175watt. Three times more bigger. Can my Psu to handdle my PC? Im a budget builder so i dont want to upgrade PSU anymore cuz it very expensive in ruppiah currency. Your answer will make my decision. Thanks before

Andrew Baxevanos says:

amd a10 7850k not overclocked , 8 gb ddr3 1600 mhz ram, msi a68hm grenade motherboard and a 450w non 80+ power supply. Should i upgrade it to one that is 80+ certified? Plz help

robviolin1 says:

I am looking for a really good dc power supply that is built to last? Have you done any reviews on any power supplies?

Arturs Strawberys says:

price and perfomance matters, same digfference as active or passive psu. better buy from real companies, then no name psu. i search for psu calc and see results from additing devices in future. more efficents get those how build servers, for 50 more cuputers for use it matters for singel user you dont get back some money if spends so it no matters.

Tyler Buividas says:

What about Titanium?!

Sauron's Daddy says:

Percentages everywhere………

KingChicken says:

is it okay if i power my PC using a nuclear reactor?

Bryan Weber says:

Does anybody know why we can’t like (thumbs up) videos in full screen mode?   COME ON MAN! * ! ? * !

Justcampus says:

Is it okay to use 500W psu for rig which max usage is 420W from wall? Is it sufficient?

TheDarkmaster2160 says:

Not only was this an excellent explanation of the 80+ ratings, I also didn’t know about the “idle under 20%” thing. Many build your own PC sites list wattage that your PC will pull, but i’m assuming those are probably at max power draw. Excellent little tid bit to throw in there!

Questigon says:

I’m going to buy an 80 plus dirt fron Venezuela XD

IVAN3DX says:

What do you think of the Corsair Cx750? I’m planning on getting an i5 4690k, and I currently have a GTX 750 TI, but in the future I may get a 1070 or future equivalent. 750w may be a little too much, but that’s the only decent price I could get in my country.

Armetron says:

and here I am with a new pc build that is using my old 80 plus silver 850w power supply from my previous build

NeuroMuscular says:

That rocket head at the end blew my mind yes I was high

Energy says:

I’m too high for the rocket head linus at the end

Nexures says:

U made it very confusing linus.. How am i suppose to know if the psu is efficient even if its platinum

Stanley Park says:

I NEED 80 Plus Plutonium!!!!

K85 says:


the grinch says:

i feel like 850w is more that enough to almost all computer

Sahibjot Singh says:

Hey guys correct me if i am wrong..
But Wattage of power supply (like 1200 watts psu etc) denotes the MAXIMUM watts it can supply right?!
Not like it draws 1200 watts all the time right??
So basically a 1200 watt psu can supply as much wattage as much as the system needs between 0-1200 right?!

chad Reed says:

this fucking thermaltake 500watts power supply i bought got no 80plus fuck on it bullshit

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