#1559 – EVGA 430W Power Supply Video Review

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The EVGA 430W Power Supply is a low cost option that comes with a 3 year warranty and is 80 Plus Certified. It has sleeved leads, a quiet 120mm fan and is small enough to fit in any ATX case. It’s a great low wattage, affordable PSU solution.


sayresy Devino says:

I just had a PSU nightmare before Xmas scenario.  Was running my PC quite hard when the circuit breaker cut on my house power supply, shutting my PC down dead.
I have a Corsair HX750W power supply which was fairly new. 

Reset my house breaker to the on position and got the juice flowing back in the house – switched on my PC and dead as a DODO, nada – not a bloody thing..

This happened Weds and Amazon had me a replacement AX860W that arrived a few hours ago (British time). Fitted the new PSU and thankfully everything has sprung back to life..

Lesson – If you live in an old 300 year old cottage – BUY A BATTERY BACKUP for your PC and you will not have the PSU nightmare before Xmas…Bah Humbug..

Anthony Jones says:

Can I not use the PowerColor Radeon R9 270x with this PSU. The card says it requires two PCIE connections and this only has one…?  Is there an adapter or something I can use instead

tay milton says:

will this be ok for gtx 950

VeDoOo says:

is this enough for i3 6100 and gigabyte gtx 1050ti windforce 4gb ?


BTW… If you guys were wondering why I haven’t had a review or video up in such a long time, it was because I had this nasty cold. I lost my voice for days and even now it’s not 100%.

Nixky says:

Can I run a R9 380X using this? No 4k, looking to do 1080

WorthlessVagrant says:

Will this work fine with a Pentium g3258 and a gtx 750 ti ftw? I also plan to OC around 4.2ish.

Killian Defaoite says:

anyone know the continuous wattage of this thing?

HJTh3Best says:

Does this only works for Nvidia cards? cuz EVGA is… well… only work for Nvidia GPUs

The Gaming Fox says:

Will this be good for a 960 gtx

Chris Hennick says:

If installing this at the TOP of a case, make sure the rear fan is intake rather than exhaust, or the PSU will keep pulling hotter and hotter air back in. Even then, watch out — it’s only designed to work at up to 50°C, and CPUs heat up to 70°C all the time.

Vignesh Iyer says:

Will this be fine to power a i3 4160,Gtx 650 ,1Tb hdd,8gb ddr3 1600Mhz,and a single optical drive?

PhuckHue2 says:

anybody know how to open this thing up? I’m trying to post the quality of the components. taking out the screws doesn’t do it. there has to be a trick to it

Steve L says:

Could this power a gtx 1070 and an Intel i3 6100?


NOTE: EVGA has a 500W model as well.

Wajobawaki says:

is this really good because i need a new one for a graphic card which minimum is 400 watts (based on the store page) so i need a new one (mine is 300 watts) please help

joeldba says:

Will this be able to power a GTX 1060 (6gb vram) alongside an Intel Core i3 6100?

The first undisputed champion says:

Can i use this psu for microtower pc ??? Urgent

Ben Rausch says:

would it be good for a 400$ PC build

funtime bob says:

mine didnt work when i plugged it in the fan didn’t even run

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