1000W Power Supply – Yes or No? – Corsair RM1000x Unboxing

How much power supply do you need? Who should buy a 1,000 Watt PSU? What is this good for? What else should you buy if this is overkill for you? Answers to these questions and more!

Corsair RM1000x — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2wH6ED5 — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2gH9te0
Corsair RM750x — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2vMkHIx — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2xaUFiB

The above units are 80+ Gold, great for 2-4 hours a day of use. If you’re using your system 24/7, consider the HXi 80+ Platinum:

Corsair HX1000i — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2j3G4Pz — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2wIzrpd

If you’re building a system under the $1,500 price point, consider these PSUs:

Corsair CX650m — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2wItkB1 http://bit.ly/2f3ESHx
Corsair CX450 — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2j4pcZ6 — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2wIv65a

Full Playlist of Power Supply Reviews – http://bit.ly/2fWImtS

Corsair Obsidian 750D — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2eLM1PU — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2w7FVff
Perfect case to install this 1,000 Watt Power Supply into (and what I’m going to be doing!)


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tmkongen says:

I bought a HX1200i… Overkill with a fan that never runs it’s not giving up any sound 😛

mastrshok says:

It’ll be interesting. Steve from GN shown you can do a 7700k and a 1080ti on a 450w PSU

myhybrid09 says:

Have you done a “review to SLI or Crossfire” or not?

The BronxBomber says:

i love your vids i bought a 1060 instead of a 980 because of watching your vids thanks!

Cherub says:

nice video, good info. I went with an 850 for my 1920x build. it’s already a beast and I doubt I will overclock any time soon.

Ricky Havs says:

I like Corsair tech.

i erit says:

A lot of good info on your videos. Excellent sound now. If you were to add in some interesting shots of whatever your talking about, I think your channel would take off. I mean that they could be just a little more visually interesting. “Shooting B-Roll” is what I hear it referred to as. Just my opinion. Thanks for the vids you’ve made already.

Muhammad Hazwan says:

Is it AMD Vega box behind you?

Armand B. says:

i thought you’ll never unbox it

Chieldh says:

Great video, really helpfull but no one games “just” 2-3 hours a day 😉

Carlos Sanchez says:

I have an EVGA 1600T2 power supply. Biggest downside? It is looong. Have to buy another case because my current case has cut outs that won’t match up. Titanium efficiency, 10 year warranty, and whisper quiet. Wouldn’t recommend it for 95% of builders though.

Lance Thomsen says:

Yay TD hit 175k subs

Electric Blu says:

Wait that other cosair 600w was behind it the hole time?

Sodapoppin Plays Games says:

Getting 2 gtx 1080ti and a gtx 1080 with i7 7700K will I need more than this? no rgb lighting, 6 performance fans if that matters, and a big ass case. (idk a lot about computers)

neverendings says:

1200W is what you need baby

John Smith says:

Using this to power 6 RX 470s.

catbirdfeeder says:

I clicked and added to my “cart” on new egg….I have a full cart already full of stuff..do you still get credit for sending me to them or should I buy it separately?

zam Z says:

1000w power..ouch!! overkill.

Amsztel says:

@techadeals is right as always (does it surprise anyone?:) I bought EVGA G3 650W for my Ryzen7+gtx1080 rig and I feel it’s like way more than enough. Even under heavy load. I had to turn off eco mode to see if the fan actually does spin lol.
If you want to dermine which PSU is right for you go watch techdeals videos – they’re great!

HBO 1 says:

Hi great review. Im just wondering what might happen if i was to buy a 1000w power supply over a 1080ti Asus graphics card + sus ROG Maximus IX Formula LGA 1151 ATX Motherboard + [Intel Core i7 7700K Quad Core LGA 1151 4.2 GHz Unlocked CPU Processor + 1 of the Samsung 960 Pro Series 512GB M.2 SSD. on a Full tower case. Ok so do i need a true 1000w or less or what happens if i go ahead with the 1000w am i still going to end up paying too much electricity on my bills ? I do like performance and i browse the net more but sometimes games too.

Brennan Guernsey says:

I killed an AX 850 with a 3770k and a 980ti on water…. But the 980 to was pulling around 50 amps at 1.35v and 1.8v on the mem. And the 3770k was at 1.46v at 4.9ghz

Ricky Havs says:

I like Corsair tech….

Billy Jean says:

It’s better to buy a 2000 watt power supply just to be sure…….

Jarrod'sTech says:

I’ve been looking at a HX1000 for my Threadripper build, think I should save some money and get the RM instead? I considered 1200 but none seem to be in stock, 1000 should be plenty, just running 1 GPU with it.

Angel says:

I bought a Pentium 4 HT and a GeForce 9800GT and I need this!

cmoneytheman says:

Nobody needs 1000 usually when people have em on here its just for vids its dumb to buy and waste of money

Koffee says:

1000w superflower plat efficiency.. yeah i only have a 4790k and a 390 but its crazy efficiency at that load plus whisper quiet, high gauge higher quality wiring than any psu i’ve seen. very happy. oh i also turned on adblocker for this channel, i’m not watching 5 min ads….roflmao

Alexis Hurtado says:

I already completed my PC build. I just continue watching your videos because they hipnotize me. BTW… I got my EVGA GTX 1060 SC 3GB for $209.99 on Amazon. Great deal, isn’t it?

Veda Prashanth says:

Is RM750x ok for this build?
i7 7820x
zotac gtx1080ti
Gigabyte X299
Corsair 32Gb Ram
Corsair h110i Cpu Cooler
Samsung 500gb SSD, Seagate 2TB HDD

Volkan Şen says:

Thanks alot for the video. So am I right to think this can cover 4x GTX 1080 video cards with 8 pin + 6 pin power connectors? 2pin cable of the 6+2 connector will be dangling right because the cards has 8 + 6 pins and not 8 + 8 pins?

Andrew Quitugua says:

Make sure you have enough USB 2.0 connections on your motherboard if you want to run the Corsair Link connection on the RMi Corsair PSU

Stronk Veak says:

Why Seasonic Prime PSUs come with only 12 years of warranty?

Alexander Wayne says:

I got RMi 1000 model. Great power supply. Great review.

John Athanassion says:

I’m going to be building an Asus z270 Work Station with the i7-7700k overclocked to 4.7 ghz, EVGA GTX-1080 TI Hydro Copper overclocked to 2 ghz, (3) SSD’s in a RAID O configuration, (2) M.2 drives, 3 ghz Corsair Dominator ram at 16 gigs, (2) Optical Drives and a Asus Xonar Xense Sound Card. I will also be running (9) case fans with a RAM fan. I have a seperate Koolance ERM-3K3UC running on it’s own power externally. I recently purchased the Corsair RM850i. Will this PSU be enough for my system build? Also if I decide to go SLI down the road, will this PSU still be ok. Thanks in advance and thanks for the great video.

_Marine says:

My first High End card was a 980ti KingPin. It fried my 750w Bronze EVGA PSU, was funky in a 850w Gold EVGA PSU. Got a 1100w Rosewill Platinum on a great deal (about 100 after rebate) 0 issues even with a mild OC applied.

CharlieBrown says:

What does a platinum rated supply offer over a gold rated supply, even if you use it for 24/7?

M.G.R. says:

You missed something about RMx vs RMi, the fans are different too. Rifle Bearing on the RMx vs Fluid Dynamic on the RMi (same as HX).

Darkpharoh says:

Just get a 1000 watt EVGA supernova Gen 2 its like 120 dollars and is fully modular.

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