Zalman Z9 Neo – Awesome $69 case!

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Zimmer says:

Based on what you said about the fans, does that mean that mean you are not able to swap them with different ones?

EquinTheGeek says:

Should I get this or the p400?

Wake me up inside Cant Wake Up Inside says:

5 fans is alot though and you would need to get a more expensive motherboard to connect to your motherboard

Muhamad Ubaied says:

I think you should give an award for this case. At that price, no good case can match what zalman offer.

1. I don’t think you be able to see the SSD due to the size of the windows. if you look again you only be seeing the mobo, cpu cooler and gpu just from the side unless you stand at different angle.
2. Yeah the fan are molex, but hey, when the last time a case comes with 5 fan? atleast you got something. In the end we all still will be replacing to a better fans that has PWM or 3 pin combo with fan controller.

Reggie Reginato says:

Just built a system for a friend with one of these cases in black, and I’ve got a few notes. The side panels and front panel do have a different tone (but they match), giving a more uniform appearance then the white version. One can fit a 240mm long rad in the front but only up to 30mm thick (I tested it), though be aware the lower half of the rad and fan will dump heat straight onto any HDD’s installed in the drive bays that may get housed in the bottom of the case. The top will accommodate a 240mm long 60mm rad easily, but depending on motherboard design, you have to watch clearance between any heat sinks at the top of the motherboard and ram slots – so 45mm thick or less rad is most ideal for water cooling. If one installs 140MM fans in the front, one will find that the 2.5 SSD mounts on the tray become useless (this shocked me). I didn’t have any problems looping some extra front panel wiring in the top, making it dead easy to pull the front with out damaging the cables. Lining the stock filer with panty hose works like a charm if you want a real dust filter, but yes, it’s a pain to get at. The fans that come with the case are annoyingly loud – best to just toss them and install one’s favorite fans (I’m a Notcua “fan” – yeah, that was awful). I actually wish this case came with zero fan’s, but that just my humble opinion. I know you feel the case is a bit restrictive in the front, in practice it actually flows surprisingly well. The 5.25″ bays could prove very handy for one who wants to install a fan speed controller, lighting controller, bay reservoir, or any other other 5.25″ bay accessories – one doesn’t have to use it for an optical drive. And if none of those things are wanted/needed, they can be pulled out easily as you noted. Cable management is a snap – gobs and gobs of tie down’s everywhere in the back – meaning all the wires you don’t see in the back can be tied up so neatly that if you take the rear panel off to say, replace drives in the lower bay’s, you don’t have to fight cables. I know quite a few more expensive cases that aren’t as good in this department. Too bad Zalman only included 5 zip ties… But on that front, I wasn’t expecting to find 4 Velcro tie downs pre-installed – now that’s handy. I had no issue’s with SSD’s or HDD’s having the cable facing towards the rear panels in those trays – the wires stick out just below the large tab and there is more then ample clearance for those wires between the drive and the rear panel. The case may not have any sound deadening, but it is an impressively quiet case (depending on one’s components and esp. by not using the fans the case comes with). Few quibbles aside, using 140mm front fans and the interference with the 2.5 drive mounts erks me the most. I think this case is the best of the best of the inexpensive cases I’ve dealt with (from 25 years of building). I was expecting it to be a much more frustrating case to build then it was. I also wasn’t expecting much in terms of how the case would work for cooling, and it really surprised me in that area. Maybe when I build a new system for myself later on this year I’ll get one of these (or perhaps the Z9 Neo Plus I seen on Zalman’s website – same case, but with a full acrylic window side panel) – I’m that surprised by this case.

Oliver F says:

how is that this is cool if he is only saying bad things about it

KJMX says:

Is it possible to turn off the blue led on fan ?

Rodrimir Mira says:

dimitri, check out Tecware Titan

emouthic556 says:

I bought one for my budget build and it looks really nice! I don’t really notice the different whites

NonsenseTV says:

can you put radiator*2 on top case?

Larry Monske says:

no wire bundle on mine on front panel fantastic buy I applied what I saved and upgraded the motherboard. 3 fans on top blue led fans on top one on back.Have to send along my picture.

Darius Teodor says:

ssd inch is 2.5?



Gamer Experience says:

You never showed the hard drive bays shame on you

Gripen90 says:

Just build a system in the z9 neo and those molex connections are zero issue. I easily got them hidden away because the cables are so long.
I think you cheaped out on not giving the case a damn good value award. Had the fans been 3pins some would probably have critized them for not being 4pin pwm.

iskender koç says:

l have hyper 612 v.2 can l put inside this case?

Razumist says:

да говно этот корпус

Jim bo says:

Plus is flipping the ssd a problem??? no right?

Flagador TV says:

Can i do a watercooling with 1 240mm rad , 1 120mm rad and a 180mm reservoir ? Pls can someone answer

Carlo Ryan says:

Three costume changes! 😉

Gary Salsberry says:

Is there a way around the fan problem? Maybe some type of hub?

James Parker says:

Got to love Zalman for adding 5 useless fans lol

syed hyderabadi says:

ur worth watching 🙂 thank you

Gabriel Nygren says:

What CPU fan is that?

NumNutzo101 says:

yeah they make those cpu coolers that you have to replace the entire thing rather then just the fan that has gone bad yep i know them

Mesho qari says:

can we put a water cooler in it

3.0R says:

Don’t need ZALMAN anymore

David Wu says:

What fan is included in the case

khaleader Pc says:

hdd places is a big problem

Richard Portelli says:

I think its the prettiest budget case on offer, hence I have ordered one in white for my budget i5 2400 8gb ddr3 750gb HDD build with a brand new evga supernova 650w gold psu and a second hand Saphire R9 290! total build cost $528AU or $403US

Mischa says:

Как работал так и заработал

ElectricBulletZ says:

Getting this case for my new build!

Larry Monske says:

I used this case on my build with ASUS M5A97 motherboard a red devil FX 470 video card. I found the case mostly straight forward on everything except those tiny one pin connector at the bottom of the mother board. Fragile and easy to bend and fall out while routing cable a wrong twitch those plugs would pull out. Those itty bitty plugs are a pain. The USB connectors are very cheaply made some have to almost force the plug in too hard.The quality of the USB connectors needs improvement.

Michael Tsimmerman says:

I know Im little late But what should I pick Zalman Z9 neo or Corsair Spec-Alpha

Max Evans says:

Can you change the Color of the power button and so on?

Jim bo says:

Are the coolers silent enough, plus do they cool well?? Since they are very cheap?

JJ FsX says:

You can get molex to 3 pin adaptors and be good on the fans connecting to motherboard.

Ya Mi says:

Its actually pretty good case for a budget.
And then P400 TG Strikes..
That case is ugly as fuck..!

Manuel Pacheco says:

I think its great ! Ilike it. I have a question. I have a Xigmatek Elysium Case that I’m modding. The smallest rad I have is a 360mm. I’m looking for a case under 50 bucks ( If I have to puy a little more if needed) to house my computer for the time of my modding. x79 deluxe motherboard, GTI 750 ti ( yes I know I need to upgrade. I’m having a hard time finding something . what do you sugggest

jewelbell5 says:

Just bought this case for my 2d system, it is amazing for the price! One of the nicer cases I’ve seen, and I don’t care at all about the molex fan connectors. This case is a beauty and easy to install.

Lewis Adelaide says:

great video! i agree with you. i was actually going to buy this case because its just fantastic but the fans…. why?! :/

Milton Huynh says:

5 fans included in a $70 case is why I just bought this case, watching this as I’m impatiently waiting for it to ship

BlazingAladin. says:

Im not experienced but can someone please explain to me the problem with molex connectors? How do you connect them if not to your motherboeard? :/

MagenticArcanine says:

can somebody give me a build turoitral please i wanna see how ppl build in this caxse i wanna build m first pc in tbis case

Michał Madeja says:

When someone says Zalman….. it reminds me this low quality, budged boxes with bad quality plastic and those… “dust filters”. This model was most promising for me, but since i saw how front dust filters is mounted, when you cant detach it without detaching front panel i just skipped this case. We got 2017, just look at Silentium PC (also budget cases) and compare it. This I/O panel fixed to front panel tells about Zalman quality. Just ridiculus. For same price we can get X70W (SilentiumPC) wchich is 20x better for the same price. Zalman will be allways lowest quality and functionality, at least for me.

hokiturmix says:

Negative air pressure is a big –
SSD with angled SATA cable is better this way. +

cburg says:

But where do the mechanical HDD’s go?

Hype Beast Productions says:

I have one but I need help with where to connect the dual Zulaman fan why would they use molex so stupid just gives me headache. But nice video

Henry Hill says:

What specific mobo did u use???

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