What Computer Case Should You Buy?

We’ve come a long way from the beige boxes of yesteryear! Learn how to select a computer case that will deliver a pleasant building experience, proper compatibility, and the features you need to get the most out of your components.

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Jaricko Peterson says:

Anyone know what that orange case is at 1:30

Muhammad Faridul Islam says:

Nice video…

Acala says:

2:37 those grommets are so swood.

Michal Simanek says:

4:00 Hey! That’s my case! oh. i shouldn’t be excited about that, should i?
man i need money to buy a new PC…

Michele Marie Dalene says:

Can you still buy ATX full sized tower case in white/beige?

Jeremy Hunter says:

HEY. Hey. Hey now.

Pale grey was also an option.

Shitty Memes And Depression says:

This what you can chose between when it comes to cases:
Or Luke.

Miko Niemistö says:

Is e-ATX extra small atx :DD

Gene Zhao says:


Nick Dos Santos Plays says:

Lenis how does your company work?

Zavod Hughley says:

I’m the biggest noob there is when coming to this topic, do you have to get a pc case that fits the mother board?

Alex says:


NitroOne says:

Can a full tower fit a mini ATX motherboard?

Gene Zhao says:


traum640 says:

You should have mentioned all of the modders and custom cases by individual enthusiasts that sparked the interest in and corporate focus on making these new nice cases.

Jack L says:

0:39 Corsair advertising or coincidence?

kidlzr says:

ATSC 3.0 as fast as possible!

Mohammad boqrais says:

He looks like thor

Linux4Today says:

Define R5 😉

LeiserGeist says:

My friend’s home server case is a cereal box. Can’t really beat that

Blue Fire says:

This sounds sexual

Kat Sam says:

What’s a good budget case for a Ryzen 5 1600 build (plan on overclocking with stock cooler)/B350 motherboard/GTX 1060/240gb SSD? I might add a HDD later on.

Flighted says:

deepcool dukase v2

Vampires Crypt says:

Fractal Design R5 is pretty much the best thing money can buy. For oldschool guys I also recommend the Antec P183, just a great case, cheers !

Kliff Dragonsbane says:

Backpanel tempered glass is stupid.

Mr. Shah says:

I love Rosewill cases but when I picked up the empty case, I cut myself on the top of the case.

MagicSowap says:

I bought a NZXT S340 elite last August because I thought it would be okay for my 800$ PC

I now have 2 R9 290X, an RX480 with a 10 cores x99 CPU and a custom loop, and I want a fourth graphics card, all of that in such a tiny case 🙁

Christopher Du says:

Thermaltake View 27 anyone?

Loring says:

Self expression? Well then I’m cheap and ugly

The Spankles says:

LUKE IS BACK!!!!!!!!

Layarion says:

This was a great video, i want more like this one.

Cian Bell says:

Fractal Design Define Mini C, anyone?

c0reGam3r90 says:

Can somone recommend me case for the ASUS Strix 1080 Ti. I wanted to buy the Corsair 570x, but then I saw that it only has two bays for HDDs

JackTheTeaman says:

Linus’s list while case shopping
Check and done

Napoleon Bonaparte says:

When you know what case go buy but watch the video anyway

My Black Minds says:

Happy Phanteks Enthoo Luxe owner!

Miausrz says:

I haven’t even started the video and already know the answer: “it depends”

Ana Sevi says:

Windows and LED were all the bloody rage in 2001-2004, including watercooling (soft tubiing mind you)… i recall, that shit actually as a 10 year old visiting computer shops with my dad. actually died down from 2004-2011.

GoldEvil911 says:

The NZXT Source 220 is a great starting case, but when you decide to eventually upgrade, don’t make the same mistake of getting something without dust filters again!

MinecraftMania says:

How is the DeepCool TX Mid Tower TESSERACT SW? Is it decent?

Jacob Lee says:

What was that case at the end with a lot of drive cages? https://youtu.be/aEHDTJMqmpc?t=3m36s

Maximillian Lylat says:

what about a wood grain case (modern desktop)

Dysproh says:

The Raidmax Viper II and Ninja II are nice.

Ulywolf says:

This is my case. For an ITX it has everything and more someone might need as an office-only workstation or as a highly portable and performance gaming station. Human intelligence and creativity is just astounding.

Xavier Rodriguez says:

The cheapest.

joost van den Berg says:

my first case, was cheap, sharp, plastic scratched plastic window, bad airflow, no cutout for cooling backplate and came with 1 shit fan that stopped working after 1.5 motnhs. Now i use the nzxt s340 elite and yes it is a huge upgrade but i am still not happy with this case

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