Walmart Gaming PC DTW Case Review & Thermals

We ripped the parts out of the Walmart Overpowered DTW1 gaming PC’s case, then tested the case just like we would for any other case review.
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The Walmart gaming PCs — the Overpowered DTW1, DTW2, and DTW3 — all ship with the same mid-tower chassis. We decided to disassemble Walmart’s PC and re-build the system with our standardized case testing bench. This is largely an academic exercise to compare the value of the Walmart case versus other market incumbents, seeing as you can’t actually (currently) buy the case standalone. That said, it’ll help further delve into whether the Overpowered DTW PCs are “worth it,” as we can now individually look at the case quality for a $2000 system.

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Editorial, Test Lead: Steve Burke
Testing, Editorial: Patrick Lathan
Video: Andrew Coleman, Keegan Gallick


James T says:

Why the analog scope running a slow sweep on the shelf in the background? You’ll burn out the CRT leaving it run like that for no reason.

SuperBarry says:

i am 99% sure, its a corsair 460x with few mods

cowpker4life says:

sad thing is none of this really matters because Walmart prob will not watch this or care about any of it and the people buying a pre-built from Walmart prob have no idea about pc they just see oh it looks nice got glass front and side panel with led fans and decant hardware it has to be good/high end

Nerd Frame says:

Why do you time your cuts with the blue bars on the side?

Xnote Is Busy says:

Buying a Pc on Walmart: Good Idea

Buying a Pc from Walmart: Bad idea

oooppiikkk says:

im positive you can buy that as a stand alone case on newegg by diyPC or something

BrodashMx says:

Factory workers do not know anything about computer systems or engineering tests they just follow instructions and assemble them piece by piece complete them and ship them to the US stores. Big corporations will abuse customers if they can for big profit they dont care.

David Walker says:

so maybe some washers to push the fans back could make a big difference
maybe ? glass forward and fans back

TSLMachine says:

Looking forward to the PSU testing. The sticker on it had “80+” in its model number so I’m wondering if it’s really at least a regular 80+ (white sticker, below 80+ bronze) because if it is 80+ certified it may just be that the company cheaped out on putting actual 80+ logo stickers on it.

CheapBastard1988 says:

If it was a standalone case I’d just install the same front panel with some standoffs and longer screws. But this is unacceptable for a pre-built as the potential buyers usually don’t want to take things apart.

John Gray says:

Just buy it!

Shmozone says:

You should send Walmart a GN award for “worst prebuilt”

DIAZ52 says:

Overkill…. Lol… okay, we get it. Big surprise on ur findings… lol

HaloInfested says:

I love dangly hair dandruff all over my computer parts when I’m examining a bare open pc.

T4iga says:

Are you interested in investigating acceptable front panel separation where you vary spacing via screws and washers to push away the front panel and show improvement over distance? That would be really interesting. We know it is bad to be very low but we haven’t explored where the point of ‘acceptability’ is.

Mr Happy says:

my uncle gave me a good piece of advice long ago ”the flame that burns the brightest burns out the quickest”’ and that is my motto with pc building good airflow light overclocks and low temps

Crummy Wizard says:

wait rosewell is neweggs store brand…..I never knew that. I just knew they were everywhere on newegg.

Rhys M. says:

This is why Stan from Stephen King’s It slit his wrists in the tub.

Darrell May says:

I’t like Trump!,, if it looks pretty it’s great!, when in reality it is one of the worst!,,,,

hypock1 says:

Pretty clear example of engineering in failure modes to limit the life cycle of the product

Nicole Foxen says:

Ventilation on bottom panel is for power supply because many inexperienced people will place a computer directly on the carpet beneath their desk

freddy swag says:

Take it easy on Walmart guys they don’t specialize in computers lol

vawa-ID says:

what cpu air cooler is that?

ElZamo92 says:

From my experiences from working with Chinese OEM manufacturing I’m quite certain that those cases cost Walmart no more than $20 a pop, and I think I being VERY generous.

Mend It Mat says:

so longer screws and some washers for that front panel @walmart

Rager Gamer says:

I just found this channel, like about 10-30 minutes ago, and watched the rip off of the DTW1. I was watching and said, “This stuff is better than what I have. which is sad.” I sometimes wish I had enough to afford a computer that can play games with decent FPS

ranruy says:

Which one is more expensive, glass or mesh in terms of a front panel?

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