Top PC Cases of 2018!

Its finally here! Let’s go through the top PC cases of 2018 and pick out the best for your gaming, creative or workstation systems.

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Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic:

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Adam Straub says:

THATS WHAT MY PC WAS MISSING……. im about to go buy a potted plant right now.

Marek Hastík says:

Why not show temps on all of the cases in order to have some comparable atribute?

Sutoko says:

I bought the Lian-Li PCO11 Dynamic (white) about 3 weeks ago without looking at any reviews or anything.
I saw it on Amazon and just knew it was the one.

I’m glad I watched this video, you’ve kinda made my day.
It’s a beautiful case with amazing cable management options, my build isn’t finished but I can already tell I’m going to love it.

박근우 says:

Q300L is the best case for console killer builds

switch says:

dude where is the cooler master h500p

DonC876 says:

You have such an incredible talent for making stunningly beautiful videos. Thanks for all the hard work over the years 🙂 !

James Humprey says:

I guess you didn’t get to test the corsair obsidian 500 or 1000?

epic gamer 900000 says:

oof evolv x didnt come in 2nd runner up :c

علاء أحمد says:

Still not finding any good case since 2017

Charisma says:

Want to see more companies heading towards smaller form-factor cases in 2019. Really hoping for Phanteks to release a mesh front panel for their cases as well as a revised mini-ITX enclosure that has integrated addressable RGB.

BN_Jales says:

Hey guys! I’m building a pc for the first time, and i would really appreciate some small help. The parts that im looking atm:
GraphicsCard:GeForce GTX 1060 OC 6GB GDDR5
Processor: Intel i7-8700K
Motherboard: ROG STRIX Z370-H
Powersupply: Corsair RM650X v2
SSD: Samsung 250GB 860 EVO
Case: NZXT s340 midtower white
RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR4 16 GB
I havent decided the cpu cooler yet, so tell me if theres something good for this price range. So, if theres an expert in the comment section, can you tell me if these parts work together or if theres something that should be noted. If someone could stop by and help me with this it would make my day for sure! Thanks!

(Btw some of the stuff is in a discount so dont mind that:)

Visesh Lall says:

Anyone knows if the rgb/fan controller in the 500i, is available for purchase alone? I checked the website and found rgb and fan controllers as separate devices. Thanks!

Timofey Zaitsev says:

Corsair 2018: No FOMO!

Commissar lubi says:

OOF, Dmitry being SAVAGE with those case fails

FoodOnCrack says:

I still prefer the old 2 drive cages in front of the fans where you can remove 1 or 2 of them. SATA cables are ribboned, wiring ssd’s behind the motherboard tray is a pain in the butt.

BoopLoopy says:

Best mATX case?

Kevin TheScreenKiller says:

Review the Louqe Ghost S1 please!

Lunatik says:

No mention of H700. Best case imo.

Tyler Reed says:

Just built in a Meshify C. Amazing case especially for the price

Patrick Liang says:

My personal case of the year goes to the Corsair Obsidian 1000D, as I owned one 🙂

Santiago Bonaldo says:

Honestly, I think the Fractal Design Define R6 TG is still better than these cases.
Greetings from Argentina!

Randy Corporán says:

You are a professional youtuber. Love your videos.
H500 or H500i worth it?

ramza813 says:

oh thank God the 570X did not make the fail list.. i just ordered one!! D’oh!

Asurai Gaming says:

Hello Good People!

Филипп Зуев says:

Димас, давай уже по русски

zwizzy89 says:

I’ll ask this here instead of asking google.

I’m.buimding a new PC with the z390 aorus master MB. It has RGB headers it says. How do I hook that shit up? Is there a vid on this channel on this subject:)?

Can I use any RGB brand fan or so with this Mobo or do I need to stick to the MB brand? I’m new to RGB since I only cared bout performance. But now I care xD sooooo help:p

Delve says:

But where’s muh case?

Imran51408s says:

For me, the best case of 2018 was the Louqe Ghost S1. It might’ve taken a long time to arrive with a few missed deadlines, but now that it’s in front of me, I have never seen something so sleek and minimalist. SFF ITX case that can accommodate full sized GPUs, modular rails design that can be expanded with top-hats to fit your needs, pretty decent airflow considering its size. Depth is big enough for some powerful air-coolers or top-hats can be used to accommodate AIOs.

K B Vapes says:

Case of the yr for the win

think_ffs says:

Nice job. I like many of these cases, but it’s hard to really judge a case until you’ve built a system in it. For example, I really love the Fractal Design Define R6 (and really, the S2 you highlighted is basically that case but in the open configuration). I still love it after building two systems in them, but you notice little things when you actually build. Like how much of a PITA a nonremovable power supply shroud is if you have to add or change a cable once some of your cables are connected and cable-routed and can no longer easily just slide the whole power supply out the back. Or, how some power supplies (I’m looking at you, perfectly adequate Seasonic X600X I can’t now re-use) can’t slide in through the back because of a slightly raised fan grate, and thanks to a non-removable shroud, now physically can’t be put into the case from either direction without modding.

Non-removable shrouds need to die. I want to see more power supplies on display with side-panel power readouts like that Asus Thor, though. Maybe then I’d see a compelling reason for a TG side-panel.

100percentmobile says:

Which case do u have in use on your desk in the background? And which RGB cpu cooler? Thank you.

B R says:

I’m hurt. I own a Q300P hahaha

beachuk2000 says:

Wohoo i’ve got the Q300L as i wanted a small stylish case with good cooling and i am very happy with the case it really does deliver what is said 🙂 amazing case at super value

HardwareCanucks says:

FIRST! Since you all love them so much….timestamps below!

Fave Case: 1:55
Best Budget Case: 3:06
Most Innovative Case: 4:16
Best Case for Water Cooling: 5:50
Coolest Features: 7:02
Fail Compilation: 8:39
Case of the Year: 10:43

hiczok says:

I see 27uk850 still standing on the desk. Do You recommend it for console and pc single player gaming? I know 4k is demanding but it would be future proof for some time. Any glaring issues? 1440p 144hz is about the same price but ps4 does not support either 1440p or 60hz and getting 144hz at 1440p on pc is not easy too.. and dark souls 3 is locked to 60fps (done!)

Finkstar says:

I wanted to buy the Lian Li 011 Dynamic but i couldnt find it anywhere online or irl so i had to buy a corsair 570x instead feelsbadman

John Sjöström says:

Whats airflow? – PC cases 2018

James Hurt says:

Does any case support 3 200mm fans in the front of the case?

Mad5cout says:

It would be great to get a follow-up and build experience with the new Metalic Gear Neo Mini.

xGolBLiiN says:

Was lucky enough to do a build in the Phanteks Evolv X, of the 5 computers I’ve built this year, this one was leaps and bounds above any case I’ve worked with

Sentlee says:

Dude check out the mb511

Dillon Deloge says:

Imagine a mini version of the 011 Dynamic for SFX PSUs, ITX boards, and single GPU setups but maintaining lots of fan mounts and the dual chamber design to hide the PSU.

Claxvii 177th says:

Are you Brazilian?

1847 ת says:

You didn’t review the Saberay case from Enermax and it came out last year. It’s an awesome looking case you should check out

Fox Essence says:

Chris Pratt?

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