Top PC Cases of 2017!

Our Case Awards of 2017 are finally here! Let’s check out the best of the best…….and the always-popular Fail Compilation.

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Yaz Al says:

Cant find the Fractal design r6 anywhere…

PANDA says:

The fail portion was so savage lmao

enjoy your aids says:

For the “most epic tower” the proper one should have been the Caselabs SMA8-A.

Rime-e-Lettere says:

I agree with the R6. Love it.

Sataero says:

Happy New Year 2018….

Kanishck Tewatia says:

bro rename this to fractal design cases with some other mentions 😛

kheath580 says:

i love my meshify c. its really beautiful in person and im not an rgb person so i like the darker glass panel. its sleek and adult looking. the only thing i wish was different with it was the front panel casing not being made my shiny plastic but instead the same matte material as the rest of the case.

Kenneth Passey says:

no 570x?

xtreme404 says:

fractal design define r6 deserved it , nice!!

rinky says:

is this the best phanteks cases of the year????

kYmo says:

I did a build few weeks ago myself with the Phanteks Enthoo Pro M Special Edition doing my own research amazing case! 🙂

Phillip Marshall says:

oh shit the evolv mini got refreshed, my dream case is back in the running 😮

mj says:

You guys rant and rave about Fractal and I bought an r6 based on your reviews and replaced an old either thermaltake or coolermaster with it and I feel like I stepped 5 years back in time. Nothing on it is toolless. I had a Silverstone case 6 or so years ago where if I wanted to install a new gpu I just had to line it up in the slot and pop in a clip and it was done. I hate this case. Social media has people gushing over it and in your comments people are dissapointed that it’s not availabe in their country. There is NOTHING special about it whatsoever. Christ, it still has the stupid assed recessed reset button that if my computer crashes (go windows 10) I have to pull out a pencil to reset the thing. My case prior to my last case was a Lian Li which I grew up hearing was amazing forever. That was shit as well. I think my NEXT case will be a Phanteks.. only if its tool-less.

Joseph Young says:

Need help. Which is better?
Fractal design meshify c
Vs Corsair 460x rgb?

ANT1H3R0 says:

Why no mention of view 71? Or anything from corsair?

Haran Siang says:

Holy shit probably the most honest review on cases

Jensettiman says:

The Define R6 deserves the award it got. Fratcal Design finally made a Define series chassis that sticks out from the rest. Up to R5, it all seemed so very similar, with only minor upgrades and size increases. With the R6, there were a ton of new functions. Congrats R6, with the award. Well made.

FallingTitan says:

MESHIFY C WITH USB C for 2018 please!!! my body is ready!

Ghost says:

Omg meshify the R6!!!

basssq3 says:

Right after watching you completely flame the h500p I watch another video which has your ad in which you praise it lol. I love your videos but that ad could be very misleading to someone who’s new and thinks because your ad says it’s good it must be good.

Chad Walkin says:

thirty cases of beer in between.. happy new year!!

DarkCharisma says:

your picks are always really great. your critiques are grounded. gives alot of credibility to your picks. When i pick cases, i always look at hardwarecanucks first

ZinoAmare says:

They released the coolermaster 25 year anniversary edition because it was a popular case, at least that’s what I’ve heard my dad has the cosmos 2 and it’s a good case, too big to carry around with you tho xD

KhZMaximus says:

You know, you really rate PC cases on how “convenient” or “easy” it is to build in. I personally think this is the wrong approach. At least for me, the main index would be appearance of the case. You really just have to build your PC one time and just let it sit there, I wouldn’t mind the inconvenience for a few hours, as long as it looks good for the rest of the year sitting on my desk.

Of course the performance (air flow, temperatures) do matter as well as which components are able to be fitted. I would list, in order of importance; appearance, hardware capability, build quality, performance, and then convenience. Looks are subjective as well but I would put ease of build near dead last if I were to rate PC cases.

For example: One of my PC is built in the InWin 303 – Nightmare to build in. No cable management loops, terrible airflow, awkward PSU area, supports ATX but blocks the bottom pins if fans installed, so many problems. But man, does it look good. The unique layout and the build quality in just awesome, as well as the price. I would be willing to go through the nightmare of setting the PC up for one day and to look good for much longer on my desk.

Zipex says:

Only goes to show that Fractal and Phanteks are the best case manufacturers.


No one needs ATX for an “upgrade down the line”. The only thing you’d ever upgrade is swapping the GPU, no ATX needed.

max razer says:

I agree with you

Chris Mard says:

What happened to Corsair cases?

William P says:

Best video of the year!

Fredi ツ says:

“Hot apprentice, not Cool master” lmao best part of the video…

The Dorien Grey Project says:

How much does Phantek pay you? Sure those cases are…OK…… but seriously almost every category is a bit obvious there buddy.

Rashed Mamun says:

It would be really helpful for me if you can make a video like this for Cougar Panzer Max and compare it with these cases. I am planning to go for cougar as silverstone and fractal design products are not available in my country. I have searched a lot but I haven’t found any good review for Panzer max showing it’s thermal/airflow performance, Thanks in advance.

Miroslav Štěpánek says:

I was researching cases and narrowed it down to Meshify and Define R6. It’s so hard to decide!

xtreme404 says:

nice intro poem 🙂

Samira Peri says:

Mmm, could’ve included Bitfenix Enso in the crappy cases. Sure it’s cheap but Bitfenix know how to design cases.

_enderskirito _ says:

I have the masterbox 5 lite and I’m fine with it

TheJoeEffect says:

who saw this on 12/31/17?

M5000 says:

Planning on picking up a Fractal R6 Blackout as soon as I can! Nothing else until now was a worthy replacement for my XL R2!

hirph497 says:

Just bought a Meshify C 3 days before the Define R6 came out 🙁

Yolo Swag says:

Epic Christmas tree on the side

Simon Upstone says:

mATX hits the sweet spot in my opinion. My Fractal Define Mini-C arrived yesterday. Thank you Dmitry for your reviews and helping me make the right choice.

Anthony Garcia says:

wow another good video from hardware cucks

Rawdilz says:


Kevin C says:

I need a case under 80 that has a optical drive bay and can support a top mounted 240 rad aio. Can you help me find some?

FireB4llz says:

So all in all, Phanteks and Factal Design are still on top.

OLED TV says:

5 slots on an MATX case is an embarrassment. Might as well go all the way with an ATX mid tower. And it’s waaaay too long when there’s no obsolete drive bays in the way. Gone are the days where video cards are 13 inches long guys! It’s like Fractal took the cheap route and re-purposed old ATX chassis as an MATX case. Phanteks is also another offender with its ATX-sized MATX case lol. 2018 needs to be an MATX year please!

John Jones says:

I like temps… Chose the RL06 Pro.

EskimoCheeks says:

Thank you Dimitri! I have been struggling on getting a tempered glass case all day and I didn’t even know about the Fractal Design Meshify C. I am confident this will be the case now that I get to take a closer look at it. You the best!

Jaysen Airey says:

Phanteks Evolve ATX Glass still looks good 2 years later

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