IT IS FINALLY HERE! The compilation of best cases from 2016 w/ a few surprises along the way 😀 Let the Case Awards begin!

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PoisonFrog says:

Can I remove some of my dell inspiron 3650 components like the motherboard, hard drive, processor, and ram into one of these cases?

D2daK87 says:

I find it funny that the h440 is still one of the best cases around if you want a good quality quiet PC case at a decent price, even though it’s been out for what 3 and a half years now?

an elite version with a tempered glass side panel would be nice. won’t be changing my h440 any time soon. Might mod it for a bigger window soon

Daniel says:

What is his chair?

TheCreativeMonkey says:

i was originally gonna build my own case or build it into a handmade desk but as this is my first pc build im leaning more and more on just buying an existing case. these reviews and awards help me make my decision both on what i want from the case and what i don’t want. earned a sub from me 🙂

GamingOverall says:

The fail DG 86 for a failure human. Like me.

Sockor says:

Spam 0 on your keyboard for enjoyment

Nat Armstrong says:

Nice round-up and suggestions. Thanks for the video.

The UnseenServant says:

Can somebody tell me what type of shirt he wears, or where I can find it?

Pokeninja says:

The EVGA Case had me in tears

John Doe says:

Well, I’m going S340 Elite. I like it better than the darkbase 900 pro.

twentyone fortytwo says:

Darkbase 900 Pro, Streacom DB4, Corsair Crystal 460 X

Olcay Şahan says:


Giveit2mehRAW says:

Im still pretty happy with my nzxt h440 but these tempered glass designs are so tempting

AlienZap says:

ahhhh you know unbox therapy 😉

sam says:

hello martin riggs

sheldon dorgelo says:

case of the year doesnt have a power supply shroud…

A. I says:

an interesting timbit 😉

Scott Tubeman says:

can you send me thw link to the white second budget pc case you showed?

BuddhaKeks2K says:

My idea was to buy the Corsair 400C together with 4 LED Strips with Aura Snyc to Sync it with my ROG Spatha and ROG Claymore Core. Of course this would look boring and thats why i orderen some pieces to build an small infinity mirror with the same size like the protection at the front. Would fix it with very strong glue or something. But my idea was to use LED Strips with Aura Sync so thag the mirror would sync up too, but i cant find cutable Aura Sync strips :/

D2daK87 says:

the bitfenix pandora is a horrendous case. However, it’s very very quiet! it’s one of the quietest cases going

Poohbie says:

I like the be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 is it possible to get this smaller? Full tower seems a bit too large for me.

shagal2142 says:

I also bought the Dark Base 900,but the standard one.What i dont get,is,why did they put those case Savings at the side panel,so far into the front of case? i mean if you would install additional 2 120mm fans into the side panel,those would blow into the HDD´s.But what if you dont use HDD´s anymore?

Wouldn´t it be better if you,as a gamer,would remove the entire HDD brackets together with the DvD brackets install 1 additional 140mm into the front of the Case,and the “Savings” of the side panel would be a little bit more focused on the space where the grapic card is installed.This way you could install 2 additional 120mm fans,who blow fresh Air right on the graphiccard.Wouldn´t that be better?

Георги Бойчев says:

my favourite cases are the NZXT Phantom240 white Bitfenix Prodigi M white and the NZXT Manta in black and red

Artorias says:

6:57 Can someone tell me what RAM that is thats glowing red???

Omnii says:

what microphone is that i need that shit

ryckak says:

I’ve sent my Dark Base 900 Pro back, because it’s impossible to use fan area at the bottom, PSU blocks it, and the case has way too restrictive air flow…

bwebmasta1 says:

I do not agree with the 570X being a fail, although some of the reviews are on point.

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