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Brian Mitchell says:


Sholities says:

I had a great time building in this case.

Storm Fighter200 says:

I should replace my NZXT phantom 410 with this case.

Hudson95MCCP says:

n i c e

Homnoiiz HISPEED says:

can you tell me? how to mod graphic card ? because i use this case but i dont know how to use thank you 🙂

Jheyo venero roncal says:

really nice review bro.

Syntax YT says:


ادع الی سبیل ربك says:

what’s the type of this AIO cooler??

Chocolate Sheep says:

looks like a piece of shit.

limbermanish xxsappersxx says:

Just got it today its so good looking

Elliot Presnell says:

I think you should take a look at the Cougar Mx330 variants. They are even cheaper than the one you have in the video, and I personally just built in one a few days ago. It was a DREAM to build in, and honestly I am going to buy them again for future builds. I have built in around 10 different chassis, this one blew them all away.

gxgiratina134 says:

Greg can you talk about the gtx 1080 again? I just got one, and I want to hear your opinion in 2018

CaptainProduce1 says:

How do you connect the built in RGB lights when the power cable is a 3 pin and the RGB header on my z270 motherboard is a 4 pin?
Just found out the built in rgb is only compatible with 8th gen processors and motherboards bc it plugs into a5v add header

OzWare says:

Build a $10,000 PC. No one wants to see $69 cases. We only want to build lithium ion cooled builds xD

Fesco says:

Would I be able to move my parts from my Mini ITX computer into this case? I no longer have need for the mobility of my ITX case and would like more clearance between my PSU and Graphics Card. I’m worried by looking at the motherboard IO cutout that my motherboard won’t be able to occupy all that area. Would I be fine with this case or should I just buy an SFX power supply?

cxerphax1 says:

Hi, big fan of your channel. Just wondering where did you get the riser cable?

Nanachi Agairu says:

Here it is €80, or about US$93. Press F to pay respects.

CaptainProduce1 says:

Just bought this case tonight, will update my thoughts on it after I finish building in it

Luke W says:

I like the subtle design of the P300 much better. This one looks like something Cooler Master would have made 10 years ago for “gamers”.

Jesper Nøhr says:

Do you think there is room for an NZXT Kraken X62 in the front?

Tom Lademann says:

Lemme guess: sharkoon tg5?

Edit: Ah fuck.

TechJunkie says:

This video sponsored by “Gulf South Machine, Inc. Drilex Corporation”

william lozier says:

Can I hook up digital RGB fans to that built-in controller with a splitter? Do I need to buy a separate one?

abrahamstechnology Official says:

Dead Meme Case.

Milan Đorđević says:

Been eying this one for month now. They don’t sell it in my country. Spent all money on monitor and internals, tho minus gpu. This is next item on to do list. Really, no briner for me if your system doesn’t support rgb and you kinda want, and you dont need to go all water on your silicon. Air flow is bit better that way, GN or HC did review.

Michael Street says:

You should review the raijentek styx

H2O Gaming says:

69 usd ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Grigor Kosta says:

For 88 $ in Newegg DIYPC Vanguard RGB it offers more space. Four addressable RGB fans. Space for 120mm, 240 mm ,280 mm, 360 mm AIO. Rubber grommets, gorgeous look for only 19$ more.

Kevin Echols-EL says:

Dang all of that for $69. That’s great!

FenP says:

What do you think a reasonable price would be for my spare parts pc with a 4790k, 16gb Corsair Vengeance Pro 1667Hz Ram, reference GTX 980, and a EVGA 650bq? No drive included because the old one would fail too soon for me to rationalize selling it. Thinking about throwing the parts into a new $60-$75 case because I can sell the system for more than the parts..

Deadpool2211 says:

How many fans should I use for this case and what did you buy for the led strips

Eli M says:

You should make a video on the best cheap rgb fans

Polo Mapanao says:

How would the cables look like if you put the GPU horizontally? Because I have a 2 8-pin GPU.

Jordan30589 says:

That Gamer Nexus table pad lol

Murphy Cop says:

Don´t know why i see this videos, cases in México only are Cooler Master, Thermaltake, Aerocool, In Win, NZXT, (only old models and overpriced) and horrendous Game Factor, Eagle Warrior, Actek.

Ricardo Monteiro says:

Non the less get some static pressure fans for intake as those grills ain’t big enough.

reaper357mag says:

Help… i how do you connect the p350x to asus rvb header

Christian says:

i just got the case, but the top fans have nearly no space.
i can not install the rear top fan because my motherboard VRM heatsink is in the way? i had to remove fans to get my motherboard in.
really too tight IMHO pause the video at 3:00 to see it

David DeBroux says:

What the fuck happened to your face?

Andre Bergmann says:

I bought this case 2 weeks ago for my very first PC build. Totally agree with all the points you made. The tempered glass could be secured a little bit better though. Apart from that I am so happy with my choice! Nice review 🙂

Mr Clyburn says:

Awesome review of this amazing case.

Jonathan Sun says:

Do you think you can connect the integrated rgb headers on the case to the rgb headers on the Castle cooler and the fans that come with it. It would be cool if you can.

Joseph Zimmerman says:

Seems perfect. RGB is just enough to not need to waste money on RGB fans while still giving the beautiful colors everyone wants in a stylish way. Airflow seems adequate, cable management space is there and there aren’t any real downsides unless you’re looking for more radiator support. I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees how good it can be.

KellonMelon says:


spacejacket says:

If Phanteks added a latch for the glass instead of screws most of their cases would be perfect. Also use Metric! You’re an Engineer damn it.

TidePod says:


Rickbearcat says:

In my Phanteks case, I can’t get anywhere close to those temps you had. Mine are much lower.

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