This is My Favorite Computer Case

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Define C TGE:
Define C (Non-TGE):
Meshify C:
Define Mini C:


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Abraham Segura M says:

como se llama el mousepad ?

Cadian9t says:

The other ” problem ” I see with this case is that the screws are all different sizes, unlike some premium ones. Very minor

Aaron Lee says:

Kind of regret buying a S340 after watching this video.

Tezz85 says:

The TG on define C is 1000 x better than on the meshify C an I totally agree with you Greg fully tinted TG is a big thumbs down! Fractal so need to slap the define C’s TG on the meshify C and I would fall in love an yell “shut up n take my money!” I’m loving these smaller footprint ATX cases.

beachboy boobybuilder says:

I had a craptal design pc case and I was woefully disappointed with it. I got rid of it and purchased the PEP instead and it is hands down the best case I have ever owned.

Hose2wAcKiEr says:

This is the best case if you remove the front panel

Jason Saez says:

Nice case, but I still love my Define R5! So quiet and cool!

Tcll5850 says:

meh, I respect your opinion, it does look nice, but it’s too, as my brother says, “mimi” for my personal taste.

if it can hold at least 12 disk drives and 8 hard drives, then it roughly wets my taste 😉

not saying I’ll use 12 disk drives, I don’t think anyone will, but there’s alot of front-panel tech that fits in those bays.
and being the type of person I am, I’d probably use all of it 😛

heck I currently use 4 PCs on a regular basis.
(soon to be 6, with a server and DNS/router)

Nimo Kali says:

If this is your favorite case, then why didn’t you build your setup inside of it, and then compare it to the tinted Meshify in order to observe the difference?

AnalKarl der vierte says:

For some reason, the tab in my browser has the title translated to german^^

MAIN RIG says:

why not Caselabs sma8?

Marcelo Lima says:

Between 460x, s340 Elite and tg5 which one is the best choice? I mean temp wise and space wise?

Ethan Nolan says:


Christopher Wood says:

Fractal makes really good cases. They really use very thick steel and weigh a ton. That beings said my favorite cases are the older no frills Lian Li cases.

Brian Holbrook says:

how about that the Fractal Design S36 doesnt fit nicely on the front.

Keith Marcus says:

It’s priced similar to a Enthoo Pro M. Why is it compared to P400?

Umair Khan says:

Antec P8 is far better and low priced

StrugglePuff says:

Hey, I just received this case yesterday’s and noticed that the power button was wobbly/loose. It definitely feels cheap comapred to my fractal design define R4 case power button which feels like quality. Should I RMA the case or just suck it up?

kins888 says:

Just finished my first ever PC build in a Fractal Design Define C TG. Overall really pleased with the design, quality and construction of the case. A couple of little niggles that bothered me about the case though if I may…

1) When I first came to power the case on I had no signs of life. After a lot of head scratching (as a n00b builder), I ended up using an online step by step guide to help me find the problem. I traced it back to the switch on the case. It had a bad connection and wanted to point this out as an area which FD could improve to help ensure customers like myself aren’t stuck with fault finding on their new build. Suggestions would be to solder the switch connection, or if using push on connectors – ensure enough room for the cables to bend properly without disturbing the connection in the power switch box.

2) I hate, hate, hate the white PCI blanks (sorry) – black please like the Meshify. I actually got a rattle can out to spray them as they bothered me so much.

3) Same for the fan blades – black please. The 120mm fans included with the case are actually pretty decent.

4) Power switch itself can be turned off far to easily… so some kind of feature to prevent accidental switch off.

5) Room to mount AIO rad or fans outside of the case between the plastic front cover and the sheet metal case. This would open a lot more options for guys like myself who want longer GPU’s. I had to cancel an order for a Zotac Amp Edition 1080 Ti because at 300mm it wasn’t going to work with my front mounted NZXT Kraken X62. I ended up paying more for a shorter EVGA SC2 version so it will fit.

That’s it… beside that it’s pretty much perfect and I love the case.

Marcos Fernandes de Sousa Júnior says:

What about the 400C? From your review it should be better than the S340 at the very least…

TheSolarEmpire says:

This is My Favorite Tech Youtuber

Adversary says:

I appreciate how thorough your videos are.
I Originally planned to buy an NZXT S340VR Elite , but watching your videos made me consider the Phanteks P400S before I ultimately ordered the Fractal Design C TGE, even though it was about $20 more than the P400S.

BryantCivica says:

One more HUGE Negative… IF YOUR LIKE ME and want an optical drive guess WHAT…ITS NOT THERE!!! If not the best case ad i would buy and one more thing check out Sharkoon cases li the AI7000 such a beauty and it beats this one… Check it

Elstan McFrolicker says:

PC cases are so 2014

jeffrey wallace says:

Your tech channel is great.

Marcin Sadowski says:

If they only had it in white….

rbarger71 says:

I personally like the tempered glass version of the Phanteks Enthoo Pro M.

Nekrial says:

Just bought this case because of you. I just wish the ssd mount was where I could show my ssd to the world, like the s340 elite.

zelder12 says:


RetroGeek Computers says:

That case sucks.  The highest quality, and the best PC cases ever produced, are all from the early 80s to late 90s.  They are mostly beige colored and ivory colored.  I still have and use the SuperMicro case that I bought in 1995 for $119.00.  My Pentium III build inside the case still works great, too.  Most of todays modern PC hardware is low quality, over-priced crap, that only stupid yuppies or pot-smoking punks buy.  The vintage PC cases are getting harder to find, and are fetching very high price tags.  But, I much rather spend $200 on a high quality vintage PC case then any of todays crappy tin and plastic cases.

Green Bow says:

I use four HDDs and an SSD, so not for me. (Sad face.) I have the Fractal Design Arc Midi R2, and highly recommend that. I have had it three years, and only one fan needed replacing and Fractal replaced it. (That fan started to make a slight noise.) It should just fit the GTX 1080 Ti, so what’s not to like. Only grumble, the CPU cable hole is tight.

Candi Soda says:

The grills are annoying.. Make it annoying to vaccum the dust from the filters since there’s a bunch of nooks and crannies.

Just saying.. Think they went for looks than practicality.

RetroGeek Computers says:

Where do you install a DVD drive?  All smart people still need a DVD drive, because they prefer to buy their software, complete with boxes and manuals, instead of downloading software.  Steam SUCKS.  Microsoft Windows 8 and 10 sucks.

pewpew says:

Gonna do white and black build in this case, but there is only 3cm for the cables on the bottom and i dont have modular psu :(. Got it on sale for 80$.

Gurvinder Parmar says:

Fractal Design makes awesome interiors in their cases but their exteriors are so bland…this interior with Coolermaster 500hp exterior would be the best case.

Bryce Contreras says:

you ever going to post any videos of you shredding on those amps?

johnsolar says:

Best cases, without doubt, these for every day uses, Meshify for fanatics

Mark Lydon says:

so it would be perfect if it was just 25mm longer. Not a difficult fix and while they are at it dich the white pcie slot covers and fans.

Vampire Johnny says:

Linus from Linus Tech Tips should be fired. Instead they should hire this guy to be his replacement.

Nytalix says:

Who would win?
Your favorite case
One r-sixty boi

Yági says:

meshify c is bae

Xizo says:

your case reviews really help me out

tito yolo says:

This would be perfect for a workplace pc, but as a personal desktop, one needs the wow factor, doesn’t matter its impractically stupid, I’d even prefer the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv to this

Ash Gupta says:

My favourite case is the White Phanteks Enthoo Luxe but I can’t buy it because it won’t fit on top of or under my desk.

mechaart says:

I like the Cougar Panzer Max full more

Mike Quinton says:

I like the white slot covers. I kept mine

ThorntonArtStudio says:

Was considering this, but it only has clearance for 315mm gpu with front fan mounted. Have a 325mm on the way, so I’m looking at NZXT h700i or Phanteks Enthoo Pro M TG.

It is a nice case though. Sleek and simple.

aRieL Baste says:

It’s the amps that caught my eye, you must have a really cool set up in your room. 🙂

Mark Gomzalez says:

Meshify C for better airflow .Top Corsair H100vi 240mm radiator and I’m happy.

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