This case is HUGE!!! Thermaltake Core W200 [pt.1]

We finally get the Core W200 on the review table… It’s been a daunting task to work on something of this calibre but its happening! Any tips & suggestions on pt.2 are welcome 🙂

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Camden Dexter says:

So did part 2 fall off the Earth?

B3bis says:

Where is part 2 :O ?

Get over that Wall says:

Thermaltake really sucks at making cases (and fans). The last case I bought from Thermaltake required you to remove all the drive bays to clean the dust filter. This case looks great, until you see how poorly thought out everything is.If you want to be happy with your computer case, avoid Thermaltake.

As for the Thermaltake fan, I bought a vent fan that fits into a drive slot and removes hot air from around my raid card card. When installed it rattled around in the slow, because the size was a little too small. I shimmed it up with some rubber and it was quiet.. for about a day. The next day, the fan made a bunch of noise on the high setting, so I turned it down a notch. Two days later, it made a bunch of noise on the medium setting, so I turned it down to low. Now, less than a week later, it is starching to make noise on the low setting. Complete waste of money. “F” Thermaltake!

samaravadi3 says:

whens episode 2 coming out

twentyone fortytwo says:

One side for a gaming Windows system and the other for a Linux server system.

Jonathan John David says:

What’s the rent for the room Dimitri

TheJustinitiative says:

Dude looks like he’s been microdosing haha

hooli manco says:


RidDIs says:

Wow you could literatly fit 2 pcs so yeah rent one lol

Ryan Liu says:

that intro was fucking amazing

Irvin Mulia Elantara says:

where’s pt2?

Макс Мотоман says:

матрёшка case. hahahahahah))

corason live says:

Matreshka bleat

Gabriel Solado says:

Guys i Found the perfect case for my itx build

Michał Madeja says:

Such big case, and you need to remove whole front panel to access dust filter…. Thermaltake will never learn.

derflop says:

$459 for a Thermalfake shit quality case? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! Get a Caselabs, no seriously just get a Caselabs if you’re willing to drop $459 on a case. MUCH better build quality, plus you’re paying for the original not the cheap, mass-produced, low quality copy from Taiwan.

Greg Erfulgerman says:

was there ever a part 2??

xone5447 says:

the only reason to get such case is building 2X dual CPU eATX  board…
but with all the designed limitation of this cases, it makes more sense to custom build / mod / other brands.

Martin3 says:

does it come with those 2 io?

TheMetalmachine467 says:

I can build a dual watercooled pc and call it jekyll and hyde
One side will be with an i7 7700k with 2 1080tis
the other side will have Ryzen 1700x with 2 Vega cards when it comes out
sounds like an awesome build

Northwind says:

It’s a mini-ITX case, except not.

Kevin Vaughn says:

Where’s part 2?

JP Sika says:

When’s part 2 coming?

Ty's Tech says:

part 2?

Jay H says:

So Part 2?

andrew anderson says:

Yo wheres the part 2???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

samaravadi3 says:

where is part 2

kenneth blanchard says:

yep weres part two  or are you into girls cases

Jerico Tamayo says:

still waiting for the part 2

HD Shovelhead says:

should have called this case the wooly Mammoth lol

Wake me up inside Cant Wake Up Inside says:

that cosmos 2 is looking small now

R D says:

Thumbs down from me because its now April 2017, and Part 2 is nowhere to be found.

MiniMaster404 says:

use 3 seperate 120mm rads on the front 😉

Sherlock Homeless says:

So….part 2?

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