The WORST PC Case Trends of 2017!

Its that time of the year again when we look back on what these last 12 months delivered. This time Dmitry talks about all the terrible trends we’ve seen from PC cases this year. And it has been a pretty depressing year for this market…..

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Gold Fingers says:

Mirror’s would be cool… Except when considering how much heat they’ll reflect back into the case and onto your hardware.

KMW-TRAP says:

Nice video very good information , Song in the intro?

Bordergames says:

I think Dimitri read my comment on the previous video.

Chris Story says:

seems like case makers have gotten a bit lazy this year.

Chris Romberg says:

Best airflow case of the year – THE HAF^^


Where the heck did the optical drive bays go? Why are they putting The USB and the other switches and ports on the top of the case?? To fill up with debris and dust? And why aren’t there any front panel access and bays for add ons like extra USB ports,card readers,temperature read outs, and fan speed controllers?? You sure are right the new cases suck and the new power supplies with the fan on the top are miserable to adapt to an older case with a door on the front to help keep the dust out. You are so right the new cases SUCK.

Jim Bond says:

CaseLabs – I have said it here before and I will most likely have to say it again. Hard heads just don’t appear to grasp it. When you have said CaseLabs, you have said all one needs to know. Side mount GPU, fine for show rigs, not so much for else. Also, large size is not necessarily wrong, the horrid designs, like the several year in complete design fail Zalman recently, is the problem. Tempered glass is a novelty at best and a nightmare in mass production.

David Folsom says:

They already use recycled material. In fact your computer cast is mostly recycled scrap.

Scott Hughes says:

I think Dimitri should find someone to help him CAD up a case design. 2 models, one for air and/or AIO cooling and another model with the same designs for full custom loop.
I love my TT View 71, especially how the TG sits away from the case and how it didn’t come with basic cheap black fans that are just a waste. But that said, I wish it came with the vertical accessories for the price and I wish it had a PSU shroud / cover. I’m happy to fabricate and customize to my hearts content, but I feel these should have been standard. I’ve even designed and produced my own personal cases thanks to access to CNC machinery at work.

Amer Huba says:

White and chrome interior! –> components visible with no lights/less lights

Kim Jong Un says:

I have liquid cooling in my PC. On a very hot day, my air conditioner stooped working, and it was really hot inside my room. Liquid cooling wasn’t good enough. So I got some liquid nitrogen from my garage and poured it in. 30 seconds later, my computer was silent AF.

MrBiky says:

Dimitri, just buy an NFC Skyreach 4 Mini (known before as S4 Mini).

Tomáš Procházka says:

worst trend is RGB…

Satyanshu chauhan says:

I agree you said

Eddy Moe says:

I think 2018 will bring back micro itx builds.

M Tea says:

I don’t get the point in making the gpu mount vertical ? is there any advantage at all ? dosn’t extending the gpu that far away do anything to the signal by adding resistance ?

Attila Kos says:

the horrible state of cases is why i am building my own PC case.. machined aluminium, wood, and yes tempered glass ( but not choking any of the cooling) hopefully will be done in January by the time i get my new pc.

RustyManTv says:

I watch this video first thing i think, he was in linus video but i cant remember his name

Rigel Sinco says:

I’d like to see GPU and Case manufacturers collaborate in order to eliminate GPU sag and GPU length problems (although the latter might have already been addressed positively).

emukiller says:

Why don’t you try and partner with a case company that is known to break the mold and make a “Hardware Canuck’s Edition” model. I bet they would sell a lot.

Mike Hunt says:

I kind of want to see smaller pc’s with a minimalist theme be a trend. I think people need to realize that only 2 or 3 fans is just fine for a build and you really don’t need all these crazy water cooling setups.

Whobairt Yadchuck says:

Starlord? Is that you?

Mirek says:

Why don’t you design and build a custom prototype case of your own? Seems like you have a solid idea of what is needed to top anything that’s out there right now. Love the channel.

Ata Vax says:

I get how like, the clean front panel looks good and they don’t want ventilation there, but seems like the bottom is under utilized by most cases. I’d like to see more with ventilation on the bottom and then room for a 240mm or 360mm radiator on the bottom as well. I’d like to see aluminum used more often. Computers get heavy, and all the cables are in the very back, shedding some weight with aluminum and god forbid not having tempered glass, might be nice. More sff cases that fit full size videocards and support water coooling. Maybe a case that sacrefices cpu cooler clearance for space behind the motherboard plate for all your hard drives. Seems like full size air coolers for CPUs are getting less popular, all this space to allow for them is wasted for most people.

jep ulis says:

Check out Raijintek Thetis and Jonsbo U4(maybe Rosewill U4 in NA). Very small atx-cases with tempered glass.

Paul Ting says:

youre so true, only 50% of my case is taken up by components

Sinancan93 says:

blown away by the video quality! RESPECT!

Hawkinsm210 says:

The case he was talking about, the one that he refused the review sample.. I was looking at that case, but there are atleast 3 companies literally putting their own names on that same chassis…..

Slash Le Pew says:

This has nothing to do with cases, but when are we going to leave hdd’s in the past and make ssd’s cheaper and the main storage? Ssd’s aren’t that special anymore, yet we still use hdd’s for bulk storage. I would love to see 1tb ssd’s for around 100 bucks.

Trey Perry says:

An all fabric case would actually be very cool. Someone should make a case with a modern fabric look on smaller mATX or ITX cases like the Google Home products

El Bandido says:

Worst CASE scenario…. Kappa

BierzeItboxer says:

Why is there no Full Tower variant of the Corsair Vengeance C70? 🙁

BlastMode7 says:

So much yes to a no fan option. I would like to see more cases with included provisions for GPU support brackets.

Grand1Admiral says:

The front should allow more airflow

Steven Kravitz says:

I just bought a s340 elite for my new build i think its pretty nice, plety of ventilation for my 240mm aio

rs vp says:

something that bothers me hardwarecanucks always use USD pricing in their videos, why you gotta play us like that?

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