The Ultimate mATX Case? Corsair 280X Review

Ever since we saw it at Computex, we knew the Corsair Crystal Series 280X needed to be reviewed. it is minimalist, looks great and has an interesting dual chamber design. But is this matx gaming case any good!

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Squidgloves says:

Just built my 280x with the LL Fans, but for some reason the LL leds aren’t turning on, I’m only installing Windows right now though. I have my fans in slot 1 & 2 in the Corsair led channel, it’s all hooked via sata and everything, any ideas?

Pierre Sev. says:

Bla bla bla bla…

Michael Adhi Nugroho says:

I like the aesthetics, not so much on the function. I use the air 240 back then, again, love the aesthetics, not so much on the function. The 240 allows so much air in, but also so was dust and grimes. I live in the tropics and seldom use the aircon to save electricity bill, so dust and humidity really got stuck inside the case badly. Also noise. The 280X aesthetics improves upon the 240, but holy crap that choked intake and exhaust… What were they thinking?

Will B says:

my next computer is gonna be either a mITX cas in the DAN Case C4 or a mATX in this case with twin 240mm radiators for near silent operation.
the Specs are gonna be i7-8700k (or equivalent), a RTX 2080ti, 16GB RAM and 3TB SSD storage.

Marc Salvador says:

is 500mm cable kit enough from PSU to MOBO ( will plug the cable directly to PSU and replace connectors ) Thanks

yurimodin says:

as a certified cube case addict (and mATX lover) I could not pass this one up…..the case was REALLY easy to build in. The only real complaint I have with it is no pegs for the side panel and the little swingout door they used for holding the PCI cards in was a PITA to get shut. FYI corsair included every screw you could have wanted with this case….literally six sets of fan screws, a set of hex head screws for the TG, long screws to mount a radiator with, hard drive screws.

AkcesoriumPC says:

240 mm riadiators only its plenty ? Dont think so…

scott p says:

I love the minority of clowns that complain about tempered glass and RGB components. I have a solution… Do buy it! Don’t comment on it! Stop watching video’s like this and complain. Go build your new non RGB computer into an old Packard Bell case with superior airflow and STFU!

Bima Vitzki Yosua says:

Will it fit 2 240 radiators at the top and at the front?? Im planning to put 2 240 radiators for my cpu and gpu.

YenneferTNS says:

What if Corsair refine the 250D?

Iacovos Florides says:

mATX cases allow you the rare opportunity to install motherboard horizontal, the CPU tower vertical and the GPU vertical. This removes any strain from the weight of these components. Why would I choose a case that does the opposite?

Ivan says:

Hi HardwareCanucks, did you able to close the case when you put the cryorig h7?

ResidentSleeper says:

I came here to see a case review, not tell me how fat and unhealthy I am.

Madoka Kaname says:

Hmm… The Verge…

가렌 says:

I’m korean , i bought used 280x at 45$

Prince Kastrati says:

Well now all we need is more matx motherboards with Wi-fi

Angel Tovar says:

review starts at 1:47

RTSA says:

Ad was great.

sonny prince says:

Waiting for the next Intel cpus/Nvidia cards to release and I’ll be upgrading my 4670k/GTX970ftw setup. MATX for sure! With the elimination of optic drives I’m not sure why most PC gamers would even buy a mid tower any more. My Enthoo pro is a giant waste of space right now considering it has my GPU, Sound card, 2 ssd, and an HDD (which my next build won’t have), and a Corsair 240 AIO. The MATX reviews are GREATLY appreciated. 🙂

BTownClown1 says:

you can mount 2 60mm in back

NiggaFly says:

wow this case is beautiful, except the glass side front corner….

DerFritz says:

Why the munufactures don’t put at least 1 Type-c connector…?

Vortex1988 says:

I wish case manufacturers would learn from Silverstone. The SG09 and SG10 are still the smallest micro atx cases on the market, can fit a Noctua NH-D15 or 120mm aio, and have the best cooling performance for something that size. Not to mention those cases were released at least 5 years ago. All I ever see from other case manufacturers are larger and larger matx and mini itx cases with less airflow. They seem to have no recollection of how to use space efficiently anymore.

nauxsi says:

I don’t like too much glass.

sambeet the Gamer says:

Will it support my msi x299m mobo

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