The Next AMAZING Case Trend? What A View!

The Thermaltake View 37 might not be loaded with features but it does offer one of the most unique designs we’ve seen! It has a curved acrylic window that extends from the side upwards to cover the case’s top. It looks amazing but will this lead to a new trend in PC cases?

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James Westbury says:

Thermaltake has always been trash. I will never use their garbage.

Asadian Belifont says:

I still cannot find a case with the airflow of my old Antec 1200. Despite all of the downfalls of the Antec my components stay ice fucking cold, and that’s one of the main things I look for in a case. I got 3 120mm in the front, a 240mm exhaust at the, 2 120mm on the back, and a 120mm GPU intake on the side panel. This case is going to choke the life out of your components.

Johnny Yeo says:

Are you going to review Tt view 91?

Hayden Miller says:

No doubt about it, this is my favourite looking case out of any case on the market. The only reason that I’m not going to be buying this case is that the side panel is acrylic, which just feels much cheaper and highly prone to scratches, unlike tempered glass. Unfortunately you couldn’t do this with tempered glass as it would be much too expensive.

Große Soße says:


Ashitaka1110 says:

Let’s make a fancy new case with even more acrylic see-through parts, but let’s not include a PSU shroud. Derp.

duzty122 says:

its fippin beautiful

Artur Noxi0usX says:

0.16 you say 31 but in video is Yellow color #37 😀

Stephen Jenever says:

bro what brand of camera are you using? I really like to see the results of his video is very clear and clear

Katima XP says:

Is it wrong for me to be a bit sexually aroused from all that peeling?

Leandro Martinez says:

Please! Tell us where to buy Fred twin brother!!

Hector Herrera says:

Let me have it

karthik sridharan says:

Plzz give me one

jackthegamer says:

i prefer to stick to 90s and 2000s case, i love the design but after all the shit they produced last year, i know that tempered glass look cool but the proble, with them is that they never try to make something different with that tempered glass aside a bit fragile panel !

in others words, go grab the lower range case or just grab a case that doesn’t have a tempered glass like the corsair AIR series

ThreeDogGaming says:

Visually, it’s very pleasing.

Damian C says:

This is a very frustrating case. On one hand it looks great, but on the other it has many design flaws that shouldn’t be appearing in 2018.

T Bo says:

meh untill its all scratched up then you will search for a different case. no thanks.

Bossman 558 says:

What accent do you have

GregFirehawk says:

First they take away our side fans, and now our top fans are in danger

praveen vishwa says:

Man you look lot a like Chris prat

Rustin' Wrench says:

Many problems with these designs, the furthest you should go is a clear side panel and that’s it

Zeek M says:

Tower cases are illogical, motherboards are made flat at the factory, video cards exhaust should blow in the UP direction.
Cooler Master HAF Evo meets the requirement.
If you are feeling anti islamic it can be repainted.

Micaela says:

Did i hear wood for a case? NAH, that will just amplify any sound from your pc

Nikolas Lafazanos says:

Acrylic i think is easy on scratches and its not clear as glass is.

Leevi says:

What is that plant doing on top of every case? Is that coming with the case? Im devastated if i dont get that sexy plant with my order as well.

80 iridium says:

Cu Cu Cu Cu Cu Cu Currvvveeee.

Zhafran Aiman Khan Bin Md Khokan Khan says:

Bro you look & sound like Chris Pratt tho

aarif gangat says:

Air cooling must be shite in this case.


Two major flaws that I can think of about this case are :- NOBODY wants air chocked box for their system. Its gonna get scratched like a mofo.
every company need to work around these things and build a case around the key features.

mjw665 says:

Does it come with a coupon for a free bottle of windex?

barbara Corcoran says:

The better version of this is adding the 90degree view to a case like the corsair 540 you get the dual view but you also have a compartment behind to vent Air Out so its a win win.

Emad Boudraa says:

Could you please review the Cougar panzer Evo?

Iza Kowalska says:

can i fit on the front x3 120mm fans ?

Einar Silvansky says:

Author’s manners are reminding me of Peter McKinnon 🙂

Karl Wester-Ebbinghaus says:

have watched a lot of your videos. thanks for your excellent work. helped me alot not to buy some stuff today 🙂
have a bitfenix prodigy with a custom look… need another case? 🙂

Mark Wolf says:

Cause cable ties are totally expensive

memes_n_hentai says:

Is it wrong the case turns me on.

Christopher Hemmerling says:

Clear acrylic cases have already been a thing…? “transparent pieces become part of the frame itself.” Do a google 🙂

raul yanez cortes says:

Finally. A god damn case that doesn’t cover the all bottom PSU area in which I can install my 850w RGB Thermaltake PSU. Thermaltake is the best brand in my opinion. Corsair, Seasonic, and EVGA don’t care about RGB. I would buy from thosse brands but I don’t have options with them. I’m staying with thermaltake till the other brands wake up.

Painted Pony Films says:

Considered this case, It honestly looks cheap though.

Кваркдаун Борыжников says:

Дмитрий, восхищаюсь вами! В данный момент учу английский язык, чтобы тоже переехать а нормальную страну. А вообще – Слава СССР!

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