The new hotness! InWin 915 Computer Case

InWin is known for some pretty wild cases… this year at CES 2018 InWin is introducing the 915!

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The new hotness! InWin 915 Computer Case | JayzTwoCents



Top Scan says:

whats wrong with having at least one optical drive bay?

Joe Justjoe says:

More pc people look for cooler and quieter solutions.

Jp says:

Moving case??? Sounds amazing

Bane BlackGuard says:

think I still like my InWin GR One better.

G Kotten says:

i like it jay thumbs in the air my friend

AErusTYT says:

SeX but not more than for 180 eur for me

weasel101 says:

Case temp sensor? So we have to have an extra wire? No, do a PWN fan plug. Easy to do yourself if your not a monkey.

Dom Cyr says:

I’m very interested, however, unless the top part can be set to open automatically either on powering up or from temp sensor, I’d rather it always be open. Other than that I must say I’m LOVING the look of this case… it’s simple, and closer to the style of case I prefer, lower profile, without being a plane box.

I’m looking forward reviews of on this case. I’m very interested in it. I also like the bottom to top air flow style… hopefully it does a good job at cooling on both air and water and don’t just look good. [I’m not a fan of water-cooling, I like the look of a big air cooler]

gorepuppy says:

Neat, but you are right needs 5$ in parts to make it a temperature switch, I mean that mini PC from last year had one, though it was some bunny ear looking nonsense.

MeshMN says:

That would have to be temp activated or it is trouble for the average person …

Proto Propski says:

InWin you can still have a good looking Tower without giving up the right amount of Airflow… if you ever get to a point where you have any issue’s cooling your components go back to the drawing board, and try again, because it ain’t working how like it should be, it’s defective by it’s primary purpose to safely house your computer in a safe enclosure.


como te pille por la calle te pego una pata eh

Jon Nelson says:

I have the InWin D frame and looks like I’m getting a upgrade

Zishawn Malik says:

Jesus, this is the worst InWin case ever… I love InWin, but this thing is gross besides the top thing

Walt Kowalski says:

sorry jay but this look like shit like this old cheap gaming rigs

Alexander Howarth says:

The hydraulic thing seems like a gimmick to me, why would you ever want it closed at all? is it any quieter with it closed? I also agree that it needs to be automatic and be tied to the loop temperature so it opens before all the air inside the case gets hot

The Best Weston says:

“Mac pro in the front, party in the back”

Stanton Taylor says:

The top is cool, but no. A case should never ever break. This case introduces something that can break and being motorized it probably will.

Smeaxyskittles says:

I mean it’s just a personal thing I don’t like big cases if I could get something similar in a small case I’d be all for it.

fryede03 says:

I like it bottom to top air flow makes sense… ‘hot air rises’. But like Jay needs to be automous in that function

Nifol says:

Sod airflow for moment. How the hell do you plug in your USBs, audio and other assorted cables if they’re covered by that curved grill at the back?

dbsill cockney says:

Looks like one of those things you pay a fortune for and 10 – 15 years later you think…what the f*ck was I thinking! Would look better if it weren’t round

SandmanGodslayer says:

wow DAT curves =B

only1sn1not1taken says:

The case looks nice and the vents on the top looks nice too. I see no reason to have a motor in there at all. I’d rather it be a nice case and always have the vent there. If anything ever pushes a case over the $150 USD range then it should go back to the drawing board. Concept designs are great to experiment with features but I’m not looking to buy another possible point of failure for my computer. If the RGB goes out then it just doesn’t look as cool. If the motor for the vents goes out then I’ve got a convection oven to bake my components.

Nic Lindo says:

WOW! Can I trade in my 904?

kobichief says:

Bottom Dust Collector 🙁

Stereotypical Whale says:

More form over function… again.

Vlada Jekic says:

Nice case, no doubt. One of nicest full tower. I would not buy any more steel cases, except if someone decide to use stainless steel and that will not happen.

justinmm1988 says:

Just keep it simple, have the top open on start up, and go down on shut down….temps would be tricky because there are so many variables, and im sure it would cost more!

Straya_ au says:

What’s a good budget case

Mike Soda says:

It’d need big feet/legs for that top to bottom airflow theory to work.

Shane Mc Grath says:

Not bad, But none of them learn still.
Power button/reset and audio/USB ports on the front of the case please, Where I can reach it instead of the top, Sick of trying to feel for it or having to get up out of the chair.

Simon Andersson says:

it looks shit

David Jenkins says:

If the case is silent while its closed then yeah its worth it, but if not no.

obnoxious/games&entertainment says:

trash its complete trash

Theo Carr says:

pale landing born revolutionary alcohol creative evolve whenever continuing world elevator.

Hychus 232 says:

0:23 who thought the woman to the left was Heather, Bitwit’s wife?

Zach Connor says:

The front view looks like a giant amazon echo

bllipps199 says:

Jay! Long time sub. Like the content. I want to spent $100 on a micro atx case. Recommendations? No water.

Grainsauce says:

I totally agree with everything you said, nobody is going to have the top of the case closed, in time people will just leave it open.

I also agree that they should have some form of autonomous function in relation to the motherboard temps, to automatically lift the top of the case when it gets above a certain temp. THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!!!!!!!! And Sooo Cool!

Straya_ au says:

No good for long gaming no streaming on it ?

John May says:

Meh, i dont like the design.. i do like Inwin though. Hope their cases dont trend towards the style of the 915. I have the 303, and two 509’s bought the 509 because i have seen no case that is better. and it has a super cheap price. I also like fractal design too. the node 605 is very nice. beautiful industrial sleeper pc appearance, i bought two of those also. 😀 I love cases made with all metal. I don’t understand the fascination with Lian Li.. cheap flimsy junk from my experience with the pc-a71f. I also dislike coolermaster cases.. most are obnoxious in size, made from crap plastic and have lame looks, also cooler master case fans are pure garbage, comparable to rosewill and apevia fans. 5x louder than their rating with LED’s which burn out over 4 months.. yep.. coolermaster.

triadwarfare says:

Who’s Jason Langevin? Is that Jay’s full name?

Ranch says:

wouldnt use this if i got it for free, lol

william morales says:

They should build it raised permanently. Don’t want more crap to break , like the active vents on the ailenwares.

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