The Most Modular Case Yet! – DARK BASE 900 Pro

be quiet! might not have “wowed” us before.. but that changes with the DARK BASE 900 Pro!

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Dillinja 187 says:

Hi, does anyone know if the motherboard tray slides up independently from the back of the case (where rear exhaust fan is)…the reason for asking is I am fitting an XL-ATX mobo in the DB PRO 900 and looks like the i/o and stand offs don’t match :(. All hardware sites say it supports XL-ATX but on the mobo tray where the info is stamped for mini ATX and ATX-E there is no mention XL-ATX. Any ideas?. Cheers !

Simon Urmom says:

I like fans…

Batman says:

Dank Base 900 Pro

William Fuku says:

Hi, I see you mounted the power supply upside down? so the fan of the power supply is facing up? what is the reason for it?

NickCorsair YT says:

Everything moves ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Alpha Gametauri says:

Will a Arctic Freezer 360 fit in there?

THriLLaH KiLLaH100 says:

Useless review. Seemed more like a rant to me. Came here expecting a full on review. Only covered 4/10 of HardwareCanuck’s review.

Agent S says:

hey guys, love the show been watching it for a long time. but man, bro. do u need an extra order of wha wha sauce this that. maybe 2 more screws. lol, jp. oo and if the optional drive bay can be removed. then im sure it can be set as the psc, to cover all ur wha whas, ooo sorry wires. lmao, love the show and thanks for the un-boxing and build of this or walk through. lol

Tom Dallison says:

That’s my case now . Thanks man

Lleanlleawrg says:

Couldn’t you build a PSU cover sleeve and fit it in there if you really wanted to? Seems like it has a few milimeters of clearing to get that done. It might require laser cutting or milling some plexiglass or something, but it shouldn’t be that pricy.

Justin Perkins says:

i didn’t think i like this case till he said u can reverse everything from the left side to the right HELLS YA so far This case plus the cousair 570x and the mastercase maker5 and 5t are my top 4 cases i love

Tornado says:

Even the case itself is removable!

Ash Gupta says:

the amazon link points to the wrong product

TheRenegadeSage says:

This is definitely one of the best cases I’ve seen, I just wish it wasn’t so expensive.

eric smith says:

Optical bay. Only selling point.

Ayeohdee says:

Powersupply shroud and I would have bought one instead of cutting a ton of crap out of my H440

Jan Binder says:

Putting PSU in was such pain, but besides of that it is amazing case.

GalactiNaut says:

Why external drives -_-

Michael Nazzario says:

did we all forget about the modular Antec Lanboy Air???

Steven Baker says:

I like his shirt more than the case.

Me raidu says:

Is their anyway you can take the orange trim off?

John Moon says:

HardwareCanucks did a significantly better job reviewing this case TBH.

flyingfajitas says:

… Nice shirt, Luke.

Malachi - Tech & Gaming says:

You should have whispered the entire video.

Angelo Kobe says:

Slide back and forth! Hell yeah!

Lejon Van Rhee says:

5:22 *420 man*

LonghornRed says:

If I had to consider a case to “upgrade” from my Define R5, it would be the DARK BASE 900 Pro.

995 says:

This will be a really good gift to the neighbors as the side panels states , ‘be fucking quiet’

No Names says:

What is really annoying is that lots of manufacturers still install USB 2.0 ports. Hey, manufacturers! it’s 21-st century out there! It’s time to move over to USB 3.1 gen. 2 already instead! And USB type C!!

Abigail Patridge says:

Yeah… No. MountainMods cases have been far more modular than even this… for years.

Raian Islam Ahin says:

I got the case. This thing is freaking heavy.

soren schjodt says:

Alu mini um its allways fun how americans cant say it

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