The Case that…WON’T…Kill You! Promise! – Bitfenix Portal PC Case Review

This was a triumph. Bitfenix designed a mini-ITX PC case that recalls one of the best game series of all time. Plus, it’s … a really cool case. Let’s check it out!

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Host: Riley Murdock
Writer: Riley Murdock
Editor: Barret Murdock


Jamie Key says:

Looks like a beautiful case, but some benchmarks, even basic ones, should be part of the review to see how well it actually cools. It’s no good if it will cook components…

super117knight says:

how good are temps in this case?

Dispie Dark says:

O that is a lovely little case, I hope to see more of these kinda cases !

Eoghan Hennessy says:

That’s huge

JSIK says:

my wife got me this case last week as a gift to go along with my Asus rog gtx 1070 strix

fimbles101 says:

If i see one of these in the real world im sneaking up behind it and tipping it over. Or dropping a heavy box on it.

ghostdog662 says:

Good review but this case has too many issues to be viable.

Bane Tudajfor says:



Cake.jpg activated!!!

Cosmic says:

The cake is a LIE!!!

dwarf365 says:

Looks the same size as my atx case. No thanks.

alejandro mercado says:


JediPeaceWalker says:

This cake is not a lie. Err…case.

Nori Sugi says:

i like bitfenix case
ihaved phenom m haha

Randy Gareth says:

The cake is a truth! and it comes with a GTX 1070!

Nukos says:


PC Guy says:

Looks like Eve from walle. I can imagine it being used in a hackintosh…

el kuston says:

this comment isn’t a lie

Tallen Smith says:

I mean I wish instead of those ugly stands its perched on it had 4 little cute turret like legs

Centbair Furiues says:

A case that doesn’t open up and start to fire at you. I should buy one, just to make it speak. :p

powderedwater67 says:


joemel2 says:

they need to make a bigger version and I’d buy it immediately!

Milton Baxter says:

the cake is a lie

O!Technology says:

That is anything but compact

ze_or says:

the sentry case looks better tbh

gameflux says:

Interesting !

The Crow says:

they need to make one of loaders of the border lands 2

NETVO TV says:

The cake is a lie but send me one of this case for free is truth!

CamoKing says:

where is julia.

Marko Castillo says:

I love everything about it except the legs. What are thooosee.

Lord Thovarisk says:

that’s the wrong cake.

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