The Case of My DREAMS! Lian Li O11 Dynamic

Lian Li is raising the bar big time with the new O11 Dynamic! This dual chamber frame is a watercooling dream; it is beautiful, functional and is priced well. Let’s see how impressive this case really is!
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Angel Arroyo says:

So do you think this case will be good for a custom loop? I plan on just adding a 360mm rad on the front side bracket and just normal fans for exhaust up top

Fadi Suleiman says:

Has anyone installed an e-atx mobo in this case?

Ranz Vann Llido says:

Only Dmitry can make a case without its components beautiful ♥

Bjørn Skalkam says:

is it possible to get this in europe?

RuggeFx says:

which camera used for this video? GH5?

Geng Pan says:

Lian li is still alive?

Ian Patrick says:

What case does he have now

WantoN says:

You know, you guys have got some of the best aesthetics in the business, combined with a relaxed style you’re fast becoming my favourite tech channel.

muffemod says:

Tesoro GRAM XS Low Profile Keyboard is a rip off. You can get the same low pro keyboard for like 1/10th the price without the gay lights.

lucidnightmare927 says:

What is that boot sequence?

Illegalquantity says:

This is a cabinet with glass, like a showcase. Maybe a cocktail cabinet?
Or a pc case for rich metro sexuals and gays..

Can I bite You says:

Its no Evovl X, it cant be the case of your dreams.

travis stratton says:

DO you like this case better than the Evolve X?

Caseymanbrodude says:

that memory is really ugly. awesome case though

PocketDrummer says:

It’s really upsetting Lian-Li is using steel in new cases. That’s kind of the whole reason to buy a Lian-Li…

alex pratt says:

Could I air cool efficiently?

Brett says:

Black feet would have made it avoid the mismatch

Quarkz says:

Is it possible to Vertical Mount a GPU ?

Doc Holiday says:

*laughs in cooler master C700M*

NorthWind says:

The front temperedglass panel it’s the same size as the old model(WG-WGX)?

Dragonbait says:

Was the test with the vertical GPU bracket ever done, I can’t find the video?


Too wide for my taste

Grinix says:

i dont like the more boxy look, looks old, i like the slimmer rectangle we have now

Robert VanZant says:

Error code 55? memory compatibility lol

AM Motorsport says:

This case is FANTASTIC! Sooooo glad to see Lian Li move into the “affordable” case market. Finally an affordable case with a new design layout that isn’t complete garbage. Who knew. Thanks for showing everyone else how to do it right Lian Li! Hope Cooler Master is paying attention because this blows their SL600M out of the water and costs even less.

Praan PP says:

Are you Star Lord?

Joseph Newman says:

I think the o11 Dynamic should be the HC Case of the year. It is innovative, affordable, and super sexy. Plus it has a Type-C port and a USB 3.1 port. The dual chamber gives so many layout possibilities. I just got mine and it is incredible to build in because you have so many options!

Todd Doiron says:

Now, I don’t own nor have I seen this case in person. But at 2:52 you mention a color variation on the side panel. Take your finger nail and peel the white protective film that is on the brushed steel off. This is just a guess as I have seen this protective covering on stainless/brushed steel all the time. Am I right or no?

Deejee Madrox says:

Just have this case and love the looks. There is soem negative to report too, the storage devices solution they come up with is flawed! Very unpleasant to work with, and with that i mean the two parts at the bottom and also that metal plate. I shall explain; the two in the bottom are placed too short toward the motherboard, meaning you have difficulty to attach cables without having trouble with the cables that goes on the motherboard, like the PWR-led/HD-led, USB3 etc. Also, just like the sideplate, there is too little room to attach your cables properly, you really have to squeeze them in, very tight, TOO tight!

So on these issue’s, i am dispappointed with Lian Li. They can do better!

w1p30ut3r says:

What Camera do you use man? Thanks!

VersionBest says:

I like the case but it would be better if there is an easy access drive bay for SSD and HDD that you can pull out and slide back in.

Snafu2346 says:

I’m also curious about how well this case sorts through air if you had the radiator as a intake instead of a exhaust. I was thinking of mounting 2-3 fans on the bottom and another 2-3 fans above hopefully creating a straight path air flow from fresh air from the bottom, straight out top.

The radiator I’m not sure if I would want to intake air, or push air out.

omgwayne says:

fucking ugly

Brandon L says:

I’m trying to figure out which rgb 120mm fans I need for intake on the bottom and exhaust (top) both static?

Chef Of Dads says:

Well you earned a sub and I have yet to even hear your voice. I forgot my earbuds at home so I’m killing time between classes at the university, and for one brief moment I thought you were Chris Pratt in one of your thumbnails! Lol thanks for the review I’m sold

Tennida TV says:

the only thing I don’t like about this case is that you have to put 80m fans in the back, who does that lol

Mikzolnih75 Battlefield Gamer says:

is there a matx version of this?


Hey starlord this case it’s the same that ruin the verge??

Shy2k says:

Anybody know what the seemingly random rubber block with 3M adhesive on one side that comes with the case is supposed to be used for?

R says:

Is your plant named “Arthur”? Mad magazine 1960’s reference.

LokiDaFerret says:

Looks nice but would imagine airflow would lack compared to say Silverstone RL06 or Fractile Meshify-C.

travis stratton says:

did the video card cable hit the glass?

Kindal.M says:

This mans and his transitions. What an absolute god. Keep up the next level video editing Dmitry.

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