The biggest, baddest case around? – Corsair Air 740 Review

It’s massive… but is the Air 740 from Corsair a massive success?

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pkrisnin says:

No cooling for HDD ?

supreme84x says:

My dog keeps getting into the trash and eating dirty diapers. They are all over the floor, ripped apart, shit everywhere…

mike hightower says:

Love my Corsair Carbide Air 740!!!!
I don’t use the button on the front panel, I use the commander pro

Jesse Gartly says:

Bought this case thanks to your reveiw! Thanks, I love it and has the best airflow and easiest cable management! Looks awesome too!

Zennethe says:

so you make an ad with Intel that just happens to load up as a skippable ad on a video that you are hosting…. that’s actually a First on YouTube for me. lol

GoatDotExe says:


Beguilement says:

my dog is sleeping on the floor, since you asked.

Enrico Baratelli says:

Is it possible to buy dust filters for bottom and top separatedly? Is it there enough room for them?

Will Sutton says:

love the size and as for the room it fits perfectly into my computer desk and with the PSU not on the bottom you have no worries reaching the motherboard and PSU’s
and you dont need to pull your hair out with cabling and hiding stuff and you dont really need a modular PSU anymore

radar52 says:

No ODD bays – boooo

bigemul says:

There is one big problem IMHO: they absolutely don’t care about cooling your hard drive, which is quite important considering that all your important files are stored in those. I would rather pay twice that price for another one.

Lee Riley says:

Just wondering why it never dawned on anyone to have the 540 horizontally. It is made so it can be turned sideways yet nobody even bothered.

Kamuno says:

My Dog is too big to fit in my Case. 😀

Matt Fortin says:

Why would intake from the top? Hot air RISES.

Brandon Lucia says:

Something about your dog

Fleyzo says:

I have 2 choose the 540 or 740, which I take ?

RJGamesAhoy says:

can Linus fit in it

Lukasz Filtz says:

Hey folks. What motherboard is it?

Edward Wood says:

I prefer Linus paying the bills, he sales it better.

SRAVAN S says:

Is it a plastic window ?

InsideByte says:

It really annoys me that you cannot put 3 140mm fans in the front 🙁

Fox Unit Delta says:

can you get it without a side window?

PC Gameplay says:

But will a Noctua D15 fit? If you get the whole width it should no problem. But if half the case is blocked off for cables and what not it might just be giving you the same width as every other case that it cant fit both Noctua fans in. You should use big coolers when you’re advertising a case. Specially a big one like this. How many fans do you get with it as well. If the Noctua will fit with both fans without having to open the window i’d definitely think about getting it.

Danyal Reyaz says:

So much huge !!

Trevor Green says:

Such a horribly ugly case.

Cool Moo5e says:

yes its 2017 I know but I would have liked atleast one 5.25″ drive bay

Steven Solferino says:


Viking 2121 says:

I like the Air 540, The 740 looks a bit strange to me.

Neil Bertram says:

No cooling at all for traditional 3.5″ drives? Am I being too picky?

Paul F says:

I miss the old case reviews! (:

SeaJay Oceans says:

Perfect for my Raspberry Pi 3

xNinja83x says:

I must be the only person alive that hates fan filters, They reduce a ton of airflow and I just blow out my PC’s with a shop blower every now and then.

Fuzzfire says:

Got an Air 540 over 2 years ago, still use it, and it is still one of my favorite cases.

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