The BEST Tiny CASES on the Market!

If you’re looking for a small computer case, you’ve got plenty of options – But which one’s best for you?

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sephirotic87 says:

None has a space for a SLIM bd drive?! Fuck,

specialpaul says:

Can you make a roundup about 19″ Chassis/Cases ..??..

nakyer says:

The Silverstone-
Paul at Paul’s Hardware did a Ryzen build in one of those, and said next to the hard drive mounts you can install a slim optical drive if you want. I’ve even looked on Silverstone’s website, and while they say you can do it, I haven’t seen any pictures of an actual opening for the drive door to slide out thru.
Does anyone know anything that’d help? I really want to do a build in that Silverstone case, and I really like my machines to have internal optical drives. (I’ve got a soft spot for small form factor machines, and this case is the closest I’ve been able to find to that size.)

arifur robin says:


Delicious Kawaiigami says:

4:36 Linus Win B)

Matías Ferrero says:

Great video

王力 says:

rvz01 is the best

j j says:

I just can’t stand him.

Michael Sackett says:

Great video! I just “finished” my first build in my NCASE M1 and absolutely love it! Super small, light and quiet, and it looks great!

Meta Lian says:

I personally think Raven RVZ01 is way better than node 202. Build quality wise and interior layout are far superior. Why do you not recommend RVZ01 but node 202 Linus?

MoonSaiyan says:

Do a Top 3 Case For Every Size please!

Bruno Oliveira says:

Xigmatek Nebula C EN6329 !!!

Fennecbutt says:

You don’t need to constantly yell, fucking hell.

DanBalan1 says:

This was a great video! Thanks for the breakdown, LMG.

Ashley Williams says:

I just want a small factor case that can fit my AX 1500i PSU and X99E-WS Mobo.

Macie Jay Jr. says:

A living room pc with a 980.

Dime mine says:

where can i buy all thsese in india ?

Andre Portugal says:

Do any of these allow for ATX motherboards?

gloege1 says:

what about the ones with a window or below 70 usd

Arnaud Meert says:

Ah.. The Phobya Vandal Resistant push button.

Aaron Bloom says:

Great video keep the content going! I love your videos and that you upload daily! But, Philips screw heads suck, they strip and get mangled up too easily hex and robertson bits are so much better they take work to strip so isn’t it better that Philips heads are becoming less common as long as they aren’t being replaced by proprietary bits (cough cough Apple)

Jannick says:

I got the sharkoon shark zone c10 and it’a really awesome

Atheist Avenger says:

The Dan case is a good idea, but the price is retarded, it shouldn’t cost more than $50. It uses very little material, the only thing good about it is how compact it is-but doesn’t offer much else to justify that high price.

Though I personally would prefer a small case to allow for at least two graphics cards. I plan to start with one card 1080 ti but would like the ability to add a second one over time.

I have a feeling by the end of this year they’ll come out with something even better than the 1080 and it’ll become a distant memory as everyone jumps on the shiny new object.

TbnrDalas Gaming says:

What about the phanteks enthoo evolv shift

VasbochGaming says:

What about the Dell optiplex 960-ish cases?

juvey90 says:

Will the node 202 fit in a vanguard video game case? I am in the military and travel alot so I want to build an ITX so I can use it on the boat.

criddlexd says:

i just want that dan case when they coming back

Theo Cook says:

Nothing is this round-up is round.

gloege1 says:

meh i got a carbide 540

Luke Nicholls says:

Great content. However the most annoying twat I’ve ever listened to

tuberoako777 says:

Wish there was one with a full size optical drive space.

RaShayRitto says:

I wish Micro ATX cases neared this size. I don’t understand the sheer volume of most of them

John Strong says:

What frustration. No sooner do I get jazzed by these marvelous reviews than I run over to PCPartPicker where I find *NONE* of the cases you review. Not. one. I wish the folks at PCPartPicker watched your videos !!!

Son Of Pyrocynical says:

I have terrible news for you guys….

You have BUG EYES

IEF4 says:

Didn’t know Linus was into painting his nails.

Aaron Al-Rasyid says:

I was looking for those case and and considering the tiny machine with the massive performance cuz big case just sucks for me, like they provide us big case which is looks like a server case but in the fuct most of us just need 1 gpu, 1 cpu , also 1tb hdd and 256gb ssd is enough for most of us,

Felony says:

So i have enough for the case but non of the parts

TheManudo00 says:

LTT:”One of the big reasons anyone wants a small computer in the first place”

ShiningBOT says:

0:17 what case is that?

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