The Best PC Cases of 2018 – Computex Edition

This round-up consists of the best gaming PC cases that we’ve seen thus far for 2018, focusing on Computex for cases shown so far.
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This Best Cases of 2018 round-up highlights airflow and looks-focused cases alike from Computex 2018, including the Riotoro Morpheus (“resizeable case”), Raijintek’s Ophion, SilverStone’s SG14 and CS381, Lian Li O11 Air, Cooler Master’s H500, Cougar’s Gemini X, and Thermaltake’s Level 20 VT.

We aren’t reviewing these cases yet, mind you, so stick around for future reviews to see what we actually think of them once put to use.

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Host, Editorial: Steve Burke
Editorial: Ryan Greenberg
Video: Andrew Coleman + Keegan Gallick


Tommy Knockers says:

Cougar branding is a total turnoff.
That resizable case, in my humble opinion, is total junk. Why would anyone need to do that..EVER?!

Bo says:

yay for Micro-ATX cases! Full ATX is just overkill for most use-cases.

Gamers Nexus says:

You should also watch our Flawed Products video from Computex, ft. Linus:

skygunner27 says:

What about the C700M, shown at Computex?

Raul Saavedra says:

Case at 4:55 reminded me of the face of the bad sword-fighting guy in the Fire Strike benchmark 😀 Still interesting looking case, and lots of breathing room from the bottom it seems

Chrisfragger1 says:

Every case in this expo should have USB Type C. It’s a joke to not have it at this point.

alupihan says:

I’m just glad new case trends this year are not just rgb discoboxes or plain flat boxes with small slits for “””””airflow”””””.

reanimated6 says:

No Phanteks Evolv x??

Shmozone says:

I’m just curious, why don’t you guys ever talk about Phanteks cases? Do you have some sort of agreement with them or do you just not want to?

praetorxyn says:

People are excited by the Evolve X having a HDD capacity of 10? The CaseLabs FlexBay system let’s cases carry an absurd amount of drives. Each cage holds 4 drives, in the THW10 I could probably fit at least 6 for a total of 24 drives, probably up to 48 drives if you didn’t care about the cages getting in the way of other things.

Granted I’m not doing that because I want a separate Linux build for storage.

BlueLightning Films says:

All these people complaining about not steve not including that oven phanteks made

lexzbuddy says:

Do you know what would be good? A case purpose build to go under your desk that you could put your feet on. Seriously, who else just finds their pc taking up room and generally being a pain in terms of location. Under the desk as a foot rest. Who cares about lights, give me comfort 🙂

joshua41175 says:

What I wanna know is what I can water cool in the evolv x with an air-cooled secondary system.

André Cavalcante says:

If you’re looking for performance: Corsair Air 740

Roberto Borges says:

Can u say something about Streacom DA2 (sff case for itx)?

socapex says:

That raijintek mitx looking sexey.

Dwayne Stimpson says:

Blew my Preorder Steve…damyou!

Murray Jamieson says:

That Lian Li logo looks very Gamers Nexusish…..

Kenchan1337 says:

all those 200mm fans, i like <3

Rafael Morales Roman says:

the deepcool tempered glass for 40 usd is also pretty good for budget builds. Atleast worth a mention imo assuming they did indeed keep the 40 price tag.

PewDie Boi says:

What about the evolv x????? I Think that Thats an Amazing case 🙂

BlueLightning Films says:

In my experience, using an 80mm fan isn’t actually much of a problem, if you pick the right fan. My longest lived pc fans have all been 80mm-100mm fans. The reason they are seen as cheap, is cheap prebuilts use shitty fans from brands like foxconn or worse, and those are noisy and don’t last long. On the other hand, I have some smaller fans from the likes of delta, nidec, and a few from sunon that are going on 10 years old and run just fine. In fact, I have three nidec 92mm fans that are some of my best made and running fans that were originally in a copac proliant pentium pro server from 1997. When the right fans are used, fans usually last years. Otherwise servers wouldn’t use those small 30-60mm fans that run at more than 12W.

roller_47 says:

Looking forward to the Mastercase H500.

Sebastian Mustermann says:

I had 2 favorite cases of 2018.
1. Lian Li O11-Air but it fails with only 155mm cpu cooler height. No big Noctua or BeQuiet cooler will fit in there.
2. Phanteks Evolv X but again the airflow is very bad without modding the hell out of it.

Phil Matic says:

These cases are all doing too much

spkt0r says:

More ITX Cases please.

T4iga says:

I hope cougar Ryan’s to offer a Demise X half since on half of the case would look very attractive on its own. Might need some tweeting but the design is unique and interesting.

Matoegos says:

6:09 HD 3870×2, wow that’s a blast from the past

alex ds says:

You missed the best case there!! Wheres the EVOLV X??

aneczka2114 says:

So upset they change the look of the lian-li o11-air! (the front top section)

liam wouters says:

Carefully parking write Republican deep grant throw eventually birth mad inside confidence profession.

Laughingpug says:

Think I’ll stick to my air 740

Jinto117 says:

I miss the days when Silverstone pushed the envelope.

Jonas Björklund Svensson says:

I’d like to see some testing of some Streacom cases, like the ones HardwareCanucks looked at at Computex. I don’t really have a good idea what to expect on the cooling side there, neither with the air-cooled nor the passive cooled ones. They look pretty good IMO and might be really nice for ultra-quiet HTPC use or so.

Rexx Reviews says:

You show a ton of super crap cases and make ZERO mention of the Phanteks new Evolv X? Someone seems a bit salty at Phanteks.

Anthony starr says:

Whats the problem? You don’t like Phantek you never review any case from Phantek, what up with that?

Dael Ra says:

My workstation needs to sit on the floor, out of the way and other than an on/off light and some indication it’s actually doing something (HDD light is good for this), out of sight.

It’s time for a case renewal but I need 3x 5.25″ drive bays. Recent case reviews throughout Youtube give the impression no-one makes them any more.

Avoiding all the gamer bling (RGB, glass panels, ugly logos, etc), what would you say would be the best case for a workstation (good airflow, cable management, easy access, multiple 5.25″ bays, etc)?

I realise this is a ‘gamer build’ site but as there are no ‘workstation build’ sites, it would be amazing if someone could slip in a review aimed at us unloved workstation builders every now and then.

woozle elzoow says:

4:43 10 ft tall computer woh! oh wait nvm…

Wraith6765 says:

Uh, was the Phanteks booth by-invitation-only, or did GN just miss them due to a scheduling conflict? Surprised to not see any of their cases here, either in the good or the bad/needs improvement videos

Randall Lawkin says:

I like good job

Wheeler J says:

There are so many comments about the Phanteks Evolv X case. I suppose that the revamp of this case is the reason it did not make the new case cut. I really enjoyed the Computex coverage you guys put together. Keep up the good work.

T4iga says:

The H500’s hump and relatives more top look unfinished and dump. I would not want a plastic shroud raised over the top of my boxy case.

Serratus Anterior says:

Wow nice aquarium

Raul Saavedra says:

Steve in spite of your very sound comments in previous videos on behind-the-scene discussions / grudges with some vendors etc, it does not seem impartial enough to have GN not visit or mention absolutely anything about Phanteks cases. Not that they have to be among your best, but the fact that GN does not provide absolutely any feedback or coverage on them, even when they might have interesting new cases, clearly looks biased. (At least to me, but judging from the comments here, also to GN´s audience in general it seems.) Neglecting any specific vendor when they might have potentially worthy cases is simply keeping your coverage of important available options quite incomplete, and gives us your audience quite a limited picture. What is worse, iirc no Phanteks case even appears on your thermal or noise rankings. Regardless of whatever might have happened between GN and Phanteks, these major omission and neglect imho is quite a disservice to GN´s audience

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