The BEST PC Case Under $40!

The DeepCool Matrexx 55 is one of the best PC gaming cases that you can buy for under $50! Let me know what you think!

Matrexx 55:
Gammaxx CPU Cooler:
RF120 RGB Fan:

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Marius M says:

I want to buy this case Zach , but i want to use an DVDRW in front and to put only 2 fans is that possible ? Can you please tell me ?

Kosta Plaskasovitis says:

Its not that this case is worth more but rather that the other companies have been charging alot and we have been conditioned to think like that.


Can it change light

Mihai Alexandru says:

you placed the fans from the front wrong boss, they need to be on the top of that metal bars , after this you can;t see the metal bars and the side brakes

BeastHugzHD says:

And now it’s 80€ goddamn should I still get it?

SSmorez _ says:

What power supply were u using I’m building my first ever pc and need some details

Hairforce • says:

but its $55 not $40 lmfao

Ninja GameZ says:

Guys it can depend on Time,Date Even Country don’t go shit mad they probably changed the price because they think they’re not earning much from it or something

NecroVoid says:

im so scared to tget the rgb 60 dollar case cause so many reviews of it catching fire when you turn it on

Yohan .D says:

Hello, are the default rgb from the case fans 3-pin or 4-pin. If so can we put another brand of fans in 4 pin rgb (es that it works with the management of the software)? Thank you

LucasMeister says:

its 87$ in sweden…

Elmo says:

Why so many fans?

Cosmin says:

80 euro in italy so fair

Vaughn Crawford says:

I want to build a pc so bad. I need a pc guy in my life lol He makes building a pc for $200 bucks look so easy.

Legend 27 says:

Try newegg, prices might be cheaper!

Eren Turan says:

140$ with fans and cooler wow really budget…

Noel Nadal says:

Just bought mine for $45 🙂

fran117 says:

can you pull out dust filters from the front intake for easy cleaning?

EyeTVideos says:

Pictures on Newegg show a power supply shroud. Did it not come with one?

ILLAngel101 says:

I got this case with my build from a website. I got the Power supply cover, but it didn’t come with any case fans. So i had to buy 3 of them which was another $100. So $140. Still though, i LOVE this case. The glass front panel with RGB strip is pretty unique.

Lionel Sanderson says:

Just got one, so cheap, 59AUD, to support my new radiator as purchased a 240mm closed loop water cooler with nice lights and my case only supports 120mm rear mount (I guess in place of my exhaust fan)

Saw the negatives at the end too, you could zip tie some dressing conduit over it, or completely remove the plug and put some coloured shrink wrap over it and then reattach the cable headers.

- HyperWaveHero - says:

Says it’s under $40
Me: clicks link and finds out it’s actually $100

Hou Ouss says:

The coolest intro music on youtube ! No doubt

The Laptop Gamrr says:

I clicked the link and it said it was $92 dollars LMAO

*Im crying inside*

Mitchell M. says:

Price is now $55, and almost out of stock.

*God I hate supply and demand.*

Greianz says:

im using this case with am intel i3 8100 and a gtx 1060 3gb, is this enough to run most games at 1080p 60+ frames?

PurplexBlack says:

Can somebody help me? I am split up between the Matrexx55 and the Sharkoon TG5. Is the extra money worth to spend for the Matrexx55?

Quebec Patriot says:

The only snag I see is the magnetic dust filter up top; I tought they work by catching dust coming in, but they way most mount the fans they catch the dust coming out? Anyways, I got a H100i pro Corsair 240mm rad to install in that box and I’m torn between front or top because of 2 things: lack of front air intake (but I could push-pull it in part) or top which put the Corsair logo…upside down…(and leads to the reverse-duty dust filter dilemna) hahaha

Đarky Purple says:

Ty so much

Hielke Grijpstra says:

3 questions…

1. Will a gigabyte H310M SH2 motherboard fit?

2. How the fuck do you install that CPU cooler linked in the description?

3. Same goes for the small RGB fans…

louis .d says:

for Germany it costs … 72 €

Abhishek Verma says:

Is the HDD cage removable or it is riveted to the case?

JMak97008 ! says:

Can the HDD cage be removed?

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