The Best Gaming PC Cases of 2017 | CES Case Round-Up

A round-up of the best computer cases of 2017 thus far, from CES.
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This round-up includes the top PC cases for gaming computers of CES 2017, featuring In Win, SilverStone, EVGA, Thermaltake, and more.

All cases featured:

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In Win 301 mini-ITX
In Win 303 Type C
Thermaltake Core P1 TG
Deepcool New Ark 90
Lian Li DK05
Enermax Saberay
SilverStone SG14
SilverStone PM01 FX

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c0pyimitati0n says:

I want a case with usb 3.1/type-c

ngtflyer says:

I like most of these. I knew about InWin before they were remotely cool.
But in real life, I don’t really desire a case with LEDs, EL wire or CFL lighting. I like sleepers and my case of choice for my rig was the Supermicro S5 Platinum. Cooling is excellent, it’s quiet and it has a nice refined look. I still need an optical drive (music, mostly) so having that bay available is good.
Everyone’s preferences are different, and while these are all pretty cool, I prefer the understated look.

Christian Michael says:

IN WIN 303 Type C should be 140. Lots of flashy leds don’t make for an expense but the fans do. The type C USB adds to it and the tempered glass as well.

ty gipe says:

$145 In win

Grant Talbot says:

leds are for well the riches person in world i will spend every penny on performance not looks who wants bright lights when gameing beside them the led fad is well for kids

1Boogan says:

Who can tell me what case fans they are running in that inwin 303?

WizardMaster12 says:

I would pay 110 dollars Canadian for it

TheTacticalNightmare says:

200 for in win case

Bullets Forteeth says:

Hope I’m not asking for much, then again I could be asking for a miracle too… I’m currently looking at a mATX build. I don’t want anything flashy, but I want clean esthetics with the option to use TG for side viewing, and a quality steel metal panel for travel, this would give me the option to display and/or travel safely with the case when necessary so I don’t have to worry about damaging the glass. A strong and sturdy one handed metal carry handle would be indispensable, the case should carry like a brief case and the handle should fold down flat into a recess. Slim and sleek on the outside, yet it should modestly light up like Pandora’s box when I flip on the interior only RGB lighting. Not looking for exterior lighting on the case, the case should be the frame that displays the contents within, the frame should not over take the art, but complement it. Quality 3.0 ports and an SD/mSD card reader would be nice too. My parents crappy 200 dollar Walmart PC has an SD card reader but my thousand dollar gaming rig doesn’t??? Thanks for your time.

Skauer says:

i would pay 80$ for the inwin

TrillShad says:

another year, another shit year of cases

Philli Gutierrez says:

$120.00 IN WIN 303-C

Mohd Shatir says:

Click here if you want to win Fractal Design Define Mini C case 😀

Gin-Jesus says:

i would be wiling to pay 75-100$ on that in win case. i mean cause you can get tempered glass cases for 75-100$ and then just add leds your self. but if in win can keep the price but add those led’s considering it probably only costs like 20$ for them to actually make the thing. people would buy it cause it would be just what they need and look good too

Sire Trasher says:

i was really annoyed by the closeups in this video…almost no ase has a good external view..all zoomed in way too far to get a good idea of how big the case it and how it would look. looking for a better case video…

Ariel Franco says:

No more aggressive or industrial look. All are flat boxes

Carson Loane says:

In win 303 type c I wouldn’t buy… now if I can customize the window logo you have my attention. If I can customize the window I’d pay 2-300

Gamers Nexus says:

Thanks for watching! Here’s an article version. Not as big of a start for cases as last year, but we expect a lot stronger presence at Computex.

John Henry says:

I love Silverstone cases! The mini should come with the leds as long as there is an option to turn them off on the back of course. The inwin type c should be anywhere from $130-150. The lian li desk is straight up pornagraphic but even if i did have the money it would just be hard to justify the purchase. And Silverstone, if u ever read this comment [not likely], where the crap can i get a replacement hard drive cage for the bottom of my Silverstone Temjin TJ11???

g1981c says:

Lian Li table and Thermaltake Tower are cool the rest is meh.

isak vh says:

I would pay 120$ for the inwin 303 c

Backlashwave says:

price fro in win 100 $

kenniikalonji says:

i’d pay 150 for the inwin 303 type c

Apoc Banditz says:

If they leave the leds, cover them so they aren’t visible besides light

Otec Canon says:

I prefer Phanteks.

Joseph flybox says:

I would pay 100-140 for the type c

P4iZ says:

I would rather have a good manufactured case, without Fans, no RGP lights installed, but with the function for it, and a cable management options with shrouds and tempered glass, with some form of shade to hide the metal parts inside the case, so you can handle the glass without the fear of fingerprints on the inside, and huge 360 radiator compability and sound dampning if choosen by the buyer.

The stock fans always gets changed, cuz they suck or are noisy.

theUglyManowar says:

Asking viewers on the internet only assures u get a line on the vocal angry minority. RGB doesn’t have to blink or pulse or wave. For anyone that designs with light ( which can actually be a profession believe it or not ) RGB is a boon because it assures that the ubiquitous availability provides ease/security of matching yer color scheme. Knee jerk easiest of ditto head critisms aside. The more ubiquitous it becomes… the cheaper. In which case any objection would be solved by turning it off. But opinions and assholes love a mob.

Tempered Glass is also ubiquitous outside of computer cases…
I have a pile of second hand previously discarded Tempered Glass for custom builds.
Just look for the ANSI stamp on any display case, Sliding Door refrigerator, Oven Window… U might find discarded on the side of the road or in a junk pile.. Bulk Trash day…

Fairly common and great for custom desk case mod ease! Smoked tinted Tempered glass is actually a rarity… For which reason I do not understand why most case manufacturers do not provide a clear tempered glass choice? Wouldn’t it b cheaper and there would b a preference for those who would rather show off their build instead of show off how sexy their glass is?

Design centric consideration in general.

Eito u says:

IN WIN is my fav 🙂

DRourk says:

I would be willing to pay $0 for the In Win 303 Type C.

Why? Because it wastes space on useless extra fans rather than has something useful like an external bay or three.

David Moody says:

I guess I’m getting old but just sayin… IF a beautiful case comes out WITHOUT a dvd/blueray drive bay or two it will never be in my home. I am not one to trust the internet to hold my money, my games or anything else. A net that could be killed by any government whenever it tires of the freedoms it provides to me is not a good idea. So for games I will buy sometimes online but only with a physical disc for backup[ at the least. I know you guys are going to say something like”get a USB portable external drive and plug it in.” NO. Not gonna do it lol. A desktop is for all in one computing and I do not want extra chords plugged in and I want two drives to burn and copy from. Not to mention editing etc and no I do not want all ssd’s for my stuff I want [physical discs like blue-rays in order to ensure when that failure comes (and all of you know it happens and with ssd’s recovery is rarely possible) I would just like a couple of drive bays. If its a hassle to do so with conventional drives due to that water cooling (which I think less than 1 percent of people actually have) Then put in a slot loader in the side or something .

E. Ramai says:

The In Win 301 is a M-ATX case, not mini-ITX

Super Qosmio says:

Looking forward to you review on the DEEPCOOL ARK 90 in May! Keep up the good work Gamers Nexus! I watch all the reviews of all the computer techie dudes & you guys are the top % best! That’s my review!

Venture says:

40-100 dollars

Adarsh Patel says:

If there was a black one type c with rgb I would pay 110-120

Mahendra Januar says:


Jeff O says:

So much RBG it’s sad!

Joel Bailey says:

In Win 303 type c. £100 GBP

Zachary Carter says:

$120 for inwin

Henry Hunt says:

In Win 303 $250

Deplorables For TRUMP! says:

$80 for inwin

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