The BEST Computer Case Under $35!

We braved injury and frustration to find out just how good – or bad – a PC case your hard-earned cash can get you for under $35!

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Caleb F says:

Hey guys, I am thinking of getting a pc within the next few months after having a console for years. I am a little confused on whether to try and build my own or too just by a pre built one. The reason I don’t want to build my own is I am worried I might stuff it up and break something. If I get a pre built pc what do you guys recommend???

FoxDen Exotics says:

it really sucks that the diy jax is discontinued

1Maklak says:

Ech, I have very different criteria for what a good case is. I actually liked the 2005s cases, they did the job right, weren’t over-designed and were pretty close to perfect. I need two 5.25 bays for DVD / whatever (but prefer 3). I like the stainless steel looks inside instead of everything covered in black paint; it makes all the screws easier to see. I want about 4 bays for 3.5 drives and make all the bays non-removable. I like the PSU on top; it sucks the air out. I don’t care about “cable management”, I just shove unused cables into one of the drive bays. 1 USB3 at the front is enough. The headphones / microphone jacks are supposed to be that colour. I strongly dislike fancy things, like an acrylic window at the side or extra diodes or any such bullshit. Air exhaust at the top is a big no-no because that’s a big hazard when I spill a liquid over the case. I don’t use liquid cooling, so I don’t care about a radiator. From my own research, one of the best metrics of how good a case is, it the back-to-front length, if it is around 50 cm then the case is OK as long as id doesn’t have air exhaust at the top or any such stupid bullshit.

Jacob's Tech says:

Nooo where is the diypc j180-bl?!!!

Proboarder27121 says:

Elliptical cups are for people with bigger ears Linus. You should know this by now. If I wear something like ATH M-50’s my ears and head begin to hurt horribly, my ATH-700x’s are semi comfortable too because of the roundness but my Senheiser 580’s are amazing. Quality of sound is great for all of them and I prefer my 700’s for FPS’s because of the noise profile, but the Sennheiser is more comfortable.

Noelia Rules says:

Best case/cpu coolers for cheap when?

João Pedro da Costa Henriques de Almeida says:

I’ve actually had that APEX case since 2010

Garrett Green says:

Who else has the first case they mentions and is now second guessing their purchase?

Alec McFaul says:

More cases need the option to call team rocket…..

Burk Dylan says:

Make a video on how to use the dremmel to make fan holes and other modifications would be neat.

Sky says:

the editing is kinda weird on this one.

Son Rukiri says:

Buying those cases should be a crime punishable by life in prison with no chance of parole! Pay to Gaben for you awful sins!

xhacker says:

I actually have the Xion case, you can fit a full sized ATX board into it.

Snazzy says:

the cougar i only found for 41 dollars! but u said they were under 35$…

John May says:

i think this is the best video you have made in awhile.. Thanks!

MarTx FinaL says:

you should have tried “rakk” case from Philippines they’re incredibly cheap,good airflow,good compatability and great aesthetics..

Mad Lad says:

Do monitors next !!!!,!

Heated says:

You forgot the Manhattan M7

LiK says:

Two really good ones. Not bad.

Prashant Gupta says:

Best case under $100??

Mitchell M. says:

Damn, the last two really are impressive!

Noggin41 says:

lol best case ontario…. LMAO i love me some rickyism

HTC148 says:

`yall should do a build off but with cheap NEW parts.

Bembika Yanzaga says:

#linus check the thermaltake versa h15

ItsameSpoody says:

that joke at the start made me cry of saddens it was that bad

Mr. TnT says:

I bought my case 1/2 off $80, so I was only $5 off from this lol.

CH2O says:

I gave my Raidmax Pagona, $40 with psu, to my Uncle when I upgraded.
It was the predecessor to the “Cougar MG110.”

9410besi says:

Should´ve included the AeroCool GT Advance. It would rank right in the middle with these cases. Sharp edges not a ton of room to build in. But airflow is great and it includes 2 fans.

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