The best case they’ve ever made? BeQuiet Dark Base 700 Review

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Etheric Bladeworks says:

Also the entire outlining of this case can be taken out and flipped around or taken out to make for a easy build and shoved all back inside the case frame itself

rdsii64 says:

can you order extra drive cages?

Garuger Tech tips,DIY and other says:

such a price for a blocked chocked fans front panel

Jeff Carley says:

This case has a front panel USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type C port. What mobo did you use to connect that up? I’m not finding many boards that have an internal I/O connector for Gen 2. Lots of Gen 1. The few that I have found are all over $200 bucks. Is that just the state of things at the moment? The one board that I’ve found on NewEgg, that seems to have pretty good reviews is the ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Hero. Its been many many years since I’ve built a machine. Trying to get back up to speed on the technology. My current list of parts is:

Roger J says:

I’ve been wondering recently why cases still come with Mic and Headphone jacks on the front IO? Does anyone actually use them any longer? Don’t most people have a USB headset or a nice set of headphones with a cable long enough to plug in the MoBo? This isn’t a knock on Be Quiet! but something that’s been bothering me. If the manufacturer’s removed the Mic and Headphone jacks that would open up space for things that matter more in the 21st century, right?

Chris Roth says:

Which AIO is it ?

Bitwit says:

You guys caught something I missed! You should be able to route larger cables like USB 3.0 through the long gap underneath the motherboard – Either by routing the cable before mobo installation, or routing it off to the right side of the board (where the gap is larger) before sliding it over to the header. Sorry for the glaringly obvious oversight! #derplyfe #4giveme #humanerrorstrikesagain

Alisa Menna says:

This case is my favorite of the year but i’m not a fan of all this choked air-flow these days. If I were to purchase this case, those internal front air ducts would see a rotary tool. Actually the entire front exterior panel might visit a drill press.
Though the tempered glass cases *with* better air-flow, such as the Meshify-C are too small for custom water loop options.
And while I like the tempered glass look, one would think manufacturers could use a higher quality (thicker) acrylic, providing a similar appearance, reducing shipping provisions and increasing durability.
Hopefully we’ll see a better compromise next year.
I’d also like to see more cases with the motherboard turned with the I/O on top, resolving gpu sag and usually providing better air-flow, due to hot air rising, with the exhaust on the top, like the majority of the SilverStone Tek Fortress series. I’m still using a Fortress II case from 2008 myself but I’m ready to explore water cooling, going for a quieter system without sacrificing overclocking headroom within a classy mid-size package.
Speaking of classy (provided one can detach their loud case badging), where’s Jonsbo at within the North American market ?

Ellis Marshall says:

Hi Kyle, great review as always. Can I ask as you’ve built systems in both cases, what do you prefer the H700i or the Dark Base 700? Cheers

Максим Пшонко says:

Хотел взять 900, но остановился на 700 RGB, благодаря твоему обзору. Спасибо!
I wanted to take 900, but stopped at 700 RGB, thanks to your review. Thank!

Ryan Chu says:

Why can’t I buy the Dark Base 700 here in Canada???

Rolo Skywalker says:

love that case

Cosmo Pi says:

Why mount that rad with insufficient ventilation ?

Lenny C says:

13:10 that’s what she said

JoschiGaming says:

On the be quiet website it said that the top did not support 280 radiators but according to your build it does? I’m confused… should I buy a 280mm rad??

Aspyde says:

it is possible to mount on the top an aio cooler like corsair h110i gtx with 280 rad and 140mm fans?

Mike Diaz says:

Is there a way to remove that bequiet logo?

Nick Mc says:

I’ve built in 2 BeQuiet cases now and one thing I can say easily is their cases hands down have some of the best build quality I’ve ever seen in any case. Seriously, I’ve worked with a lot of cases from crap generics, to budget friendly but surprisingly good aerocool, to very expensive Cooler Master and Phanteks Enthoos, but every BeQuiet case I’ve worked with (I have a Dark Base Pro 900 and my partner has the Silent Base 800) have left me more than a little impressed by just how good the build quality is with their cases compared to most. Even compared to a lot of the high end cases I’ve worked with. They’re that good.

Also, when it comes to fans. You should take into account that those fans sold separately go for about 20 quid each ($27 USD each). They’re really good fans with fluid dynamic bearings. So you should factor the quality of those fans and their relative cost when considering the overall cost of the case and it’s quality. So in this case, $54 dollars of this case’s value is built up just in the high end fans that it comes included with. All in all, it’s an expensive case, but I do think it’s reasonably priced.

0ecka says:

Beautiful case. But the top mounted radiator is so not feng shui … 🙂 It just doesn’t feel right.

Just xIGoldenIx says:

Soooo…………..does this case work with EATX? Anyone try it out? im thinking of dis case

MinusMikeTV says:

Hey Kyle…any thermal tests available?

birdsoup777 says:

awesome case i just bought it and got everything swapped over from my nzxt 340 elite. it runs a lot cooler. im happy with it.

ZeroNobo says:

Does anyone who has this case know where to plug in the port for the fan switch connector and led switch on the front panel on the motherboard? It’s a small 6 pin connector but I can’t find where to plug it in on my motherboard in terms of headers. I’m using an ASUS rog crosshairs vi hero ac Wi-Fi motherboard

Senso Eirensen says:

I need this case in white!

jessica vesper says:

It looks nice but the price for this in Australia was totally stupid.

Albu Iulia says:


German Montiel says:

I want be quiet in argentina, but i think there´s no market here, or maybe in the future.

Peter Chatman says:

Peter Chatman52 minutes ago (edited)I am really impressed with this case but I’m at a quandary why can’t it have USB 3.1 type to with a Type A and Type C, with 3 x USB on the front pane (really is a piss me off issue)l.  It will happen, but I won’t be buying any case until there basic elements are included.  Build shit doesn’t impress me at all as I’m not a builder – just an end user.  One day we will get Thunderbolt 3 to get top end data transfer.  CAN’T THE FRONT PANEL HAVE A TRICK HOLE on the front panel TO GET A STRATGHT AIR INTAKE for max air flow – hell its not Temper Glss????  (90 degree air flow is not good!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Jimbo says:

I cant seem to find this case anywhere online. . . are they not for sale yet? Or were they just a one time thing? If so, it’s a crying shame, because the aesthetics and the fact I can reverse the orientation of the parts justify the price to me. . .

Dennis Cassidy says:

wish it had a little more ventilation at the front

Mike Diaz says:

Can you check to see if the BeQuiet logo in the front can be removed?

Mathias Krill says:

So what is actually your favourite case 2017 ?

CJClarkMusic says:

I’m assuming G.Skill rgb RAM wouldn’t fit in this case with 280mm Corsair H115i Radiator? I can’t really afford to buy different RAM, nor do I want to, but I want this case and I was hoping to get a Corsair AIO

Abraham Lincoln says:

this case is stupid. don’t buy it. the front and top fans are both chocked by shitty air flow designs. the top has a few tiny vents and the front has a very restrictive mesh. completely worthless. Define R6 is the way to go.

jl644 says:

Bought this case and……… bad!!! LED/FAN hub is defective, Fan hub died within a day. Bad SSD rack location, it over heats!, Brush aluminum is bad!!… hopefully they’ll replace my fan/led hub without me sending it to them.. since i’ve spent a ton of time fixing cable management..

Lenny C says:

That thumbnail made me laugh, not out loud though.

CrapNapGames says:

I would buy it. BUT THEY DONT MAKE IT IN WHITE!!!!

Michał Madeja says:

Thumb down for not showing front dust filter detaching…. one of most important features

The Moron says:

Everything is fine but your cable management, hahaha

Marc Gallant says:

Nothing …. Literally NOTHING(sometimes Silverstone) beats the build quality of Lian-Li cases (consumer level) ….. Unfortunately they’re overpriced 🙁

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