The $40 (or $75) Deepcool Matrexx 55 Case Review

Deepcool’s made some interesting cases over the years (Quadstellar, anyone?) but nothing quite compares to the affordability of the Matrexx 55 at $40… that is, until you realize what you’re forgoing at this price point. Let’s find out whether you should consider any of the four SKUs the company’s currently offering in the Matrexx 55 lineup.

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LouTube says:

You should do a breakdown/overview of the ThermalTake Core V21 (if you haven’t already), it’s a pretty versatile, cheap ($60) cube case for mAtx boards, I switched my pc to it and am enjoying it but I would like to know your thoughts as well.

Push Tech Talks says:

the dust is standard mine pacakaging also came in a very bad shape

charl chaos says:

nice case, id opt to put my own fans in it. looks good with your kit in it, well done. charl.

Quick says:

Im just gonna stick to my trusty Phanteks P300 😀

Kc Yang says:

I was literally about to buy this case and was dying for a trusted review haha but I ended up getting the phantek p350 instead, thanks for the review!

Technomonkey says:

OK be honest how many of you knew what a Ford Pinto was with out looking it up lol

Cavey Möth says:

The Matrexx has you.

AC x M says:

there is one guy from my school who looks EXACLY like u

Wingman1977 says:

The cable management on the this case is hideous.

Qian xin soong says:

Phanteks P300 FTW!

Lynn Deel says:

I’ve read reports of the front LED smoking. Anyone have problems with that? I ordered one from Newegg with the power shroud for a great price –concerned now about that problem with the front LED panel. This version has a psu shroud. Only a few dollars more. GROMMET solution?

JD Gaming says:

I once had a $30 case that i had to bend the bottom of the case just to get the power supply in screws just wouldn’t line up

JR says:

Should just get the Fractal or something.

Tebitots says:

hi, just a question; do you think this case would have any problems fitting a Noctua NH-D15? pcparticker says there should be no issue, but i’ve yet to see an actual person fit that huge cooler here.

angles711 says:

i would think at least the 75 one would have rubber gromets or better pci slot covers

Lord Ba'al says:

They are $20 cases that come with a front panel for DVD drives.
People still watch DVD’s and listen to CD’s.

Jack Meoff says:

I bought a different $40 deep cool case and needed to remove the mass of hard drive cages at the front so I could fit my aio, this led to over an hour of carefully drilling out every single rivet holding the cage in, and there were a lot of them.

matthew rittenhouse says:

This case is pure garbage!

maharaj meister says:


LoveTech says:

i drive a Ford Pinto and im offended by this case…

S J says:

*happy with my crystal 460x rgb*

Chemy Torres says:

Lol, not the best case but nice video, liked as always Greg

Coalition Gaming says:

Confusing a target audience indeed. How many viewers of this kind of content nowadays might get the Ford Pinto reference without having go google what it is or just use context to get what you’re saying lol.

Black Dragon Kalameet says:

The Phanteks P350X makes this a joke by comparison IMO.

TheLifeOfCosty says:

8k views after 20 hours. Damn Greg. 🙁
I feel frustrated as a viewer, i cant imagine how it feels for you as a creator.

Del Ivanov says:

That dust costs extra.

Chief Enumclaw says:

Silverstone Raven RV02 master race.

Andy Luo says:

There’s a glitch in the Matrexx

Stay-Frosty11 says:

Ghost S1 build next!

DIY Tech says:

3:03 Can we swap coolers without removing the mobo ?

N. I. says:

Matt-trix? I believe it’s May-trix, like the movie.
Also, wait for the Matrexx 70 or 75 to come out, probably be a much better case.

George Barandiaran says:

Hey! Love your videos, how about a review of the In Win 101 or the 101c? Cheers from Peru!

thefinalroman says:

Fractal Focus G is my new fav cheap case

MilHanSolo says:

Need help. What can I ask for my msi aegis 204EU with i7 6700 and gtx 1070? Thanks

xs3tsunax says:

seems a bit unfair to test this one as supposed to the base model as its an “added value” model, since the fan itself cost $54. more than half of the entire package, meaning you only pay $20 for the case

Video Games Planet says:

Bought the cougar MX 330-g with temper glass and it has excellent airflow and 2 USB 3.0 and 2 USB 2.0 inputs. I don’t regret buying it over deepcool matrexx.

Chris W. says:

This looks like it’d be perfect for modding. You could use some simple u channel for the grommets. Excellent video! Thanks for this!

Mortam says:

I got 2 of these for my grandkids christmas PCs ( yes they are spoiled! ). I got the basic version, from amazon for $45 shipped. Added my own RGB fans. The cases look cool for the price, and the kids will love ‘ em.

Fierro 18x says:

Fuck i buy the wrong one nos i need a PSU cover 🙁

BrashTix says:

Did you hear about hurricane Michael flattening P.c. It’s reall bad .. not sure if ya heard , good vid bro glad your doing well!

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