Take your PC anywhere! Corsair 380T Case Review

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HighELOMasterRace says:

Yay, I can have a color scheme to match my Zotac GPU.

Justin says:

I have this case 🙂 looking sweet, didn’t know about hat internal light til now.

bullet nose says:

You can warm your lunch in this?

Peter Suarez says:

Love this case but i love more my cryorig r1 … So cant buy this One

AlphaBlaze22 says:

Best video I have seen for this case! Also, I am glad I am not the only one who forgets to put the IO shield aaayyyyyyyyy

djloco3000 says:

does it support full atx motherboard?

Marcelo Alejandro Lorenzana Reynoso says:


J3LLYF1SH says:

1:00 did you just leave your phone there on the bench?

Wofler says:

Theres room for a 140 or 280mm rad on the top of the case, blocking the light though

Fredrik Kolden says:

1:00 He forgot his phone!

Jake Davidson says:

Is it possible to for a 140mm radiator into the mount?? (ex: Corsair H90 )

manhimanh says:

In sweden that case cost 220 bucks.

János Simon says:

Corsair Case & CoolerMaster CPU Cooling???? 🙁

T.E.D. de Medici says:

Here from PaulsHardware build of the month.
Revisiting one of my favourite case reviews of 2014, ah memories.

Wackalope says:


Minepower LP says:

XD 2:09 It Illuminates?! Illuminati Confirmed!

Nekrozys Ravenheart says:

I find it absolutely lovely. I was considering a build with a CM Storm Trooper because it also has a handle but since I can fit the same build inside this smaller/cuter case, I’m not gonna hesitate.

Tom Brown says:

Can this fit Micro ITX motherboards?

Hayate Azekura says:

My gf wants this case and I want to build a PC using this item but at the moment its soldout EVERYWHERE and where it is sold its about 400 bucks for just the case. WHAT THE HELL Is going on with pricing. Between all the old GPU’s increase price to the new GPU’s and now this. How the hell is this happening.

BlazarK says:

Oh Corsair, you and your premium prices made with cheap plastic…

Simtandile Mtubeli says:

I think having a Cosair 380T case makes life easier. But I think the cable management could a bi tricky.

xIAMDAVEx says:

Will the Noctua NH-C14s cpu cooler fit in this with the low profile fan setup?

ه_ه says:

nice generator

X Seleviathan X says:

lol IS HE rEALLY STORING HIS FOOD IN HIS PC is this a fake review xD

FlyingSpaghettiMonster says:

Can’t decide between this or the Air 240

BoyMan says:

can a 1080 fit there?

Diako jalal says:

GameCube 2.0

Enrico Ginelli says:

Will a Asus ROG GTX 1060 Strix fit into this case?

multiw8 says:

i got one now , its awesome

i got a asus 980TI strix in it , had to saw of a tiny plastic thing of the front panel but that doesnt change anything about the case. 😀

AgAir Videos says:

In the rear

Oscar Cat says:

That’s a damn sexy case. So tired of dull black boxes.

Stoic Croissant says:

are there any micro atx cases that are about that size?

Robin says:

can it fit micro atx? how about gtx1070? thanks

SlothInSpace says:

too bad this costs 200$ were i live

Fander says:

this or the ncase m1?

Sean Thompson says:

wait. You can’t fit a 120mm in the front. Then how did this guy do it http://www.corsair.com/en-us/blog/2015/july/380t_loki_build

FireheatOfficial says:

found 58 apple fanboys…

Will K says:

When he leaves his phone on the bench….

Bruno Panzero Schechter says:

Too bad there isn’t a “slightly larger to fit mATX” version. I’d love the portability.

Jose Pagan says:

I just ordered this case. Sadly after 2 years there is still nothing like it and it is about to be discontinued.

Redstar 4302 says:

I love this case

Mon Day says:

Its expensive af though hahaha

ジョーカーゥ | J0k3r says:

i love that video 😀

Rudha Ali says:

i laughed way too much at this itx case review lol

Riley Johnson says:

Did you forget your phone on that bench at 1:02? haha

Ophitone - says:


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