SilverStone SG13 Computer Case – Small form factor with extreme versatility

The SilverStone SG13 struck a chord with us in our “Xeon in a shoebox” build from a few weeks back. So we decided to give it a bit more time in the spotlight.

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Marco Cettina says:

would a non modular power supply work in this

LeonZoc says:

anyone has used this case? what’s the temperature level idle and heavy use situations?

SRAVAN S says:

Yay crapyard yard is back !

Giuseppe Binetti says:

I’ve the GV-N460OC-1GI. It does not fit, it’s true? 🙁
Maximum height for vga is 12.97cm???

Brad Grover says:

Just wanted to say, the music to that intro is amazing

Dickie Debbil says:

Somebody needs to design the smallest possible case in which you can mount two 120mm AIO coolers, with appropriate exhaust ventilation.

Julian Hill says:

This is great, I managed to get in it an h60 CPU water cooler, i5 4690k CPU OC`ed to 4.3 GHZ a GTX 970 mini ( OC`ed to 1350 ) , 4TB WD Black drive an SSD & 2 x 2.5 inch WD Black drives ! ( I`d advise using an matx/SFX 500w PSU though )

Lord Gestrüpp says:

Lol unity

ThePowerchimp says:

Decent looking case. Sloppy review.

Check out Hardware Canucks’ channel for flawless case reviews.

QuantumBraced says:

Isn’t it kind of pointless to support a full-sized ATX power supply, considering you can never draw more than 500W with any build in this case and you’d be perfectly fine with an SFX supply for that. What’s the point of getting the tiniest thing possible and then getting a full-sized power supply you don’t need. This case is basically a PSU external enclosure with the ability to tack on a motherboard and a graphics cards to the sides.

Po Hsu says:

whats the length of that Titan X?

Nathan James says:

Managed to squeeze a h80i with both fans had to remove the hard drive bracket it was tight but it works you need a smallish psu

zorilla0 says:

4:45 Silverstone SG13: The Maru of computer cases

Alexander Nguyen says:

Can I throw my full size atx PC into this box after getting the motherboard? And keeping the same psu?

sep Avila says:

Will the   ECS H77H2-M3 fit here? linus help

Phoenixoverlord17X says:

I am getting the white version to hole my skylake 6600K 16GB DDR4 2133MHz and my GTX 970! Ballin 1080p!!!

xCuboxMagicox says:

PS4 is smaller

Melih Elmas says:

Dude you talk like you are not certain of what you are talking about and this is veery annoying for gods sake plz stop it

Born Boy says:

I’m really interested to build an itx, and the video of the build with this case caught me.
But, there’s only thing that bothers me, how many hard drives can i put in this case ?

I’m planning to build an itx “server kinda thing”
And I’m planning to use 4 units of 6TB WD Green for it. And of course an one SSD.
Can this case fit all that ?
If not, what case would you suggest ?

By the way, I’m going to use APU for the build. And without GPU.

Nezara says:

I actually bought this case based on this video and the “ridiculous most compact power PC ever” video.
However there are a few things I really want to mention that are no so well highlighted in this video, if you plan to buy this case, here are somethings you need to know.

1. The case itself. its cheap and this does show when you start building in it. The slide to remove cover is pretty flimsy metal with it only being held in place by flimsy (although quite reasonably large) teeth that slide into place. Just through taking it off and on a few times as I tried to optimize my layout, the teeth bent and so didnt hold the cover on properly. I had to bend them back to fix it. while this is not an immediate problem, if this is something you might have to do often (upgrading or maintenance) you would eventually break the teeth. case and point of removing it, the case is fixed on at the back by 4 screws so taking it off is not something you can do quickly or with ease, nothing of fast maintenance.

1.1 While the case is metal, that front part (with the power button on it) is plastic and breaks very easily. I managed to snap all 4 of its mounting holes simply by screwing it back into place with my hands. hand tightening it can and will snap the flimsy plastic mounting bits so tread with caution when handling it. however this has not caused me any issue yet.

2. You need a modular power supply unit for this case. while you can get away with using a non-modular power supply (which is a big plus for a small case like this, it takes standard power supplies), the excess wires can touch can your system fan, so take great care in where you move the excess wires out of the way (it can be a real pain, I mean just look at the wired mess in this video and theirs was a modular PSU). you also can only mount the fan on the inside of the metal part of the case, not the plastic part. on the topic of fans, If you dont go with a water cooling solution, the main and only fan (at the front) must be an exhaust fan, not an intake fan (while you would think that obvious, usually front fans are intake fans with fans at the back being exhaust fans). so make sure you orient it correctly when mounting.

3. BIGGEST PROBLEM. Now this case is advertised as taking a 140 or 120mm fan/water cooled radiator. This is a little bit of a lie. If you mount a 140mm fan/rad unit on this. you will not be able to fit a standard 3.5″ drive on the one and only given mounting bracket for it. You MIGHT be able to fit a 2.5″ inch drive if you mount it the same way they mounted the SSD at 2:47, but im really not to sure (I think they bent the mounting bracket to put that on like they did). I could not find a way to mount a 3.5″ or 2.5″ inch drive with a 140mm fan. you could mount a single SSD or 2.5″ drive at the buttom of the case (mount screws at 2:19) however. I used that mounting point for a boot and games SSD. Now with a 120mm fan/Rad unit you can fit a 3.5″ drive or 2 2.5″ inch drives/SSD’s if you go with that option. but you really want to go with a water cooled solution if you do that. I use a 120mm noctua fan and it struggles to keep that CPU temp down with the included heat sink when gaming for long periods (hitting 81-83 degrees Celsius on my i5-4690k after 4-6 hours) . however that 140mm seemed to do the job just fine. so thats something you really want to keep an eye on. hell even in this video they are using a 120mm rad and in the “most compact beast rig ever” video they had to swap out the 140mm rad for a 120mm one.

4. 2:48 They actually put this power supply unit in wrong way. I could be wrong, but most power supplies (if not all) have an exhaust area. In the SG13 case,, the exhaust area must face upwards so when the slide cover is put on, the PSU can vent any heat up and out of the way. at the 2:28 mark….it looks like the exhaust area is pointing downwards…right onto the CPU. As you would guess, you put your PSU in upside down in this particular computer case. EDIT: My particular PSU has the vent on the bottom of it, theirs might have the vent on the back.

5. no room for a CD/DVD drive. now you think, why the hell would I need that, everything is online these days, a motherboard with onboard wifi and bluetooth and im sorted (which is what I did). thats very true, but some people need CD’s/DVD’s for their work. just something to be aware of.

Tiparium says:

Is this a case I could probably fit into an oversized backpack?

Kian Gurney says:

Mesh or Fake-o Brushed Aluminum?

Sonu03785 says:

Crap case no ones beating LianLi Q36 or Rosewill legacy W1

毒龍 says:

Will a msi 390 gaming 8g fit in this case? That will be cool if it do.

RustyHardware says:

Can you fit an ATX board in this thing? Best small form that can fit an atx?

939Batze says:

getting the case tomorrow for i7 7700K; 16GB DDR4-2400; and 980TI; 1TB SSD

HENRIK says:

Can I use a kraken x41 in this?

Chi Am Mao says:

I beg to disagree with the title of this video.
With extreme versatility, NO, with good versatility, yes, as there are no brackets for the option to fit a SFX PSU. The basic principle of SFF is to utilize smallest components, so no option for SFX PSU………design complacency

Nevertheless, very good video, thank you.

Cole Sherrill says:

I bought this case after I watched this video and the build video. Best $40 I’ve ever spent.

SRAVAN S says:

Thats smaller than elite 110 now we’re talking !

RedSoul001 says:


Brannan DI says:

at least its 50 bucks 🙂

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