Riotoro Prism Case Review – New Kid On The Block

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Review unit provided free of charge by RIOTORO. As per HWC guidelines, no review direction was received from manufacturer.
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Mad Lust Envy says:

The fan noise is relaxing. :/

QuantumBraced says:

I stopped watching after 3 minutes, what a piece of garbage.

jowee abundo says:


Ethan R says:

Wow, incredible production quality

A S says:

No mention of the single use pcie cover? At that price point, that’s completely unacceptable.

BuzzableHD says:

How did you mount those fans on the bottom?

Gamre says:

I bought it. I’m going to replace the fans and LEDs when I can.

BuzzableHD says:

I picked this case up, because it standed out to me and I like the design, but for that price, they should of at least included better fans, but not to worry I have extra. Nice review HC 🙂

Dave Mosquera says:

Peel the plastic slower you whore! great channel, keep the good work!

Alejandro Mendez says:

Can you review the riotoro cr 1080

Faby Astorga says:

Yo!!! For me it’s fine. Yes the f***ing fans are loud, but I want 140mm fans there so it’s ok.
Thanks for the review!!!

Antre Jay says:

Wow.  This case is shit.  I’m pretty disappointed.  You would think there’d be more RGB option style cases.

B S says:

I recently saw this on Amazon and was super stoked about it…..but after this review I feel pike 140$ could be better spent on a different case. Any suggestions?

ExcuseMyCharisma says:

Can you guys do a review on the Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-ALPHA case?

Adz K says:

This is Definately going to be my next case, looks awesome, functional and unique..

Chlodzenienet says:

Nice but why was that “beeper”? 😉 The word was too brutal? 😉

Tom Brown says:

@HardwareCanucks can you please make a video about an internal hard drive showdown with a WD vs Seagate faceoff? Also a guide to which colour of WD would be awesome!

darren evans says:

Very smart.Such a shame they don’t cater for the uk as i would love to have this

DanielRichards644 says:

Could have used that space above the PSU to be like the mATX Enthoo Evolv that tucks a single ODD drive bay in the back of the PC (out of the way but still have it when you need it). Real shame about the crap fans and super easy to scratch plastics, will be taking this off the list of potential cases, maybe if they upgraded the fans and switched to tempered glass it might be a contender.

YL_Gaming says:

Plz wit is da smallest tax case

Ryan Herrera says:

Great review, horrible case.

Akito says:

still not enough B-rolls… **cries**

Davinci says:

is it just me or there arent enough thermaltake case reviews?
i know most of their cases suck but i hate to admit that i loved their Core V21, and the Core P5

League Squad says:

Hey guys i just started my first League Of Legends Channel and I was hoping for people to look at my videos and just give me tips on how to get better videos. If you want to subscribe it would help alot. I hope you guys have a good day. Thanks for reading.

Salty Derps says:

I was going to buy this. I was.

Justin Poulaille says:

can’t figure out how to power the RGB lighting and front LED fans. the manual says to connect it to the PSU via a 4-pin molex but doesn’t specify where…any help would be greatly appreciated

thechocolatefactoryhunter says:

7:15 lol

xxXCoolJokeXxx says:

dude ur image is so pristine! i’m an aspiring filmmaker myself.

Evans Young says:

shut the fuck up fella, u had a bad case for review, and you are deceiving people. my case dropped a month ago and it ain’t how you talking shit about it. its true, the plastic panel and the top plastic panel is cheap as your video, the case is too lightweight and the fans are quiet even when set to high, aiflow is very good and the lights are superb from the IO panel, fans and the logo. go and buy some and come back again.

Scorinitron says:

Them Thermaltake LED Riing RGB fans are a quick and easy replacement haha Its official though this case is priced too high for that many cons. Should be $89 and it still would get killed by Phanteks

Carlos figuera torrealba says:

review RIOTORO® CR1080

Hunter Miller says:

Needs more B-roll. :^P

oPtimus says:

besides the cheap acrylic I dont see any problems with the case, theres a lot of missed potential but everything else is fine. You are probably going to buy better fans anyways so forget the stock ones and if you get bad leds send it back and get a new one,

Mr Reklezz says:

Its def a beautiful case. But I completely agree with all of your cons.

Steve L says:

Is this the new porn?

Luis Flores says:

Shit skee… My car makes less noise than those fans.

John Hughes says:

Great review!

bertoray says:

If strapped on a Roomba, one might not mind the noise.

Nathan says:

fans remind me of waiting for take off in an airplane fuck me

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