Pure Class. The InWin 301 mATX Case!

Our choice for micro-ATX cases is growing in 2017 & the InWin 301 is up for the nomination of being the best in it’s class. Let’s see if a mATX case is for you!

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Ken the Eagle says:

The thermals suck because of the retarded shroud design. The plastic, (that has the inwin logo on it) does NOT serve as a shroud. The plastic only recalculates the hot air from the inside of the case instead of sucking air from the hexagonal openings on the side. Air will take the path of least resistance which happens to be the opening to allow cables to pass through to the motherboard. I doubt the hex holes can even serve as an exhaust.
I bought this case and modded the plastic to make it draw air from the side panel like it “should have been,” in my opinion. I love the looks of the case so I didn’t want to mode the front. Plus modding plastic is so much easier, and I can always get more if I screw up. I made all the cables go up along the side of the motherboard vertically to the psu chamber. The 24 pin fits between the hard drive cage and the psu chamber. I also got some silverstone magnetic fan filters since they are thin enough to fit over the hex holes between the motherboard tray and door. 🙂 I should make a video showing this I think.

FinalCPU says:

I think Inwin ought to have thickened up the bottom of the case to allow for that upward airflow, but you can also put a micro atx board into the normal 303 and have that lower bay for fans.

Alexander Radev says:

Hi hardware Canucks. Love your PC case rewievs. Will we see the new InWin 305 case rewied any time soon? Thanks.

jon wentz says:


Rus Hoffman says:

Damn, no 140mm in the back, i would buy this now if it that that..

lameemo says:

The front and back ports are both meant to be exhaust. There is an internal fan holder on the front that can mount a 240mm radiator on the inside and fans on the outside pulling air from inside the case through the radiator and out.

With solid performing 120mm high static pressure fans on the bottom, the cooling really isn’t an issue.

This case takes planning and research, it’s not for noobs, but that’s the price you pay for an affordable and very aesthetic micro case.

Imo however the white and blue is much much nicer because of the side tinted window

Forest Dynes says:

I had to like the video just because of the add you did

Justin Lee says:

I own this case, it was the worst PC build experience ever. Dual 120mm AIO water cooling is near impossible, stick with a single fan AIO if you’re going to do water cooling. Even then it still doesn’t cool properly and my i7 7700k gets 90 degrees + often. I anticipated that my CPU would be running on the hot side with a mATX enclosure but this is too much. Unfortunately, there are not many mATX cases with tempered glass and I went for the InWin 301 since it was smaller. I’m going to be switching out to a Phanteks Evolv mATX TG asap. Best of luck with your PC builds everyone!

Snickers says:

Im really late, but does anyone know if it will be fine to flip it upside down?

chuchster t says:


Lenard Prinsloo says:

I’m a simple guy, I see HWC case review, I click

Your Helper says:

You can fit a 180mm PSU as long as you plug in the cables before inserting the PSU.

Dave Jackson says:

Very nice case..I want one but the heat issues may be a deal breaker…

Biology is really FUN says:

bad airflow is the only thing holding me back from buying this

Hail Storm says:

Looking at this case from the side looks like an old TV. If you were to put a mITX board in this and use the wifi antennas it would legit look like a cable box TV.

Adam Truong says:

you hit the windows key when typing? 0:43

reachkevinwang says:

Awesome video guys. Question: does it include the Vertical GPU bracket that was featured at CES? Can you buy it separately online?

Kristoffer Hårstad says:

Complains about screws that comes in bags… Every pc builder have atleast one dedicated sortimo/case with screws, goop and other neccesities.

#harizyoBatista says:

will a CRYORIG – H7 49.0 CFM CPU Cooler fit this case?

SteamTeam says:

Dimitri .. I love your videos … BUT 😉 … you do it wrong in my opinion. Install 2 Coolers on the bottom of the case to get cool air into the case and push the air out by the radiator. Thats how inwin say it on their homepage. So you should get way better temperature. 🙂 Thanks for your videos!

thatmody says:

The quality of your videos are amazing.

Antonis Tzegas says:

Hi #HardwareCanucks , at 1:15 what is this music… And where I can find this?? Plz let me know!! 🙂

herbrjr says:

If the airflow is meant to come in from the bottom and then out the side vents, I don’t see why the rear couldn’t be used as intake as well(i’m aware of the PS fan as an exhaust). A polyurethane foam filter could be trimmed down and used to filter the rear intake. Just an option for bringing more cool air into the case. Adding bottom intake fans also have the added benefit of concealing the bottom MB headers. Anyways, I bought this case for my new build, everything is on trucks and out for delivery today. Excited about my new Ryzen build.

Jonathan Hardy says:

Does anyone here own this case? This is probably a really stupid question but I recently bought this through Amazon and the LED Logo is white, not orange like it’s stock photo. Did I order the wrong case or will I be able to change the LED color once it’s powered on?

DucksEverywhere says:

Amazing keyboard ad there xD

Bring me Peter pan says:

If you think about it, pretty much all letters and words are just squiggly lines…

*_Woah dude_*

Segen says:

You can mount a fourth 2,5″ drive on top of that 3,5″. There are even hole that match perfectly up with a 2,5″ drive holes.
I have three SSDs mounted in my case AND a 3,5″ drive.

guamSOULJAH says:

Sucks how the black version has red up front.

BlueLightning Films says:

Their new upgraded version of the 303, the 303C, is way better. Similar airflow idea, with the bottom being the intake and the top of the case being the exhaust, but more room makes the system much more effective.

TheMask says:

Excuse me, What’s your mainboard model?

danny yee says:

This or Node 804?

JezzupWuzzup says:

If Fractal made a full tempered glass side panel Inwin would be fucked.

Things You Might Like says:

Thanks +HardwareCanucks! Thinking of getting this case and I had a thought:

What if you flipped your Heat Sink fan around so it pulled from the back, then flipped your rear exhaust fan around so it’s intake. Then use the two front fans as exhaust and two bottom as intake?

The front two fans don’t have filters anyway, so flipping the rear, a single fan, shouldn’t introduce any more dust.

I feel like this would make a nice airflow in the case with minimizing turbulence.

What do you guys think?

PapaPanda512 says:

So glad I saw the point about punching out those squares to fit cables. That was driving me crazy.

ShiningBOT says:

anybody can suggest some good air cooler for ryzen that would fit in this case? It’s too pretty it’s forcing me to buy it for my ryzen build ;p

WhoShot MrWhite says:

dood, where DO you get your power cables?

Jason Hurditt says:

what’s the name of your monitor shown at 8:05? Also I’ve been wanted to ask u what’s the name of the table u put the pc case on at 0:07 in the video

Sam Hillier says:

Where is the braided kettle plug/3 pin power plug from?!

kalil odefa says:

im not sure if this was mentioned in other comments but on the sata area there are little breakaway tabs for your sata cables. just discovered this today.

Gio de gracia says:

why do we always get that static shock when unboxing a pc case. i fucking hate it


wtf is this noob review, he cant read manual or anything, and setups like its his first computer???

Avi Makkar says:

R9 is a tosty gpu it would have been better of you tested it with Pascal GPUs

Boba Fett says:

Dont trust Inwins graph guys. I have the 301 and have switched my fans around more times then any build I’ve done in the past. high static pressure front intakes, bottom intakes, exhaust rear. I can’t stress enough how much of a difference the high sp fans made In the front. Also used a digital temp gun to check each set up I did.

Cocophant says:

Bought it :3
mAtx <3

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