Possibly the best Mid-Tower of 2017 – Fractal Design Define R6

Product Page Define R6 – http://www.fractal-design.com/home/define-r6-mini-site

Learn more about Cooler Masters MasterLiquid Coolers here – http://www.coolermaster.com/cooling/cpu-liquid-cooler/masterliquid-ml240l-rgb/

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Possibly the best Mid-Tower of 2017 – Fractal Design Define R6 | JayzTwoCents



Samuel Lord says:

It’s so hard to find good silent cases without clear windows these days

IgotUgoodUnoob says:

Possible side mount rad option.

pkincy says:

Today, 6/18/2018 the USB 3.1 Gen 2 front panel is available at retail (actually only $19.99) from Newegg

xBlackDawnx says:

Just bought this and the only thing that I wish it had were screw holes for the 5.25″ bay after putting it in the open configuration. The front plate pushes back into the case but does not allow a disc drive to be screwed in place. And unfortunately, I’m not %100 digital, so…

Dan says:

Better instructions for types of configurations, something to cover the hole left over from moving the hdd panel would have been good. Other then that its a nice flowing case.

Alex says:

Reading these comments makes me glad none of you work for Fractal. Great job, guys, I just picked one of these up for my new build.

MrLincoln87 says:

Why havent other case makers done something similar to this cases T/G mounting system?!

ArX says:

will this case be big enough for 1080Ti ROG X MAXIMUS HERO H80i V2?

fOwl play says:

doesn’t mounting the GPU like that drastically reduce cooling /airflow to the fans?

johnabuick says:

I just build my latest using the gunmetal without a glass side panel.
ASRock Taichi, 8086K, Alphacool 240, WD 500 NVMe, Sapphire RX580.
This baby should be good for at least 10 years.
This case is amazing.

Pickaxe 87 says:

@JayzTwoCents Just ordered this case. Fell for it in your ad. Can’t wait! Got a Crosshair VII Hero and 2700x to pair with my GTX 1080ti. Everything will be here Friday, so I should be able to build this weekend. Very excited!

legit behind says:

14:55 did jay forget redmist?

Jackson 5 says:

Am I cute?

RMJ1984 says:

Man they need to work on the quality of this EXPENSIVE case. First time taking off the front dust filter and the top latch breaks… :S not impressed i gotta say.

Paul Allen says:

Some of us still use an optical drive- musicians for instance!

Peter Valašík says:

Can I fit EK SE360mm rad on front and the same on top and 2x120mm fans on bottom? Will it fit in this case?

Tahir Akkaya says:

Can I use the H150i Pro cooler 360mm on the top with the 3 fans? My currently CPU cooler “dark rock pro 3” is kind of big and hides the rgb of my right side motherboard . The rgb from the ram can be seen tho

ZakarooNetwork says:

Help me do a White Build I’ll pay for it !!

tonkatoytruck says:

I would make the power supply shroud with a cover plate, in two pieces, and allow the power supply to be mounted up front, as well. Better cooling for the graphics cards with fans from the bottom that are not blocked by the shroud or the power supply.

JurianB says:

Would it be possible to have pushing fans on the front of the case with a nzxt kraken x62??? aswell as a 140mm kraken x42 on the rear of the case??

Seung Woo (승우) Kim says:

Hey there Jay. So this case advertises that it can support up to eleven 3.5inch HDD drives, yet they do not sell the HDD trays separately for users to purchase…What gives? False advertising much?

dylan_king says:

the door opens that way so that it absorbs the sound of your fans if it’s open

Chris05STi says:

Just got this case. What 140mm rgb fans would you get? Need three, going with the ROG Zenith x399 motherboard.

Thomas Mehiar says:

I am moving from Be quit 800 to this one!

Nitrak says:

Aaaaaaaaaannndd… I bought it…. 😀

Fractal Design Support says:

Just wanted to mention one thing that Jay forgot to mention about the new Define R6. That modular HDD plate that he removed can actually be shifted back into the case to be in line with the motherboard plate. Then on the backside of that HDD plate, you can still mount two 3.5″ HDD’s on it. So you wouldn’t lose all 3.5″ HDD support. Great review otherwise Jay!

Michał Bondyra says:

Will Kraken X72 fit on the top of this case?

John Batchler says:

It was designed for workstation

Sam Locke says:

I’m gonna build a really fast PC with an ASUS motherboard that supports 4000mhz RAM and this case is perfect. It reminds me of a Coolermaster Silencio case I had a few years ago.

Wonders says:

Beautiful review.

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