Phanteks EVOLV X Review – The Perfect Case!

The Phanteks EVOLV X is here and we’ve got your review! Nothing more to say. 🙂

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Review unit provided free of charge by Phanteks. This video is sponsored by Enermax & Massdrop. As per HWC guidelines, no review direction was received from manufacturer. All purchase links listed in the description have Hardware Canucks AMAZON monetary affiliation.

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Varde says:

Just got my Evolve X in grey today ! 🙂 love this case!

LexTheRanger says:

Haven’t found any case like this in Canada yet. 🙁

Taehyun Kim says:

i choose phanteks always.

Milos Zdravkovic says:

NZXT is still better then this one 🙂 🙂

George Carlin says:

The temp he listed is incorrect.

Chris McPole says:

ahahah dat temps, what a joke

wickedout2010 says:

Does this handle a 240MM rad on top of the case? I’m building my i9 9900K build and need a good case!

Punished Venom Snake says:

4:25 anyone know the exact name of those RGB prong connectors and where i could find a set?

Elston Bell says:

Dimitri? Great review – you’ve just decided my next case. Even Leo at Kit Guru is impressed and that takes some doing. Another cracking review by HardwareCaucks…nice one.

Daniel Mahon says:

Like who doesn’t get excited by their flagship enclosure?………A console gamer

MagmaYT says:

199? in norway its 260. Gg

lorenzo estudillo says:

We’re can I buy it?

Ndivia Geforce Gtx 1080Ti says:

damn this case is too expensive . im just a regular pc gamer. this case is for those heavy hardcore pc user , video editors or full timer twitch streamers. (or rich af people)


please can tell me, the raiser cable for vertical gpu, its included?, thanks

Elijah Rodriguez says:

what’s the difference between this and the “Tempered” version?

Chi says:

Best case. I love it

Korey Mayo says:

But there’s no 5.25 in internal drive bay!

Lee Pinnguin says:

I’m sure my comments will get ripped apart looking at some of these temperature comments…but. I have only built one computer in 10 years, so I need a home computer (not a gamer) for home that is good enough to watch videos or tv on but also as a home office. I was looking at the Be Quiet! Dark Base 700 or Silent Base 601 but I was wondering how they are vs this case. I believe they are about the same size so how does one new to all these choose? I must start someplace, so I am starting with the case. I can’t find a good company to build one and the store-bought ones don’t have many quality components. Any tips on how one picks out parts, so it all works together? I wish I had the knowledge of many of you but, at my age (pushing 60), I’m doing the best I can.

Rose Watson says:

Yes, It’s got all the features I want including the dedicated fill and drain port for a custom loop.

Inevitable Bread says:

Inset Generic comment bitching about airflow here

iKryten says:

It looks like there are no perforations in the PSU shroud, which means the PSU can/should only be mounted fan-down. My PC sits on carpet so that’s a deal breaker for me. Plus having to clean a PSU dust filter that can only be removed from the back would get annoying really quickly.

sid2tiger6 says:

This looks like the case for me!

mmarsbarr says:

Did it have usb-c?

Nicholas Brennan says:

I’d buy it if you could actually get one somewhere =(

Sanserder says:

I have the previous version, they really upped quality, the back of my case is a mess so those panels and the moving of the fan controller to the top instead of the middle of the back, the problems with covers in the front I can kinda get. its also really good that they attached the side panels, because I still have to attach them with screws. If Im going to upgrade in the future it will definitely be a phanteks again, it just looks so good

nisachar00 says:

Can this support double-slot quad GPUs?

Joseph Cu says:

watching in mid October and cant find any in stock anywhere. Sad.

dolphin says:

Anyone know where to get a green PSU cable like the one at 9:13 that would look sweet.

Dallas Paladini says:

who is stoked for part 2???

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