Phanteks EVOLV SHIFT Review – Brilliantly Unique?

The tower ITX form factor is expanding with Phanteks leading the pack as the EVOLV Shift is one of the most unique enclosures in it’s class.
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Frank Ji says:

Just built one ryzen workstation using Evolve Shift. Gorgeous case, but cable management is absolutely painful given the small spaces you can work on. My advise is to use one single large M2 SSD drive if possible to avoid extra cables required for SATA drive.

SiPan Ye says:

The shift X actually supported ATX PSU (160mm). How about this shorter one? If I don’t use any water cooler system, it seems lots of space in the bottom. Does the ATX PSU fit? THX

Hasib Reza says:

If the GPU needs to be placed backwards for cooling, why bother with the tempered glass at the back? That is a deal-breaker for me.

Matthew P says:

can this be laid on a desk horizontally with the tempered glass to the sides? i really want to put this under my gaming monitor (wall mounted), but having it face up would hide the inside.

SRAVAN S says:

Its around 200$ in my country due to shipping by NEW EGG !

bob smith says:

and…. the difference in portability of this versus a full size super tower…? Absolutely fucking ZERO.

Frank says:

Hey, What temps are you seeing with that case? I got the same case, and I’m running a 8700K and 1080 Ti and seeing about 79-82C on my card.

Ian Strom says:

Guys, I know I might sound dumb but here it is. I bought a Rayzen 7 and this wonderful case. So… I am thinking of cooling i with air only, using convection also as it follows:
-Stock Wraith Spire RGB cooler.
-The mounted 140mm Phanteks cooler as *exhaust*
-On the bottom 2 X 120mm Phanteks or other fans (haven’t bought any brand yet) as *intakes* .
So, two are pushing air in and the 140mm exhausts it from the top, higher RPM on bottom.

The question is DO YOU think it will work? Keeping it in decent temperatures, no OC, no heavy gaming.

Igor Morozov says:

GPU will die in a month in this case

MsJinkerson says:

too bad the hdd slot wasn’t drop and lock

Muze42 says:


Greatest Ever says:

This guy appreciates high resolution brochures…

Sky Nabess says:

why is the power cable on the same side as the usb ports… O.O

7he VoiD says:

Your videos are the best thing that ever happened to me! ♥

??? ??? says:

it’s beautiful but big for an itx, even in its width.

Bruce Yamson says:

How does the Evolv and the Evolv X compare in size?

Saki630 says:

i nee space for two 3.5” 1ssd’ and a 1080ti

ItsXenax _ says:

would the MSI B350M MORTAR work in this case?

David Fernandez says:

Is a Strix 1080ti too thick for this case?

ladamyre says:

I’m not a big fan of glass cases anymore. It’s just not important for me to show off the insides of the case. It’s a computer and “the tell” shows on the monitor. I could get a ton of bling components to put inside a case that look great and perform like crap. I’ll just hang on to my Silverstone FT03 mini and Cryorig C1 air cooler, which work great together. The footprint is 7-1/2 by 9-1/4 inches and is a little over 15-1/2 inches tall and this Phanteks is 6-7/8 by 10-5/8 and is 18-1/2 inches tall so it is bigger. Volume of the FT03 is 17,632 cc’s and this Phanteks is 21,892 cc’s. The FT03 is so easy to do house cleaning on and has only one intake filter to dust off from time to time. No tools needed once built. Cable management would have been difficult for the average guy but I’m a good electrical mechanic and adjusted everything, cable ends, lengths… even adjusted the positions of the power connectors on the line so they fit as if custom made… *because they are!*

I hope Phanteks isn’t going to blame you for my post. Hey, this Phanteks IS about $40 cheaper!

hawker445 says:

Whats the song at the beginning?

lerklerkxd says:

Can a 2.5 slot graphic card fit ?

Stian van der Krug says:

How thick can the 120mm radiators be?

Kristoferson says:

Here’s volume comparison between several ITX cases:

10.2L – Fractal Node 202
11.5L – Silverstone Sugo SG13B
12.6L – NCASE M1
15.1L – Cooler Master Elite 110
19.9L – Cooler Master Elite 130
19.9L – Cougar QBX
21.9L – Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Shift
22.7L – Thermaltake Core V1
22.9L – Thermaltake Suppressor F1
26.1L – NZXT H200I
26.8L – Fractal Define Nano S
28.1L – Corsair Obsidian 250D
34.1L – Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX
46.8L – NZXT Manta

Larry Torres says:

Just picked up a Evolvo X MAtx case and i love it. Phanteks make some innovative and awesome case. I had get use to how awesome Phanteks case are over the best. Great video.

Alex Chan says:

Hiii HardwareCanucks!

Was wondering can MSI 1080 ti Gaming X fit into this case?

Caleb Rasak says:

I’d love to know your fan selection and placement for this case as I’m a first time builder looking to build with this case. Also what fans come with the case?

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