Phanteks Evolv ATX Tempered Glass Review

Ever wanted a great looking PC case with tempered glass panels? Well, Phanteks think they have the answer – and it’s beautiful. But is it a great case? Join PC Centric for the full review…
Amazon US Link: – OCUK Link:

I used two 2m Phanteks LED Strips, both cut to size. Amazon Links: US UK:

I would advise getting a 1m and a 2m strip for lighting.

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Stev A says:

I really don’t see what you think is so beautiful about this case. The front is a plain as it comes. It looks like a big “i”. The only thing I give them credit for is having multiple colors, and the black one isn’t nearly as ridiculous looking as this white one. I think the Cooler Master Maker 5T is a much better case. It’s definitely more cutting edge stylish. But this is also a very nice case inside. The things that I didn’t like about it, was having to remove four screws just to take off the glass side panel. The fact that when taking off those panels, the little rubber parts fall off of the retaining pins, and you have to find them and put them back on. That always sucks. I don’t like how the front looks like a cartoon of the letter “i”. I do think the inside is nice, easy to work with and this is the appeal of the case. Pretty good vid.

Maya Durand says:

plane airplane name actor industrial plate senior.

95thRiflesOCI says:

How did you get the power button to light up and the little slit at the front of the case?

Horác Mckoziáš says:

Is PSU shroud removable ??? I would like to paint it. THx for answer

hue toob says:

Bloody hell man why don’t you two get a room.

redbanksy says:

No optical drive slot?

Chong Vincent says:

not phanteks enthoo evolv tg edition????

PinkasBrown44 says:

Where does this brand come from ? There are no Phanteks products in my country, not even at online shops. Are they new in the PC case market?

Rollan says:

Does NZXT Kraken x62, Maximus IX Hero and Strix 1070 will fit here in EVOLV ATX Tempered Glass?

Hearshotkid Disaster says:

Will EVGA GTX 1080 TI FTW 3 fit in this??

patrick anth says:

Can anyone comment on which colour case looks closest to a metal colour, between Anthracite Grey (looks almost black) and Galaxy Silver (looks almost white) would really help my decide as its so hard to tell without seeing them in person

Isabel De Leon says:

I live in a country where they have a 240v output, I want to build a pc, but I’m worried that it’ll use 110v and I’ll have to get a transformer, soo, can someone help me out?

Skulls Reunited says:

There is one problem with this case though which is radiator support for placement on the top due to the grills being in the case, this forces the radiators to stick out a fair amount covering a bit of the motherboard, alongside the poor choice of tempered glass on cord side of the case, but apart from these issues it is overall is an extremely good case and looks very slick. 8.5/10

George Lawther says:

ordered mine today being delivered tomorrow sunday 🙂 I chose the silver version on offer at the moment mainly because me and my wife have recently decorated our lounge in a purple and silver theme so it will look fab with the purple led lights in it 🙂

BOLO YOO says:

Tempered glass on right side is just absurd! Why? What’s the point? I can find only one reason to have it on right side… if dampens sound, BUT still it should be not transparent (just painted).

haakonht says:

I’m using this case as it was the only midi tower case that could fit an E-ATX Rampage V Extreme and still look pretty.

It’s a fantastic case and with a huge motherboard such as that I’ve pretty much got the ENTIRE thing filled up with hardware and it looks brilliant!

Davey K says:

I really, really am considering buying this case so I can switch my build out of my H440 into this. It just is so much nicer looking and the more I see of it in reviews and demonstration, the more I think it’s the way to go, even with the glass on both sides.

Briar Rabbit says:

Great review!

Ving Pika says:

can I add fans on the front of it ? coz I see there are some extra hdd brackets to add so can I add fans on the front ???

Ving Pika says:

I would like to know Corsair 460x better or this case better ?

Vinnie Lauritsen says:

Did anyone try to install a 280mm radiator (Kraken X62) in front of the Evolv ATX without removing the HDD drive bay and shroud? I hear there is space, but the front radiator/fan rail holes don’t match for mounting the radiator that high, so it is necessary to drill new ones. If anyone has done this, any tips or photos that show where the holes need to be drilled would be much appreciated. (I plan to align the stock 140mm fans with the radiator on the outside of the rail.) Thanks!

Walter Lopez says:

Where do cd drives go in this?

Bob Godin says:

Do you think the Corsair h115i would fit on the top with both fans? Ram wont be in the way?

Christopher H says:

I just finished my first build, and I’d enjoy some feedback. I used an Orange powder coated Phanteks Evolv case, Asus ROG Rampage V Edition 10, twin ROG STRIX GTX1080’s, and a couple of other goddies. Tell me what you think…

Alex Suarez says:

how many fans can this case hold????

Neil Bertram says:

It’s a beauty ….. but it’s wicked expensive!

Can you still use the extra 3.5″ inch drive brackets in the front of the case if there is a radiator in the front?

chronotjai says:

How many strips did you use?

*Makaveli* says:

I wish they would have put a complete shroud over the psu …they blocked it with the door on the non glass version, why not do it on this one…its honestly the only thing holding me back from buying this case and going with the older model

Vencislav Kostov says:

I’m considering this case for my next build with Ryzen 1700x and the corsair 570x. Confuse wich one shall I choose. I like bot of them!

James Heslop says:

Looking to buy this – what are your thoughts on reworking the front so the IO is on the bottom? I assume there is a connector somewhere for the LED on the front but other than that… do the holes line up by chance if you flip it upside down? I believe the IO is a modular part that is screwed in to the top annnd that I might just be able to make it work out!

Richard Dale says:

Do the comments you made in this video still hold true today?

R.T. Edwards says:

Very nice video, friend! You made me just that much more excited about JUST purchasing this case!!!! Woop woop!

Macca 95 says:

finally a nice case what supports E-atx motherboards

kmW says:

aaaand now I know how I’m going to spend my money in about a month when upgrade my PC. Xeon E3 123v3 -> i7 7700k
ASRock H97 pro 4 (stopped working, reason I’m upgrading all around) -> ASUS Z270-A Prime
16GB Crucial Ballistix Tracer 1600MHz -> 16GB Corsair Vengeance LED 3000 MHz
Hyper 212 Evo -> Corsair H100i v2
Keeping my R9 390 for now
Adding 4 TB of storage.
and putting it all in this case.

Marlon Orellana says:

This or the corsair 460x or even the 570x? O_O

BotoX says:

Hi there!
I dont quite see how an optical drive (cd/dvd drive) can be installed in this case? there is this front side of the case that blocks a possible cd/dvd drive from opening or closing. mind to explain?

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