Phanteks Enthoo Pro Computer Case

My review of the Phanteks Enthoo Pro computer case is here. Phanteks is still relatively new to the case manufacturing scene, but the Enthoo Pro shows how far their understanding of the market has come in a very short time.

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matty2048 says:

this case can fit ALL of the fans ALL OF THEM


Building in this great case in 2016!

Andrei Truca says:

I want to know this case is compatible with EK-XLC Predator 280 ?

TheRealBajan says:

Once Linus bothers to review it , it must be good.

looking at the size of this case, i find it so funny that their is not such thing a mid sized towers anymore.
just full and monster size.
full is the new mid.

This my friend is not a mid tower, and 21 tall 9 wide and 21 deep,
Any bigger and it would be a super tower.

dato gordeladze says:

1:40 T.A.R.D.I.S 😀 <3

raduque says:

This case seems to be one of the few which supports the EEB form factor. Can anybody say it works well for that? Thanks!

Stephen Thomas says:

If anyone is here I have this case and have an extra fan that I want to put into it. I currently have the stock 200mm front and 140mm exhaust as well as the noctua nh-u12s cpu cooler. Where would the extra fan be best used? A top exhaust or on the back of the hdd cage? Also if I use it as a top exhaust should I remove the middle hdd cage for better airflow?

Dudderino says:


Moggy1000 says:

I paid £65 for this case on offer, after selling my old case it totalled £35… Bargain

Simon Woolcott says:

I had a case damaged exactly because of the packaging

Alessandro Buffa says:

I’m liking this case more, but how about the smaller enthoo pro m?

Harax A says:

got my 1070 and 6700k in this , get some fans on top or like i do put aio up there , air flow is great and i have a lot of space for upgrades

Michael F says:

I am thinking of getting this case (but in white), and do i need to buy more case fans? How many does it come with and what are so good aftermarket fans and how many?

Part Destroyed says:

this or the fractal design r5?

cthulhu mons says:

i love this case

Thane says:

99 bucks???? Here in Greece it’s 135 euros!!!! Fucking bloodsucking bastards!!!!!

CockatooDude says:

So does this thing come with the front fan and the back one, or just the front one?

Jp games says:

Is the two radiators come with the case enough,or do i need to buy more?

Fikri Muddhirulhaq says:

hmm so we got 2 fans from this case?

FlippinFred says:

Holy shit. I’ve been looking at every case out there. And I’ve just come across these Phanteks Cases. I know what everyone’s thinking… I’m a slow shopper. Had my eye on the Corsair 750D Obsidian. and all other types of Corsair cases in these classes. Definitely getting a full tower case though. Just hitting a wall trying to find the perfect one. And seeing hows this one has no issues in taking it apart to make it possible to throw a custom paint job on it.., Well this one sure has it’s upsides !!! Can anyone out here throw some comments to me about this case or similar ones that they have purchased. And as look at the comments below. I see a couple of you have this one. Any issues so far???

EA 3D says:

this case work for ssi eeb form factor

jonas Hyldgaard says:

the brushed finish looks “Metal” m/ f’ Yeah! im buying it!

Dan B says:

I’m torn between this and the Noctis 450D

Aamir Farooq says:

are the both stock fans 3 pin or 4 pin pwm
I want to change rear exhaust fan to intake so that my configuration is
1 stock front intake
1 stock rear intake
1 top exhaust
for positive air pressure
is this right configuration?

Jack Millikin says:

Is this just a case or does this come with everything so when you get you can start gaming?

RampageBlizzard says:


I have dell inspiron 531s. please tell me if the mobo is OEM form factor or micro atx. the motherboard is Asus m2n61-ax. thanks.

Δημητρης Μακριδης JactussMusic says:

One question…How u connect the cpu cooler in motherboard & the hub! Cause i have a problem with this…Ι Have The Black Twister Cooler no the white and i need to connect in the Cpu-Fan and same the hub for beter working and pwm… The hub work’s ony in the Cpu Fan the same as the Cooler 4 pin the one 4 pin the other…If i put it in my sys fun in motherboard who have 4 pins like the Cpu-fan The cooler dont work and dont light…and the fans how u connect it together with cable?the Coolers are the same only the color change & the rpm but i cant use the second one with the first one with. so?

Myles Liu says:

I gues you could say its


I’ll show myself out

KaL says:

I like this case. sadly its too expensive for the overall quality and shipping quality for a product. its sell point is its features, thats it.

Thirsty Penguin says:

This or h440?

SG118 says:

This or P400?

QuantumMaster says:

Do you think the poor window material problem has been fixed by now? I am planning to use this case in a build. Thanks for all the good videos!

cthulhu mons says:

linus must have a very angry ups driver that delivers to him

Burrito Sandwich says:

This case or the Evolv matx?

brichard harris says:

does it have fans pre-installed in it or do I need to get my own?

wizzgamer says:

I bought this case after watching this video and boy do I regret it it’s far too big for my liking will have to buy a cheap £20 case to suit my needs but those don’t have hardly any hard drive slots.

EpicSpartan says:

i have this case and tired me has knocked side panels over ant they were fine

Hussain Dhaif says:

i have this case. My rear fan doesn’t move up and down why’s that??

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