Phanteks Eclipse P400S Review – The perfect value silent case?

We review the full retail version of the Phanteks P400S. What a case!

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Review unit provided free of charge by Phanteks. As per HWC guidelines, no review direction was received from manufacturer.
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HiNu7 says:

wait, so can you have a 360 mm radiator installed on the front, as well as have at least 2 hdd’s installed too? And this case doesn’t supply the HDD brackets?

Barry Brown says:

Is it possible to mount a pump/reservoir horizontly in the front?

CheeseBurgerWalrus says:

Can this case fit a 286mm Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1?

Burgaler Burger says:

Link this build please and thank you

Apo and Bean Gaming says:

I just did a build with this case (The Phanteks Eclipse P400) and have to say that I am very happy with this case. There is more I want to do with this build but for now, I couldn’t be happier.

blade000007 says:

Will the rad fit if mounted on the top of the case?

MasterSimo says:

Can you make a video about the rgb led installation? plz

Nmuk9 R says:

Can the case led be connected to motherboard with the new updated version of this case

Steveindajeep says:

i watch your channel just to see if the beaver will pop up

Destiny Waits says:

Could this fit crossfire RX480s?

HSUnity says:

Hey HardwareCanucks! They released a Tempered Glass version too know! Maybe you could do a review about it?

QuackAttack says:

The black one, the white one or the grey one? I can’t decide!

James Stinnette says:

Tempered glass version needs some love.

Kirk Hammett says:

I just picked up the P400s black/red !

Ruby iscute says:

Can someone tell me the measurements of the feet, in depth? I have an older Ikea desk and it has a PC holder that I use and I need to know if this will fit if I buy it. Thanks !

Agent Lolz says:

How to install Windows With CD??

K4g4m1 says:

This is a very good looking and it seems practical case. Will strongly consider for my next upgrade.

FireRush84 says:

what cpu cooler is he using in this? that blue ring is sick af

TyGuy says:

For the radiator, you said 240mm right? So then a 360mm wouldn’t fit?

CowsInHats says:

Im new to this stuff soooo… Is this a midi case?

Jeremy R says:

I really love phanteks cases! Such good build quality for the price

TwistyTuesday says:

Got this for my upcoming Ryzen build!

Gary Grewal says:

Anyone have a link to buy the optional hard drive bay? I need to install more than 2x 3.5″ drives.

Ghazie Arsalan says:

This or Enthoo Pro? First time builder here

Albert Natanauan says:

What size is the led thanks ??

GoatSuit Gaming says:

pc part picker says a 1070 oc blocks a drive bay, what will this do

Steve P says:

I have this case and I love it .. except for the small top and bottom ports for FRONT air intake. I have a small sensor in the center of the case to see the temperature in the case at all times. When this cover is on I average 74-78 degrees F — When the front is off , obviously you will way more air flow and the inside temps drop down to 67-69 Degrees F — Has anyone else noticed this range of temps just by having the front cover on apposed to off? — I have two intake fans which help try to bring in more fresh air into the system but having the front cover off is bad because it will let in more dust.

Adventure Guy says:

This case looks sick and SLICK. It’s so modern and not too over the top. I won’t be going for water cooling so this case is perfect for me! Probably going to go for tempered glass though.

jewelbell5 says:

Damn, this case would be perfect but I need a place for a cd drive.

Jip De vries says:

Is it bad if you paint it’s outside?

Fred Flintstone says:

Can you slide the HDD cage over if you use a 360mm radiator in the front or does it need to come out completely?

Zorey GD says:

This vs corsair clear 400c

Abdulrahman Ali says:

oh boy… this doesnt only tickle ma fancy :3

Halkion says:

does this case require the official led strip or can I use a third party one?

Yaser Humeid says:


it’s my first build determine every part but have problems with choosing the case.

basically, I need a “silent” PC and easy to work on and upgradable, so I can swap components, add fans, troubleshoot …etc.
aesthetics is not my priority it must be practical and aimed to performance also my budget around 100$.
I wander around some reviews and some brands caught my attention like:

1. PHANTEKS ECLIPSE P400 mid tower silent.
2. CORSAIR 330R silent.
5. NZXT S340.
so do you recommend one in particular? or have a better choice

P.S. I am not looking for the minimicro form factor, neither doing any overclocking or SLI config, and not gaming oriented if that’s matter.


Alex C says:

P400S or Fractal Design C?

Mosiah jackson says:

Phanteks Eclipse P400S vs. NZXT S340

Gaurav Rai says:

Please answer this, Is there any downside to using an air cooler in a case such as this?

Auckland Mag says:

The side panel is so flimsy it doesn’t close fully, so leaves a slight gap that allows dust into the case.

Eduard Bansig says:

A comparison of P400S TG vs Define mini C. Thanks

Tesolite says:

Wait, can you place x3 120mm fans on the front without removing the midplate cover ?

mackmackmackmackmac1 says:

What radiator was that?

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