PC Case Trends (2017) – What To Expect!

The PC case industry is brewing with new ideas and features… so what are we to expect? Here’s a run-down of our expectations 🙂
2013 PC Improvements Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKXsZGxqt9c

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IgorHW says:

I would like to see modular and standardized front panel IO so I don’t need to change entire case once there is a new USB or something.

rickau says:

I’d really like LED lighting for the back IO to be standard and not some “enthusiast” feature… or only with RGB enabled lighting.

Siam Kibria says:

Love the video man. Always looking up to your PC Trends category.

Guala Nejo says:

what i hate about small cases is their price.

Durborough says:

i think we need more minimalist cases (espacially in the low end sector)
and i think windows are cool but i would like a non window option for every case

Edward Malone says:

How about an end to silverstones hold on 90″ layouts, It’s just a better design. No need for saggy gpus..

MidnightBanshi says:

YES! Vertical GPU mounts would be awesome! Why have a super-slick card that has nifty RGB lighting on the face if you really can’t see it well!

Totally Not a Ninja says:

Is there a case with an optical drive slot and tempered glass?

Ivano Simek says:

5:50 really the best, for me it is ugly, you can loose the key…..better is in win 303 solution

zac coombs says:

What do you think of the in-win 509? I’m torn between the 509 and Phanteks evolv tg

Jean Alex says:

Vertical GPU mounts FTW! Also agree with getting rid of Molex, it sucks period and with the low profile case handles.. For the case handles it’d be best if they were retractable, just push them down when your done building or even held in with screws.. A removable and cumbersome handle that you have to screw in is still way better than having no handles at all..

Ignas says:

Honestly I think handles are really ugly. Unless you’re planning on taking it to tons of lans, it’s in poor taste.

gtfomyeggs says:

saw the cougar panzer max and smiled. you guys should review that case. its fantastic.

수륙챙이 says:

Please more m-atx cases.

1q3er5 says:

do i have to worry about losing my 5.25 inch drive slots? Also what is the point of the power supply shrouds – is it just aesthetics?

Thienphu Nguyen says:

more cases that implement “no sag” brackets for the GPU!

TR-8R says:

So what’s the best case for a normal system right now for about 100-150€?

Crab Jockey says:

Dude, you`ve got like 100 cases.. Can you send me one.
Nothing fancy, Just one of your ATX cases. I`m on the west coast by Vancouver 😀

termix says:

Temperd glass is not the way to go.. it’s just putting glass on a 1992 design which means no real progress..

jetski Dex says:

I prefer minimalist Matx cases something less “techie” something more artistic

t1m3gl1tch says:

like the tool-less case that only needs a tool to open 😀

kristoffer says:

More case manufactures need to sell spare parts like sidepanels, dustfilters, etc seperately!

Dre Dejong says:

Am I the only one who just wants a silent classy case, without all the glass, RGB’s etc?

Kru says:

There should be more windowed cases with inverted mountable motherboards (would work with the removeable motherboard trays).

Hitlearl TV says:

Can i ask you dmitri are you a K-Pop fan ? No offence but damn all of the ads are travel to korea , i hate kpopshits. Id rather see a full screen ad of Titan Gel LOL

Raden Valdez says:

i would also really love to see them on below 100$ budget cases…

Eko Prasetyo says:

I sense more industrial designs coming.
Like the HAF stackers.

Andrew Kim says:

i want a re-issue of the Power Mac G4 Cube case but with modern fittings.

smartwizardst1 says:

I actually miss the 5.25″ slot from a lot of cases that otherwise would appeal to me as I always skipped the blu ray and DVD players and used the PC for playing all my discs. Also audio CDs. I don’t think it would be an irrational requirement to still be able to watch movies and play music that I paid for during those good old days in case I build a new PC in a new case. It’s not even like they wouldn’t sell DVDs and BluRays anymore.
Otherwise I agree that noise dampening cases should be advertised in a way that the buyer can clearly see the level of attenuation according to frequency on a graph – like those in old Hi-Fi catalogues.
About case customization I would like to see more colors too, but also more kits that enable you to repaint your case in your own way and make it truly unique, instead of simply having a few extra base colors on the shelves.

Edward Malone says:

I feel like his dream case would look something like homers car 🙂 🙂

SonicAce Dave says:

I disagree on the molex. its such a good thing mainly due to the universal compatibility. for sata to become the mainstream component manufacturers need to put sata into it. else molex will stay. as for the PC handles it doesn’t look pleasant on smaller cases. bit fenix prodigy though did it nicely its beautiful. perhaps they should put them on full tower models. I second the PSU shroud modularity. many shrouds look ridiculous damn.
last but not the least Phanteks has become one of my fav. case manufacturers. I don’t have any of their products but go Phanteks! 😀

Random Raymondo says:

Agree with everything he said apart from fans… more the better IMO

Ransom Access Memory says:

Want smaller cases with bigger room inside 🙂

Clairvoyant81 says:

The 2013 video was much better… this one seems to be mostly about visuals and tacky crap while the 2013 one had several actually useful ideas.
Handles? Sorry, but no. I understand why you might like handles on cases, since you build a lot of systems, but most people don’t and handles pretty much always ruin the look of an elegant case. If you’re talking about a tacky case to begin with, okay… but then that case isn’t for me anyway. More RGB? Meh…

I agree with the Molex thing. That should definitely be a thing of the past. Also, the front panel IO connectors on motherboards need to change to something at least semi-convenient. Another thing would be some elegant ways of supporting the graphics card. Beefier cards these days tend to sag quite a bit… then again, your suggestion of vertical mounts for graphics cards would solve that, too, and free up PCIe slots as an added bonus.

Comment says:

I want covered areas on glass to be removable. I want to show off the bottom part of my case or all my cable management. I like having 100% transparency.

Vecopotryx says:

2:46 What case?

Rene Knight says:

I know this is an old video, but what i really want is removable covers for the rear end. Once i’ve put all my usb/video cables etc in, i want to be able to put on a cover (with airflow for exhaust ofc) and forget that they exist. With that said, i would like more cases to implement 4 USB in the front IO instead of only 2. I would also like to see more shapes then the rectangle we have been living with for so long.

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