Our First ‘LIVE’ Case Review

How do you like this new style of case reviews? Let us know down below!

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Moondog Gaming says:

did they completely forget to do any color correction at the 2 end parts of the video??? or am I just crazy

Philip Decker says:

Like the new style for case reviews, not so much that you showed something go wrong (which I always like to see because its nice to know it doesn’t just happen to me lol) but cut not showing you diagnose the problem and letting the viewers know what it was at least.

chardmb says:

if it was a 6700k on a 2011 mobo, how did it sit in the first place?

Matt Halpain says:

scary, I am glad you are Okay Luke and did not get shocked. Smart of you to pull the power as fast as you did. Enjoyable case review, thanks for hosting.

madison verger says:

it looks like a video game. yuck

Robert 951King says:

At this point the case build videos are almost unnecessary except in special variances of custom cases or builds such as there desk/PC case builds. Even then its all basically the exact same. I really enjoy Linus’es knowledge of standards, voltage rating etc. Discovering this channel had gotten me excited about computers again after such a long break I’ve been on away from what I love most. I used to have decent systems and for the most part were close to current, not anymore. Example here is my current setup.. 😉 A Compaq Presario CQ5320F which was given to me by a friend (i couldn’t be more thankful too) It has an AMD Athlon II X2 2.80 GHz Processor with 3GB of DDR3 RAM (cheap ass HP, who doesn’t just put 2x2GB ram) it has an Optical DVD/Burner (i rarely use but comes in handy) a 56.6k modem (never used once) The motherboard HP used us the M2N68-LA (Narra6) which is made by a ASUS subsidiary named Pegatron. My video card is a PNY Nvidia GT 730 2GB DDR3 (which i just got to purchase, I’m working with basically $0 so…) Amazingly I have been able to slightly overclock this thing despite the board not having any overclock abilities being a Branded PC. The CPU stock rating is 2.8 GHz and ive got it running at almost 3.3 GHz I know not much but its the best I can do without being able to change any settings except one.

Doofens says:

its a dust mask not a anti-smell or gas mask

novocaine says:

woah, beautiful case

Patrick Lima says:

I want this but no red


if I eject a floppy disk: Will it push it open, too?

Techo 238 says:

That was the computer gods saying, damn you got that freakin rad in no problem. Well f*** you, *hardware dead*

Stev A says:

Really don’t like that you completely Obama’d the fried piece. Why not tell us what happened, and make sure we don’t do the same? Or if you just absolutely didn’t want us to know, then why wouldn’t you just edit out that part of the video, instead of having such a screwed up thing happen, and then ignoring it. That kills your cred. It was a very good review until that point.

Scala says:

looks like a great case with lots of extra features. But I’m still a bigger fan of the phanteks P400S TG. about $100 less than the 5T, with imo the necessary extras of glass, lighting, and it has sound dampening. Put in a zero db on low load psu and its a spooky quiet pc.

Donut says:

um, why would he be suprised at someone having an optical drive?! How else would I load discs into my PC!?

AdurxIsd says:

11:52 his shirt fits the situation so well

djcrooked1 says:

This case is awesome but I saw that it requires your motherboard to have two 19 pin USB 3.0 slots. Mine only has 1. Is this a serious problem and is there a way I can mod my system to make it compatible? I have the Gigabyte Z97 Gaming 7 motherboard. Please HELP!!! lol

Geo S says:

Don’t we all love (Playing with new cases.)
Still trying to find a Great Motherboard for my new Lian Li oS06 case…
Anyone else waiting for Rizan 5 to come out??

gamer taboo says:

AAAhhhaa looks like you should have kept that manual…. haha jk, hope you guys don’t have to pay for stuff when it breaks. By the way, that mask you wore has like 0% protection for fumes, it is to keep light dust particles out of your lungs, lol.

Zack Hodge says:

Mask On – Luke Lafreniere (2017)

Cactus Guy Version 3.0 says:

It’s you, Luke.

PinkasBrown44 says:

Corsair Saboteur did this !

Kirk_Kirksman says:

3:27 I don’t get it

James Wildes says:

11:48 mark is priceless when he starts freaking out, but I would too if it sounded like its going to short out my good parts. Need more of slick doing builds since he seems more normal than linus.

Matako youmine says:

can you do rvx01 plz

Teodor Alexandrov says:

well that happens when u put a 6700K on X99 chipset 😀 but SHIT HAPPENS :/

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