One Cube Case To Rule Them All? Thermaltake Level 20 VT

The Thermaltake Level 20 VT is a mATX cube case that tries to be compact while also offering a ton of water cooling options. But does its focus on modular components lead to a sacrifice in some basic design elements?

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jeffreywarf says:

Why is it so hard to find a full atx cube case with 4 front panel usb ports? Seems like the only case that accommodates my needs is the thermaltake core x9 and that’s just way too huge.

John Doe says:

I didn’t know Chris Pratt now do PC review. Voice change so much too.

Mazza says:

Whats the height in this i need a case thats atx and under 400 mm

Kevin H.A. Tan says:

….. I want one…

daDaffmeistah says:

mATX seems like the perfect balance between performance and size for most people’s use. I like the Core P1 case for it (mATX boards will fit even though it’s listed for mITX only) as it has a small foot-print on my desk and is easy and accessible to work in. Also the added bracket for extension slots that you can use risers/PCI-E extenders for gives more option to use all your PCI-E slots on your motherboard even if you have 2-slot (or more GPU’s) in some of them.

Awais Baig says:

Can we use an itx mobo in this case

rommel bautista says:

yes micro atx

λucas says:

I was thinking of getting the older version of this case the, the Core V21, but this issue with cable management is what turned me off from doing so. Yes they have made the exterior look nicer, but in the 4 or so years that that Core V21 has been out, they have made no improvements to the interior design and frame itself, and I actually prefer the V21, as it has large dust filters on every panel but the windowed one, which you can simply put at the top of the case to solve the issue of the side cables showing.

hellstrike007 says:

What’s the intro music

Ben Seibel says:

Love the editing style and content. I hope Fred gets some RGB love for Xmas.

Andrew Emm says:

I feel like I could’ve done a better job at cable management. An easy fix would be a panel that goes in front of the lower bay on both sides. Maybe a small screen with different information about the computer or just simply a screen running some funky design? RGB power cables would also be killer in this. Perfect DJ computer haha

Ben Seibel says:

Lots of space with poor functionality which the glass panels exacerbate. Should have mesh options particularly at the front. The Ghost S1 and the Ophion Eva have a central spine which makes for better space utilization and cable management.

Muhamad Ubaied says:

Thermaltake LEVEL 20 VT vs Corsair 280x non RGB. (I already have 6 thermaltake pure plus rgb fan ready to install) which is better? My current spec is
Ryzen 2600, Asrock AB350itx/ac (just changed from ITX, will be looking for 2nd gen matx board soon), 2x ADATA D80 Spectrix, Sapphire Nitro+ Vega 56, silverstone SFX-L Lti 800w with red sleeve cablemod. I prefer the smallest yet flashiest ! I think the corsair looks better but if i take TT 20 VT, i can admire my sapphire in vertical lol

Peter Nichols says:

I have also a cube case and I think that TT made some really strange decisions. The SSD mouns is a joke. I cannot believe that they did not try to add some removable side covers with cut-outs on the edges for CPU and front panel cables. That would fix the problem with exposed cable mess. Good think is that they did not try to put a 5,25 bay because that would be stupid but they should also remove a HDD option just for 2 SSD drives.

Arica Willimas says:

what is he saying at 02:13 ?

The Beast says:

Please review Level 20 GT.

ThePipeMonk says:

Let’s not polish a turd.

SS S says:

I wonder how 4 intake fans on top would have worked. One rear exhaust and the rest would go out through the unfiltered mesh on the bottom.

maranello335 says:

@HardwareCanucks What is the best mid tower case With slots for 5/14 drives?

michael webb says:

thank you for this review. i had targeted this for the Threadripper 2950x (when it arrives), so the temps were *pivotal*. guess i gotta keep looking

DaizM says:

Looks a lot like the core v21 from 3 years ago but with tg. Seemed like folks liked the v21 then. Plus it’s half the price.

Schorsch Klüder says:

Wow! I love this Cube!!!!

Wistbacka says:

Dimitri, I love your vids, but please, dont mix 16:9 and 21:9 aspect ratios. Stick to either one. The only mix that is nice is if you have the video in 16:9, and then cut to a montage. The montage can then be in 21:9.

IntroVision says:

Music at 0:45 please?

Mad5cout says:

I would jump on a mini ITX version of this case.

Francisco Viper Díaz says:


Aaron Kuehner says:

Wire saddles with sticky backs are nice for grouping and holding cables to frames, although the only ones I’ve seen are white. Good thing is that you can get them in different sizes to fit your needs.

wbkruse13 says:

The music during the b roll sounds very Lindsey Stirling-ish. A very good choice.

Sjögel Miihels says:

So basicly its a V21 with glass panels on 4 sides. I bet the lower HDD/SSD drives still get a bit hot without a additional 90mm fan or something to cool em down..

TheSlacky775 says:

these cases are just an update on the core x series and they had the same issues as far as cable management is concerned not 1 cable tie in my core x 5 and the airflow is restricted with the glass side panels i can only imagine that with the top being glass also that it will be a nightmare.

NovaDoll says:

I was so excited for this until I saw how the motherboard mounts. I have a ROG itx board. I like the RGB Eye so its a no for me. 🙁

Discordia says:

What music did you guys use at the start? Sidenote, I’ve been watching for a long time now and this is one of the channels that consistently puts out quality content.

Dave L says:

Zip ties help, cable management for the V21 is identical and really not that challenging… 😉

Omer Al Amin says:

Lamp @1:47?

Chris Van Middelkoop says:

I like smaller form factors. I only need room for one or two pcie slots. But I like having enough room for a few hard drives, My system has 4. So I like having alot of sata data ports and m.2 slots. I don’t need front I/O but a couple internal usb 2.0 connections are nice. Internal usb 3.0 is a bit bulky. That said more usb 3.0 ports on the back are nice to have. As long as I have all the connectivity that I need I like shrinking the board down. The only problem is that most of the time you pay more for a smaller board than a full size atx. So, I just went with the ATX board.

Princess Rose says:

This case feels like a major missed opportunity, this could have been something great and instead they stayed with mediocrity

Trung Nguyen says:

While the video is generally good, however switching between letterbox and non-letterbox is annoying.

p col says:

New Editing style is fantastic.

Swiss Choco says:

if the front glass panel is a concern!! i would just nicely drill hole in it!!! will STILL look amazing

BillySama001 says:

Fecking finally… Too bad i already did my build.

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