NZXT S340 Mid Tower PC Case Review: What a Clean Design!

Links to buy: (link for more info) (link to buy- White) (link to buy- Black)

This video features the NZXT Source 340 Mid Tower PC Case! Check out the video for a closer look!
I happen to love NZXT cases for their stylish designs and smooth side panels
The case is made of 90% steel, and though it’s compact, you can fit a X61 cooler up at the front!

The NZXT Grid+ fan controller is sold separately!

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Ricardo Estrada says:

´Hi! I’m Jo- *Subscribes*

Billy Jean says:

Just love your videos Joanne; ) very detailed and love for the product! I ordered this case today 25/06/2016 because you convinced me for it. Thank you Joanne xx

Gerpar says:

Do the front fans still work as an intake even if the front cover is on?

snackysnacks says:

mono tone af

Wing Keung Chan says:

I bought this case too, I am wondering how did you guys do the Fan configuration with this case? I am getting the x61. I am planning to buy new exhaust fan with LED.

Valerie Green says:

Great review, only gripe is that “wherefore art though” actually means “why are you” (in reference to Romeo being a Montague in Romeo and Juliet) as opposed to “where are you” as most people assume.

Samuel Rieger says:

I came here for a review of the case not marketing…

alex macias says:

where does the dvd drive go st

Clever Username says:

DId you happen to pre-loosen the screws? I actually had a lot of trouble with mine. They were screwed in tight and apparently the screws were already bent even though it was brand new.

pratik dombe says:

does it have a cd-rom space

ExoticModz says:

Shit i just ordered a custom pc with this case and forgot to put on a cd drive because it wasn’t selected how am i gonna install windows???

Bodybuilding For Life says:

u got views for what u do or for how sexi u are?

Keryilias says:

you just got another subscriber i loved your video very informative learned exactly what i needed to know. i searched hundreds of videos only yours had the info needed.

Arthur Volkov says:

The cheap psu dust filter.

Rex Frizzy says:

Im planning on getting one but how glossy is it if i get it scratched will it be noticeable also does it seem like it would scratch easily since its glossy

Mic Air says:

i have NZXT S340 elite white and man this case is great..

Lucid says:

Great review.


There is no need for a reset button. If the computer locks up I prefer to shut it down anyway. I never use the reset button and was wondering when they were going to do away with it.

chrisplaysgames says:

You have a nice voice, and face.

As-Add Karim says:

i7 6700K — Thermaltake Water 3.0 Extreme
16Gb of Corsair Ram
GTX 970

Should I get this case or go for H440 ?

AgentAwesome4LIF says:

why aren’t there more smart techy women like you out there? you’re one of a kind.

Jo ker says:

is joanne married

Jacob Walker says:

ordered this case this morning, $83.99 USD after taxes and shipping. super stoked to build my new skylake i7 gtx 1070 system in it!

tehXfiles says:

can you move the top exhaust fan to the front as an intake fan?

shiba plays says:

Only 2 usb ports??

OpTic JeSTeR says:

Just ordered the black and red model 🙂 moving from a Cooler Master HAF-X because it takes up too much room on my desk.

Justin says:

Ive never built a pc before and i was planning to use this case, how could i use my keyboard headset and mouse with only 2 usb 3.0 slots

Lewis Birkett says:

how many usb slots does it have in total

Windows95 Tutorial_ says:

hey could i put a nzxt hue (not the Hue +) in on of the driver slot

Pedro Pimentel says:

I wish every reviewer had a spinning table like that

J D says:

Can i put a 120mm radiator on top ?

Gary Hope says:

This video does its best not to show the top of the case. I wonder why? Oh, I know: it’s matt black, not glossy white.

j says:

That’s one hot… case.

jboogie93 says:

Idk why but for some reason u sound like ellie from the last of us in like…HOLF FUCK LMAO

Carolina De La Ossa says:

This case is so sexy. Going to make my first build with it :3

Johnny English says:

this vs cooler master storm scout 2 advanced ? thank you. ok.


Just picked up the Matte Black version with Blue accents. The PSU dust filter is much better, now, as it is removable from the back by simply pulling down and sliding out. It’s also a better filter all around not simply metal mesh.


The most retarded thing is : 90% of case is white but the top is fucking BLACK,wtf is that……

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