NZXT S340 Computer Case – Stuff That Doesn’t Suck Episode 3

I have received a TON of requests lately for a review of the NZXT S340. So here it is – is this affordable case as exciting and revolutionary as NZXT’s promotional videos would suggest?

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Snioutic says:

I would a restart button on it

Mountana Berry says:

unfortunately, no optical drive support
oh well, thanks 4 the video

M1Garandstudios says:

Santa Claus forged this case, the commercial tells you that Linus!

American Badass says:

No space for optical drive?

Mic Air says:

men for me this case is great..i got NZXT S340 elite..all the cables are very organize 1000 like…


nice kitchen

Tommaso Castelli says:

How should i put my fans of my kraken x62 in this case? In the front sucking the outside air? Thanks

Swag Happy says:

Where do I get a motherboard backing plate like the one at 2:19 ? New pc builder here, many thanks !!

Jeremy R says:

This case can be gotten for 50 bucks right now!

Gavin Morrison says:

Does this case come with a power supply?

Jdub048 says:

This is just a case or actually a pc tower???

K o B a C H i ™ says:


Giggs_420 says:

I’m sold!!!! Just ordered mine on Amazon, thank you

SabrBlu says:

the second version has a better psu filter, and the pci slots are not open

snarfbot says:

just one fan hole on top? what gives nzxt. this is such a down grade from the stellar source 210.

Jason Liolios says:

hi. thx for the video. one question how are the filters of the fans? i mean it holds dust and can be cleaned easy?

JustanOrdianryPhoenix says:

this or.phantoms p400

RTZ TriHard says:

Fuxk this case, I just got electric shock

THExteam says:

omg guys look at 4:05 look at how much dust that thing has

Pennywise says:

Nope the case it self is good but I have a few gripes if I may,

1. Not enough 3.5″ drive bays only two:(
2. Not enough drive bays:(
3. Cable management is kind of a pain in the clacker
took me half an hour to get the side panel back on
then realised I forgot to install RGB stips:(
(Not the windowed side)
4. Windowed side panel is very easy to scratch:(
5. Windowed side panel sucks:(
6. GPU is hard to get in and out of the case because
of the stupid mounting lay out from year 2000:(
7. Tried to install a 3rd 3.5″ Drive by mounting it
to the floor of the case using double sided tape
but there isn’t enough room because you have
like one compartment to aid in cable management
will try again later:(
8. Case it self feels cheaply made IMO of course:(
9. Paint finish is easily scratched which sucks IMO:(
10. Can’t install a radiator in push pull with that
side cable management bar installed it must be
removed for push pull but to me takes character
away from the case IMO of course:(
11.If you absolutely have to have this case buy the
glass side panel version which is what NZXT should
have done in the first place regarding the side panel:(

Things I like,

1. Cool looking and smaller form factor:)
2. Beautiful looking case:)
3. Its only $109AUS:)
4. Front dust filter is very good!:)
5. Can fit an extended ATX board without
the side cable management bar installed
I fit a dual socket server board and an MSI X99A Godlike
which is an extended ATX board:)

I purchased the case with my own money and just thought I would let people know my experience with it I wish somebody had told me because according to every reviewer the case is “Awesome” which it isn’t awesome but a decent case based on looks and not allot of functionality, truth.

Kristóf Soma says:

the cables with the case are good for cable management?

Josh Nessel says:

I am in the midst of building my first pc and I’m happy to see this case seems to have good reviews because I’ve already purchased (and modified it). I got the matte black/blue version but I disassembled it to paint the two blue pieces a nice gloss white to match my MB. Anyways… I just wanted to point out that NZXT must have decided to improve the S340 because mine has the much better filter at the bottom just like the S340 Elite. I must just be fortunate enough to be late enough to the party to pick up a newer version. Just FYI.

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