NZXT Noctis 450 Case Review | H440 Refresh

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If I buy this does it come with tha machine

angga mahardika Sя says:

can i use thermaltake pacific 360 in this case .?

Thameren Dyck says:

if this “body kit” style case since the frame is just a h440 i would love it if they had one like this for the s340

Eihab Suwailem says:

93 watch and 4k like … YouTube xD

eldrich211 says:

why am i watching this when i cant even afford a fucking motherboard feelsbadman

SC7 Pilot says:

hey guys ive had an NZXT 410 red for two years and im not upgrading to a much better pc. would a GTX 1080 (possibly two of them) fit into this case? i dont know too much about what i need to fit a new big card like this but im pretty sure it wouldnt fit into my 410

Clungebob Cumpants says:

Will a ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1070 AMP Extreme fit in this?

ItsBobli says:

do i still need to buy water Cooling?

Daniel Ebinger says:

If anyone would be able to provide a list of what his setup includes, it would be MASSIVELY appreciated.

Abdelrahman Elfeky says:

can the LED die if i make them always on?

BundaPump says:

Will a EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G2 power supply work in this case im a noob at computer stuff :/

Nexos X says:

what motherboard are u using here

sarang758 says:

Can this support an internal optical drive

EmptyChair says:

people still use optical drives?

Kevin Stanley says:

Can you change the leds color under the case

Pyjamas 987 says:

NZXT Noctis 450 Elite with RGB and Tempered Glass please!!!

Charbel Sfeir says:

Is is true that the h440 has bad air flow ?

Bender Bending Rodriguez says:

I’m so excited! I’m building my very first custom build pc with this case 🙂

Az3x says:

Can i put a ethernet cable in there? :c

De _Lupo says:

Can this hold the gtx 1070?

Scott Smith says:

Are the temps much cooler on this case vs the h440?

Berrserkr says:

i think the easiest color schemes to be a fan of in the pc master race is red and black,white and black,black and green and blue and white (i personally like a first order stormstrooper color scheme so like white and black with a bit of blue),and the hardest to be a fan of are probably pink and white,light blue and pink and yellow and black

Eclipse says:

God I wish this case was RGB. I have a black and blue setup and this case would look amazing with my setup if it glowed blue.

Aaron Bhambra says:

is this better than the h440

Stewpot says:

I really like the aesthetic of this over H440 as it kinda reminds me of Hollowform Ichigo from Bleach. Maybe get fancy with some vinyls, but the removal of the noise damping is quite a big feature lose.

Matic Bončina says:

Does it have a slot for dvd reader

demiand says:

i like green led, how can i change it?

Brendon William says:

Meu gabinete <33

Dimitri Sainis says:

I think i’ll go for the NZXT H440 over this case. They both look cool, but i like how much more red there is on the Red/black H440.

SC7 Pilot says:

if anyone is wondering how much you can REALLY fit into this case. I urge you to look at how I did mine

Marcus Fenix says:

can I SLI 2 1080s in this case?

way ment says:

if batman built a gaming pc this would be the case

Austin Turtle says:

is it easy to remove the front and top panel of the noctis 450?

i have a case now that’s very difficult to remove the top and front panel and there easy to scratch up…

ena81xx says:

scratchy clear plastic is a major turn off.

6퍼센트 says:


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