NZXT H500i Review – A Really Special PC Case?

You guys have asked for it again and again…well we’re finally reviewing the NZXT H500i, the replacement for the NZXT S340. Is this budget-friendly pc case everything we (and you!) were hoping for? Guess its time to find out!

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Review unit provided free of charge by NZXT. This video is sponsored by Toshiba / OCZ. As per HWC guidelines, no review direction was received from manufacturer. All purchase links listed in the description have Hardware Canucks AMAZON monetary affiliation.

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Lucas Féres says:

1:02 I missed this channel xD. But seriously, i used to watch a lot of videos here when i was building my new rig back in 2016.

Succy Succ Succ says:

> $99
> Budget

Stuart Saunders says:

If you have the fan control in this case do you require the Hue 2 also?

2a says:

Should I buy the s340 elite or the h500?

Zepeda39 says:

I’m interested in building a gaming/work rig but don’t know where to start. Could you guys help me with ideas.

Evan Dancik says:

Would i be able to have more than one 3.5 drive?

jonathan sexcion says:

how quiet is it?

AF Skulll says:

Only two front USBs, a shorter glass… S340 elite wins

CasperMelchiorBalthasar says:

I can tell Dimitry is extremely smart when her says “Construction”.

MyKonaRC says:

Where is the RESET button?

Brendan Baxter says:

hey there, love your content. Looking for a smaller full ATX. Whats your current favorite?

ducatiist says:

USB Type C – where are you?

Francis Mendoza says:

Is the cable management bar removable?

Kalvin P says:

Really wish it came in gray

breadface 202 says:

Any suggestions on diffusing the LED lights up top?

phil says:

Can I use this lightning with the ASRock A320M dgs?

Jorge Rivera says:

Did they fix the power button light leak?

Louis Marcantonio says:

could you put 2 fans in place of the radiator

tonkatoytruck says:

Nice case. Just wish it had better cooling options with filtration. Otherwise, it is a beautiful case and well priced. Bought the Corsair 275R instead. Only complaint for it are the fans. Something I think you should have touched on with the NZXT. Not everybody has a be quiet! Silent Wings 3 fan just sitting around. P.S. The H500i looks so much better than the S340. Both are still more expensive than the 275R and have poorer cooling options.

andrew rice says:

Is a 240 ml rad supported?

nikos papanelopoulos says:

liquid cooler corsair h60 2018 it fits at this case?

Justin Moss says:

Not sure how removing the 2 x USB2 ports and 1 x HDMI port was an “upgrade” 😐

Karina Purnamasari says:

I didn’t know Chris Pratt do tech reviews.

Kelvis Gonçalves says:

What is the air cooler that you are using in this case?

Remidee727 says:

The s340 elite is a much better case. The took out the front hdmi port and the glass is smaller. Seems like h500 is a cheaper made case.

Gshooter visbang says:

I built one with 8700k, ATX, CORSAIR Hydro Series H100i v2 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler, and GeForce RTX 2070… it works great and looks great!

Lucas Chapman says:

Does this PC come with LED strips inside? If so then do I need to buy other things to make it work?

Francis Mendoza says:

Could you relocate the led strip at the back of the cable cover?

Sick Puppy says:

Hi, i hope you can help me, i just bought a 1080 ti rog strix oc and im having temp problems on my nzxt manta case, I already test it on a h500 case and temps are much better, but i dont like big cases, will a h400 be enough or will it be exactly the same as the manta? Thanks, great channel.

FalLe A says:

So i Will ADD 3 aer rgb fans Can i also Control the rgb thruh it or Can i only control the fan speeds ? 🙂 and good review

Alexandru Barbut says:

Is it possible to mount a 140mm Fan at the Top Side ?

Jarjour says:

So with the h500i you don’t need to by any hue 2 controller for rgb fans right?

StatDeepTactics says:

can asus rog strix gtx 1070ti fit inside ? or is it to long

Samuel Robbins 01 says:

you absolute monster ripping the plastic wrap like that!!!!

Geek-a-Reek says:

How many extra fans do u need

Tim Buktu says:

I notice more and more cases only have room for 2 HDDs which I find to be oddly low but nobody else seems to complain about. I love the look and design of newer cases like this and the Phanteks P350x but I have 3 HDDs so I can’t use them and I don’t wanna use an external enclosure.

Miles Axelberd says:

i dont have any spill

TheDeathDragon says:

I was gonna buy the s340 elite so I bought the hue 2 which was on sale for like $45 and when I checked to buy the s340 elite it was discontinued. So now I’m going with the H500 and the hue 2. I rather have the hue 2 any since it is white and will reflect the light better. Still sad that the s340 elite was discontinued.

Kalvin P says:

could i fit a 240 radiator in the front?

Joseph Bonocore says:

I still like the s340 better

Gabriel Vanasse says:

I wonder if i should pick up this case or a thermaltake core x31? I may do a cpu+gpu custom loop in the future

Doki doki says:

which is more compact? this or the meshify c?

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