NZXT H500 Case Review | Thermals, Noise, & Cable Management

We review NZXT’s H500 case, which ships alongside the H500i, and takes the place of the S340 (Elite). The H500 has interesting airflow and thermal characteristics.
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NZXT’s H500 mid-tower case has an MSRP of $70 and replaces the long-standing S340, with the H500i priced at $100 (and with the smart device and LEDs, replacing the S340 Elite). These case benchmarks include best temperature results for popular PC cases, including the H500P, H500P Mesh, S340 Elite, SilverStone RL06, Fractal Meshify C, and more.

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Host, Test Lead: Steve Burke
Editorial, Testing: Patrick Lathan


Aleksei M. says:

But where can you put a DVD Drive?

Brandon Tyson says:

So basically leave the case stock with the fans and take out the top filter for best configuration? I know the front intake fans disrupt the gpu from sucking in air on its own but what about one front fan on the top so the air blows towards the cpu and leave the bottom fan off the front of the case? I see most reviewers using a 140mm fan at the front but on the bottom going towards the gpu, you think if they just moved that fan up it would still disrupt the gpu from sucking its own air?

The Ultimate Gaming says:

would it be ok if i put 2 120mm for intake in the front and 2 exhuast at the top and back?

Whywwwaaa Wuh? says:

Are you pucking kidding me?

Ethereal Hawk says:

Oh my god what are you doing with the thermal paste

MlKE! says:


rest in puck

Anuj Negi says:

Chiptronex raptor. Best case in India under 75 dollar


RIP in peace? Rest in peace, in peace? 🙂

Zayeb Chowdhury says:

they probably chose negative pressure design to persuade more buyers to use their kraken aios.

Naterz says:

built my first pc in this case i love it its so beautiful imo simple clean

Grant Kendrick says:

Building my first PC. Picked up the 500i (smart version) for 80 US dollars on sale in Newegg. I think the $10 is worth the rgb and smart device in my opinion.

Pan1c OOFF says:

I got this tower ( red and black version) and it made it a little easier to put the componets in it <3

Me Me says:

Would adding 2 fans to the front while maintaining stock configuration mess up the negative airflow? Heavily leaving towards this case but as a first time builder I’m not 100% sure if it will be suited for a ryzen 5 and hk2 armor set up being they both run hotter than Intel and the 1060.

12345fowler says:

Nice review, but why you didn’t mention mounting the 240mm radiator in the front of the case ? That would be the setup I would be interested with. But then have no idea about cooling performances in general. You have an idea ? Thanks

CrypticColin says:

whats a smart device

ChicknNugts says:


Duc Nguyen Trong says:

how does it compare to Corsair – 270R ?

Zachary Manning says:

Can’t hate the smart controller for rgb that much, new things usually start out rough but they really aren’t charging you any differently from any other case for RGB. Nzxt was ahead of the game since the phantom

Scale Model Techniques says:

Forgive me if this is a stupid question, I’m new to the computer building realm, but in regards to thermal results; since the negative pressure setup seemed to give the best results for gpu temps, would it be possible to get better CPU temps by adding an aio system to the front, minus the fans? Would the air being pulled across the rad in the neg. pressure setup be enough to make a difference in CPU temps?

Harlem 1312 says:


AJ Roswell says:

That build looks slick

gadzilla verzilla says:

“There is also a lot of garbage at $70” Lolz

Flea says:

Hello there i have a question…I have plans to start buying parts to build my first gaming pc. I don’t stream should i go with the i5 or the i7 for gaming ?

Corey taylor says:

Good luck with OC with that oven.

Spuknoggin says:


gadzilla verzilla says:

Wouldn’t liquid cooling perform better if installed in front of the chassis in general?

RyuVsJaquio says:

Out of the box rattles.

CountCarbsNotCals says:

But you can put up to a 280mm radiator in the front.

Juan Miguel says:


Kian Kian says:

Does the case come with the fans that are RGB, or do you have to buy the RGB fans.

Jarod Cleveland says:


Dan Buzali says:

so what’s the move on the fan config what’s the best choice?

Gamers Nexus says:

You should also watch our ITX mini round-up:
The GN store has been popular! If you don’t already have something from us, check it out here:

Austin Fern says:


celeroon89 says:

I still dont understand your reason behind the “bad” airflow in the s340… Its accually really really good

JC Gong Avoe says:

It’s now 120 CAD on sell in CA, does this price work?

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